Dear Ladies,

Let me tell you a funny story…

Many years ago, I volunteered at an
orphanage. One day, one of the kids came
to me, telling me his toy car had
stopped running. The batteries had died,
so I had to replace them.

The problem: I couldn’t find a
screwdriver to open the battery
compartment. So I tried to “MacGyver” it
– I tried using a butter knife, a coin,
and a paper clip. Nothing worked.

After an hour of trying, I was ready to
get a hammer and smash the darned thing

But at that moment, the boy tugged at my
sleeve and said: “Miss Alex, I found a

I took the screwdriver. Less than a
minute later, the toy car was working
again, and everyone was happy.

What’s the moral of the story?

Just this: Broken relationships are like
broken toys. To fix them, you just need
the right tools.

May I make a bold statement? ANY

Any relationship. No exceptions. No
matter how broken or damaged or strained
it is – with the right tools, it can
work again, and everyone will be happy

Unfortunately, many great couples today
are unable to give themselves a second

Why? Simply because they’re using the
wrong tools.


To fix anything, there are a million
“wrong tools” out there… and just a
handful of “right tools.”

And in dating and relationships, these
are 4 of the most common “wrong tools”
to fix a problem:

Wrong Tool #1 – Waiting For Him To

When we get into a spat with our man, we
often wait for him to fix things. We
think: “Why should I apologize first?
He’s the guy. It’s his job to fix

Does this mentality fix things? …No.

Wrong Tool #2 – Saying What He Doesn’t
Want To Hear

When we argue with our guy, we often
nag, accuse, criticize, insult,
blackmail… or simply give him the
silent treatment. We want him to feel
GUILTY, and maybe knock some sense into

Problem is: How often has this approach
REALLY worked?

Wrong Tool #3 – Begging Him To Come Back

Sometimes, when we DO apologize first,
we do it in a begging, pleading way,
trying to gain his sympathy.

Unfortunately, if he already broke up
with you, this approach will make you
look needy and desperate… which, as we
already know, is uglier than ugly.

And finally:

Wrong Tool #4 – Focusing On The Problem

After a breakup, we usually spend a week
(or much longer) wondering: “What went
wrong? What if I did this – would it
have made a difference? If I did that,
would we still be together?”

Dwelling on the past never helped
anyone, and it certainly won’t help fix
your relationship!

But that’s the sad thing. Many of us use
these wrong tools over and over and over
again. So the relationship becomes an
even BIGGER mess.

And then, when things finally fall
apart, we give up and whine:

“All men are JERKS!”

“Love is a lie!”

“I’m going to be single FOREVER!”

And that’s silly. None of that is true.

You just used the wrong tools. Period.

Have you ever used the wrong tools

Are you using the wrong tools RIGHT NOW?

If so, let’s wrap up this Newsletter by
fixing the problem with…


Here’s a couple of questions to think

Why did the generations of our
grandparents and great-grandparents
enjoy a super-low 10% divorce rate
(compared to a disturbing 45% today)?

How did so many couples back then stay
together for 50, 60, 70 happy years?

Here’s an actual answer by a grandmother
who had been happily married to her man
for 65 years:

“We were born in a time when if
something was broken, we would FIX it,
not throw it away.”

In other words, you need the RIGHT TOOLS
– such as the proven relationship-fixing
tools I teach in my 77 Secrets To Save A
Relationship eBook collection. For

Right Tool #1 – Apologizing Anyway.

To fix a problem, it doesn’t matter who
apologizes first. So might as well get
the ball rolling by reaching out, right?

Besides, what’s more important to you…
your pride, or your relationship? 😉

(More of this tool in Bonus eBook #2 –
9 Crucial Things To Say To Get Him Back)

Right Tool #2 – Saying What He Wants And
Needs To Hear

If you REALLY want to connect with a
man, you have to know how to speak in
his “language” – otherwise, it’s always
going to be a one-sided discussion.

To learn everything a man wants and
needs to hear from you, read Secrets

Right Tool #3 – Instead Of Chasing,
Create Space.

Attracting a man into a life isn’t about
chasing him – it’s about turning the
situation upside-down and making HIM
chase you.

And after a break-up, the easiest way to
do that is to create some “space” in
your life to invite him back in.

The details are all in Secret #8 of my
77 Secrets To Save Your Relationship.

And finally:

Right Tool #4 – Focus On The Solution.

In love and life, whatever you focus on
will grow. So why focus on the problems?
Why focus on whatever caused the

Instead, focus on the solution. Millions
of happy couples have fixed their
troubled relationships in the past – why
not do what worked for them?

Over the years, I’ve compiled the proven
solutions, successful strategies, and
RIGHT TOOLS that happy couples have
used. And now, they’re in the most
comprehensive problem-solving eBook
collection for women – my 77 Secrets To
Save Your Relationship.

And best of all? It can be YOURS,
risk-free for 30 days, by visiting the
website below!

Fix Your Relationship TODAY!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a
complete “toolkit” to help fix ANY
relationship problem that comes your
way? That’s exactly why I wrote my 77
Secrets To Save Your Relationship eBook
collection. Get your copy here!

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox


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