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What’s the easiest way to make a man like you, trust you,
and then LOVE you? Without a doubt, it’s through the power
of your WORDS.

Learn the words that make his heart beat faster for you!
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Romantic Words for Men

Let me tell you a little story…

Once in a while, when I meet new people and they find out
I’m a dating coach, I ask them about what they think are
the “ingredients” of a good relationship.

The most common answers I get include:

– Love
– Sexual compatibility
– Enough money
– Sacrifice
– Just saying “yes dear” (From the guys!)
– Faithfulness
– Lots of good sex
– And other similar replies

Basically, the most common answers I get all boil down to
two categories: Emotional intimacy (“love”), and sexual
intimacy (“good sex”). And yes, these two ARE crucial
ingredients to a good relationship.

But here’s the funny thing…

Most people know how important these two kinds of intimacy
are. But still, 45% of all marriages today still end in divorce.

Why is there a huge disconnect between what we know… and
what actually happens in our love lives?

I know why…

We’re Missing a THIRD
Kind of Intimacy

Emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy are important. No
doubt about that.

But without this third kind of intimacy, they won’t last
very long.

That’s the reason why so many whirlwind romances come to a
crashing halt after a few weeks or months. The emotional
intimacy (love) is there, and the sexual intimacy (good
sex) is there… but it’s missing the third kind of
intimacy, which holds relationships together for the

But when you have this third kind of intimacy, magical
things happen…

– You enjoy love and good sex for YEARS
– Your relationship gets better, not worse, over time
– He stays loyal to you
– He works harder, and treats you like a queen
– Every moment you spend together is a true pleasure
– You weather problems and challenges well as a couple
– And more!

In fact, if you ask any happily-married couple, they’ll
all tell you the same thing: They have this third kind of
intimacy as the very FOUNDATION of their relationship with
each other.

And it rewards them with all the fruits of true love: A
happy home, a well-provided family, a wonderfully
meaningful married life, and more.

So what is this third kind of intimacy?

I hope you’re ready for this…

It’s VERBAL Intimacy.

Put simply, it’s the kind of intimacy at the verbal
communication level. And it’s the glue that holds all
happy, lifelong relationships together, through good times
and bad!

Now, some of you might be thinking: “Really? So I just
need to talk to him, and we’ll be happy for life?”

Actually, verbal intimacy isn’t just about talking. It’s
not just about spending a certain amount of time a week
chatting with each other.

It’s much deeper than that.

Verbal intimacy is making that heart-to-heart connection
with him. It’s that wonderful feeling when you know each
other’s thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams… simply
through the words you say to each other.

Why is verbal intimacy so important?

Answer: Because it’s precisely where love begins.
Communication leads to trust, and trust leads to love.

When the quality of your communication is flimsy, then
your trust will be flimsy… and your love for each other
will be flimsy, too. (This is common in
friends-with-benefits situations.)

Or when you and your man don’t talk about your future,
then your trust of each other will be temporary… and so
will the love you share. (So be careful if your man
doesn’t want to talk about the future!)

But when you can communicate with your man
heart-to-heart… then your trust of each other will be
unshakable, and your love unbreakable.

That’s the power of verbal intimacy!

And here’s the good news: Anyone, including yourself, can
learn how to develop superstar verbal intimacy with ANY
guy… whether it’s with the man in your life right now,
or with the man you WANT to be in your life right now.

Here are the first 2 steps you need to take:

Step #1:
Know Yourself.

This is the most important component of verbal intimacy…
because before you can get to know a man completely, you
must know YOURSELF completely, first!

In fact, I strongly recommend women work out any issues or
hang-ups they may have in their lives BEFORE they get into
a relationship.

Why? Because, after all, if you can’t figure yourself out,
neither will the guys. And guys would NEVER stay in love
with a woman they can’t understand!

Step #2:
Have a GENUINE Interest in Men.

For some of us, this is a MONUMENTAL challenge!

Today, we’re being fed a largely negative image of men. We
keep hearing stories about men who cheat, about men doing
drugs, about men committing crimes, and so on.

And as a result, today’s average woman thinks of men as
dumb, testosterone-filled creatures that need to be
managed carefully.

Can you have a genuine interest in the life of something
you see as “dumb?”

Can you have verbal intimacy with a “testosterone-filled

Of course not!

We need to see men for who they REALLY are, and who
they’re MEANT to be in our lives. Mother Nature has always
meant them to be the warriors, hunters, soldiers,
providers, protectors, and pillars of strength of society.
(Let’s be real.)

The more we treat them as such, the more they’ll ACT
as such!

So here’s my advice: No matter where you are in your life
right now, make some space for verbal intimacy.

Learn how to talk to a man heart-to-heart.

Learn the kind of conversation that makes men open up and
reveal their true thoughts, emotions, hopes, and dreams.

Learn the words that trigger feelings of true love in him.

And the love and good sex you’ll enjoy with him will be
TEN TIMES better!

To learn how to create verbal intimacy TODAY, visit the
website below… and let’s get started!

The sweetest words for him

Have fun,
Alexandra Fox


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