Dear Ladies,

What’s one of the most effective ways to instantly make
the RIGHT guys like you more… and the WRONG guys avoid

Without a doubt, it’s “knowing him completely.” It’s
completely understanding how a man acts, reacts, thinks,
and feels when he’s playing the game of love.

Know him completely

Why is it so important… and POWERFUL… to know how a
man’s mind works?

Here’s a simple example. When a man gets into a new
romantic relationship with a new woman, most of the time
he finds himself in a “feeling out” stage with her.

It’s like he’s leading her by the hand, showing her how
this “dating thing” works, and doing a tightrope balancing
act on leading the relationship, managing her feelings,
planning for the future, etc.

It’s not easy. And most guys can’t keep up with that kind
of pressure, especially early on in a relationship.

But when she knows how a man’s mind works, he doesn’t have
to do all of that for her… because she already KNOWS how
this “dating thing” works.

In other words, she “gets” it.

And now, instead of having to deal with all that pressure,
he can focus on the more important, more long-term things
in the relationship… like enjoying it, deepening it, and
focusing on building a future with her.

Make no mistake: “Knowing him completely” is one of the
most important love skills you’ll ever learn in your life…

1.) It’s going to help you attract the good guys out
there… while scaring away the liars, cheaters, and
players. (One chat with you and they’ll think: “Uh-oh…
she’s smarter than me.”)

2.) It’s going to get rid of all the uncertainty and
awkwardness in the relationship’s early stages, letting
you enjoy yourselves more completely.

3.) It’s going to help both of you communicate in a
deeper, more open, more honest way than with anyone else
in your lives.

Knowledge is power.

So the question is this: How well do YOU know men?

Do you really “get” them… or not?

Here’s a technique you can try with men. It’s a simple,
straightforward way to make guys realize you “get” them:

How to Make a Guy
Make the First Move on You

Here’s a question for you…

Do guys always want to make the first move, or do they
more often wait for a sign from you?

Here’s the thing: Many women think that it’s the guy’s job
to make the first move. It’s “common knowledge.”

Unfortunately, most guys WON’T make the first move,
especially when you’re not in a bar or club. For the most
part, they’re afraid of being rejected, embarrassed, or
shamed in a viral video somewhere.

It’s crazy, I know. But that’s the main reason why, during
the day, men don’t make the first moves.

More often, they wait for a sign from the girl that she’s
AT LEAST happy to see him, too. THEN they make the first
move – they approach, say “hi,” introduce themselves, and
ask for your name.

So how DO you make a guy approach you… without looking
like it was YOU who made the first move?

Try this technique. I call it the “look again” technique,
and it works like a charm…

First, wait until the guy you like makes eye contact with
you. Hold his gaze for a second, smile, and then look
away… and then, after a few seconds, “look again” at
him, smile on your face.

If he’s still looking at you, he’ll get the message. And
it’s enough to make him drop whatever he’s doing and
approach you.

Try it out! You’ll be surprised at how easy and effective
it is to make new guys approach you.

What’s Next?

Now here’s the REAL challenge – what do you do AFTER he
approaches you?

How should you act? What should you say? How should that
all-important first conversation with him go?

If you find these questions a little tough to answer,
don’t worry. Most women do, at first.

That’s why I suggest you read my book, Unmask the Male
Mind, my complete guide to “getting” men.

Whether you’re already in a relationship and want to
deepen your emotional connection with him… or you’re new
to the dating game, and would like to “get it right” with
the next guy you’ll commit to… this book is for you!

Know him completely!

Read my book, absorb its lessons, and try out its
approaches for 30 days.

If your dealings with men don’t immediately get easier,
more enjoyable, and more romantic… just let me know. No
worries about it!

To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox


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