Dear Ladies,

Do you have any of these following toxic beliefs about

(1) Men are afraid of commitment.

(2) Men want sex more than love.

(3) Men are dense when it comes to a woman’s feelings.

If you do, then I have bad news to you. It’s probably the
reason why your love life isn’t as good as it can be.

Why? Because of a simple truth about love and life:

Your beliefs are a thousand times more powerful than your

You can “decide” to love a man. You can “decide” to be a
good date, girlfriend, or wife. You can “decide” to be
everything a man needs in his life.

But if you BELIEVE men are cowards… or sex-crazed… or
dense… then you’ll ALWAYS be skeptical and mistrustful
of them. No matter what you decide.

Don’t you agree? After all, if you secretly dislike and
mistrust men deep in your heart, why in the world would
they like and trust you?

Here’s my simple message for today: If you want to find
love and happiness, then the journey starts from within.

You need to get rid of these toxic beliefs, and change
your attitude into something that actually brings love,
happiness, and blessings into your life… instead of
blocking them!

Here are some of the most common misconceptions we women
have about men, and what to do if you have them:

Misconception #1: When He’s Giving Me The
Silent Treatment, He’s Up To Something.

When we give a guy the silent treatment, what’s it for?

Usually, it’s because he did something we didn’t like, or
something that was incredibly insensitive. And we just
want him to suffer for it.

Sometimes, we just want to annoy him. Or we want to bait
him into an argument, and beat him… and force him to
apologize and do something we want.

It’s one of our most powerful weapons against men, and it
drives them crazy!

That’s why when a guy suddenly goes quiet, and when we ask
what’s wrong he just says “Nothing,” it’s easy to get
hurt, angry, or insulted.

Doesn’t he trust you? Doesn’t he know he’s hurting you? He
must be up to something!

Unfortunately, this misconception just leads to arguments
and misunderstandings. And the sad part? There was no
reason to get angry in the first place.

Why? Because men go silent for different reasons than

Women go silent when they want their men to think about
what they did.

Men go silent when they have to make big decisions in
life… such as getting a second job, or moving places of
residence… or committing to a woman for the rest of his

That’s right – many times, when a man suddenly goes quiet
in your relationship, it’s not because he’s up to
something, or he’s losing interest, or he’s seeing another

Many times, he’s just thinking REALLY hard about your
future. He’s trying to see if he’s really making the right
decision for his life.

Unfortunately, when you misconceive his silence as an
attack on you, you tend to react negatively to it. You
argue, you nag, you accuse… and you ultimately make him
realize that it’s NOT the right decision to commit to you.


Now do you see how your misconceptions about men can keep
you single and miserable for a long, long time? 😉

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Let’s move on to…

Misconception #2: Guys Only Want Sex.

Here’s another common misconception. Since we meet a lot
of horny guys in today’s dating scene, it’s easy to assume
that guys only want sex.

As a result, we tend to look at guys with mistrust and
disgust… emotions that keep relationships stuck at a
“casual” level.

It’s true – sex is usually the first thing on guy’s minds
when it comes to dating a new woman.

But it’s wrong to believe it’s the ONLY thing on their

We need to understand that men don’t fall in love the same
way we do. While we fall in love hard and fast, men fall
in love in stages.

And when you understand these stages, then you can CONTROL
these stages! You can move your relationship forward
through the stages that men naturally go through, making
him fall in love with you more and more as time goes by.

Do you have the toxic belief that men only want sex?

Now you know why you need to break that mentality fast!

Get Rid Of Your Obstacles To Happiness!

Let me say that again – if you REALLY want to find true
love and happiness with a great man, then you MUST get rid
of your toxic beliefs about men.

Remember, your beliefs are a thousand times more powerful
than your decisions.

And when you get rid of your toxic beliefs… and replace
them with new, wonderful, TRUE beliefs about men… then
your decisions in love instantly becomes a thousand times
more powerful.

Wouldn’t you want your chances at happiness to increase by
a thousand times? Then I encourage you to read my eBook on
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It has all the secrets and strategies to help you get rid
of any and all toxic beliefs about men you may have… and
finally open the door to the happiness you want and

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To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox


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