Dear Ladies,

What does it take to become a man’s one and only woman?
What should you do to make sure your boyfriend won’t look
at other women anymore?

Learn how to make him realize you’re the best (and only)
woman for him… now and forever… by reading my books

Be His One and Only!

Now, it’s normal to feel a LITTLE insecure about your
boyfriend. After all, there are always younger, prettier,
and sexier women out there.

Thankfully, science (and the Unforgettable Woman
community) has known the solution for a long time. There
are proven ways to turn even the most hopeless players
into one-woman men!

And in today’s Newsletter, I’ll share with you three of
those ways. Follow them, and you won’t have to worry about
your man leaving you for another woman ever again.

Instead, he’ll be proud to introduce you to his friends,
relatives, and strangers alike: “This is Alex,
and she’s my one and only!”

Here’s the first way:

Method #1:
Know (and Meet) His Deepest Needs.

Your man is special and unique. So it makes little sense
to insist that what’s good for other men should be good
for him, too!

And being his woman, you’re in a great position to find
out what his deepest, most hidden needs are.

You’ll never know what you’ll find when you connect with
his heart in a deep, profound way that no other woman can.
You might realize he’s a rebel who wants to feel accepted,
or a child who needs affirmation, or a wounded warrior who
needs someone to protect.

I’m not kidding! These are very real, very valid male
needs. But you won’t know what his needs really are unless
you communicate with him like no one else can.

So spend time talking, doing things, and solving problems
together. That’s when he reveals his hidden side, and
that’s your golden opportunity to earn his trust!

Method #2:
Be More Than Just His Lover.

It’s one thing to give him great lovin’ in bed. But it’s a
totally different thing to give him great lovin’ outside
the bedroom… in ordinary everyday scenarios. And that’s
where you can shine.

Get creative, and find ways to make his life easier and
more enjoyable. If he loves massages, learn a few lessons
and give him a foot or shoulder rub every night. Then, ask
him to give you a massage too!

You might also want to take up new hobbies or sports
together – so that he’ll spend time and have fun with you.
(And that’s REALLY important for any guy!)

And lastly:

Method #3:
Get Along With His Friends & Family.

You know what’s a REALLY big deal for man?

It’s that you get along really well with his friends and
family. It’s so important, men actually consider it a huge
factor in choosing the woman he’ll settle down with.

Think about it: If you DON’T get along with his friends
and family, and somewhere down the line he meets a
wonderful woman whom his friends and family absolutely
LOVE… guess who he’s going to choose!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “But I got him
first!” Sorry, but it’s not about who “got” him first…
it’s about who he decides to spend the rest of his
life with.

And if you don’t get along with his friends and family,
the idea of spending his future with you won’t be very
appealing to him.

My advice? Get rid of the risk from the beginning by
investing in your future. Meet his friends and family, and
do your best to get in good terms with them!

(Here’s another reason to make his loved ones love you:
When you DO get along with his friends and family, it
actually makes him work harder to keep the relationship
together… after all, he has to avoid disappointing his
family by breaking up with you. This is a proven fact!)

How a Guy Chooses His One & Only

If you observe the happiest girlfriends and wives around
you, you might notice that they’re not always the
prettiest or the smartest women around. In fact, they may
seem very “average” on the surface… except that they
have wonderful men who love them more than anything in
the world.

What do they know that most other women don’t?

Just two things:

(1) They know what men want; and
(2) They know how relationships work.

Guess what? You can learn both by reading my book, 77
Secrets of Commitment. As early as tomorrow, you can:

– Talk to him in a special heart-to-heart language that
only he and you can understand
– Know what emotional buttons to push to make him want
commitment even more than you do
– Put him in the “good husband mindset,” where he starts
leaving his single life behind and starts preparing for a
lifetime with you
– And more!

Get your trial copy now and save $20:

Be His One & Only!

To the happiness you deserve,
Alexandra Fox


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