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Date Like A Man

Do you sometimes think about the way men approach dating and wish you could have the same approach, success, and, ultimately, just enjoy it as much as guys do? This eBook collection, written by Devon Bradway, reveals the secrets that men apply in dating. Learn how to keep your emotions in check and stay within his timeline, and be the ONLY woman he’ll ever want by his side.

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What Men Want

Are you one of the happy women who understands your guy and have him eating out of your hand? Or are you one of the thousands of women who are frustrated with trying to figure out what it is that men want? This eBook shows you the roadmap to navigate your relationships through uncovering the mysteries of the things that make men do what they do. Even if he is closed off from you, this book will teach you how to get beyond the walls and penetrate his heart.

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Dating a CEO

Are you tired of dating lousy, unimpressive average Joes… and want to start grabbing the attention of the hottest, most successful, most eligible bachelors out there? Learn the “insider secrets” on dating CEOs, celebrities, industry captains, superstar athletes, bestselling authors, and other super-desirable single men in Alexandra Fox’s newest eBook collection!

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