Dear Ladies,

Are you in a relationship, but your
boyfriend is taking his sweet time with
the proposal?

Or are you single and dating, but you’d
like some assurance that marriage is in
your future before you commit to any one

If so, you’re definitely not alone!

Marriage is a BIG deal for us women.
Unfortunately, our male-oriented media
has hammered home the relatively new
idea that it’s “okay” to live together
under one roof… without getting

Obviously, this is a GREAT setup for
guys… but not so great for women. And
most times, it’s the women who suffer
the most when these “co-habiting” setups
don’t work out.

Sorry, but I don’t think that’s fair at

So how do you protect yourself from guys
who only want to “shack up?” How do you
make sure that a happy marriage will be
in your future?

Let me teach you how in today’s

To get started, may I make a
controversial statement?

Here it is…


That’s right. WHO you marry…

WHEN you marry…

HOW you marry…

…is totally, absolutely, 100% under
YOUR control!

Sure, it’s HIS job to ask you out, to
pursue you, and to propose to you.

But remember – it takes two people to
make a relationship work. And it’s YOUR
job to BE asked out, BE pursued, and BE
proposed to!

Let me say that again – it’s totally
under your control. And depending on how
you play the dating game, you can either
DELAY your marriage… RUIN your
marriage… or GUARANTEE a strong,
happy, loving marriage that lasts a

But it’s not enough to tell me now:
“Okay, Alexandra, I’m going to take
control of my future from now on.”

If you’re thinking that, then sorry, you
didn’t get it.

You’ve been controlling your life for
YEARS. You just didn’t know it. The
choices you made 2, 5, 10 years ago led
you to your situation RIGHT NOW.

So if you’re single and miserable… or
if you’re a regular victim of men who
don’t believe in marriage… then you’ve
probably made, and are still currently
making, bad choices!

The good news? It just takes ONE GOOD
DECISION to change your luck. Just one
good decision to turn things around for
your love life!

But why stop at one? Let me give you
three pieces of free expert dating


What’s a “doormat?”

In our context, a “doormat” is a woman
who lets her man step on her thoughts,
feelings, and expectations… and won’t
complain about it, because she’s afraid
he’ll leave her.

If you let a guy step on you like that,
he’ll NEVER marry you. And if he DOES
marry you, it’s worse – you’re leaving
yourself open to abuse, neglect, and
emotional torture.

My advice: Have STANDARDS!

With healthy dating standards in place,
you’ll NEVER find yourself stuck with
abusive, neglectful, commitment-phobic
men… and only the ones who TRULY
deserve you will ever be a part of your


Ever wondered why guys take so long to
decide to get married?

Simple – because it’s a lifelong
decision, and he’s just making sure his
life would be EASIER by taking the leap.

You wouldn’t marry a guy if it meant
your life would get harder and more
difficult, right?

So here’s my question: Are your lives
EASIER when you’re together?

If not, what can you do to make it
easier for him… and inspire him to
make things easier for you, too?

(NOTE: To learn about a man’s secret
“requirements” for commitment, read my
eBook here!)


Finally, never EVER try to “convince”
him to commit to you.

And never try to ask him confrontational
questions like:

“When are YOU going to commit?”
“Why are YOU taking so long to propose?”
“YOU really don’t have any plans to
settle down with me, do you?”

Sure, it may help you let out a little
steam… but in the long run, it can
kill all chances of him committing to

In fact, men often start planning their
exits from your relationship once
questions like these arise!

My advice? Don’t make it about him. Make
it about YOU.

In other words, say “I,” not “you.”

Here’s a simple, powerful line that has
helped many of my readers guarantee a
proposal from their men:

“I love you, but I also need you to know
that I’d like to settle down eventually.
That way I can enjoy our love completely
and without fear.”

See? It’s not confrontational. It’s
about YOU, not him. And you still got
your message across in a gentle, loving,
accepting way.


Let me say that again – your future in
love and marriage is completely under
your control.

But thanks to our male-oriented media…
and our own self-esteem issues… we end
up NOT using this control. And instead,
we allow MEN and our circumstances to
control our future.

Don’t YOU make that mistake! Remember,
if you don’t take control of your life,
OTHER people will. And I’m pretty sure
these “other people” don’t have much
planned for you.

So I invite you to take control of your
love life by reading my advice and
strategies in my Getting That Proposal
eBook collection. Aside from the tips I
gave in today’s Newsletter, I also teach
you the following skills:

(1) How to tell if a man is willing to
commit or not – after only a few dates
(2) How to turn a playboy into a family
(3) How to be more “wife-material” for
(4) How to prevent marriage problems in
the future
(5) How to talk to him about marriage…
without scaring him
(6) How to move from “relationship” to
(7) How to build a strong marriage

Want to get the proposal soon? Then take
complete control of your future
happiness. Take the first step by
reading my eBook below!

Make him COMMIT to you!

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To the happiness you deserve,
~Alexandra Fox


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