Dear Ladies,

Do you want to go out there and find your one true love…
but you’re afraid of getting hurt again?

If you’ve had a bad breakup in the past, and you feel
you’re too emotionally-scarred to love again, then I
suggest you read my book on letting go and moving on.

Because, after all, you’ll never find your “Mr. Right” if
all you think about is “Mr. Wrong!”

Click below to get over the past and be happy again:

Get Closure and Move On

In today’s Newsletter, we’ll be talking about one of the
biggest reasons why so many women today never find love.

And no, it’s not because all good men are already taken.
(They’re not!)

The problem is that so many of us are afraid of getting
hurt again. We’ve gone through a lot of heartache and
abuse in our past relationships that we’re afraid of going
through the pain all over again.

Do YOU have that problem in your life right now?

If so, let’s see what we can do about that…
The Secret to Overcoming
Past Heartache and Pain

Before anything else, you must know one thing: That pain
is a NORMAL part of the process.

Love hurts. When you love, you go through some pain, even
when the relationship is going well. It’s normal.

What’s NOT normal… is the FEAR of pain.

Pain helps you grow, while the fear of pain keeps you
stuck in the same place.

Pain makes you wiser, while the fear of pain fills you
with anxiety and uncertainty.

Pain makes you stronger, while the fear of pain turns you
into a coward.

I hope you get what I’m saying!

I remember the story of one of your fellow readers. She
was deeply traumatized when her 2-year relationship with
her college boyfriend ended.

She spent the next 10 years wondering what went wrong,
feeling sorry for herself, and being too traumatized to
properly handle any new relationships.

That’s how dangerous the fear of pain is. It can happen to
ANYONE, including you.

But here’s the good news: While you can’t get rid of the
pain, you CAN get rid of the FEAR of it.

You can learn how to embrace pain, treat it like a friend,
and let it turn you into a stronger, wiser, braver
woman… so that you can handle anything that comes
your way!

And that’s what I’d like to teach you today.

Moving On From the Past
Starts With Three Steps

If you feel that the fear of pain has hampered your growth
for the past several months (or worse, YEARS), then
here’re 3 proven steps to help you move on as quickly
as possible.

Life is short, so you might want to do these very soon…

Step #1: Create Some DISTANCE With The Past.

Look around you. Are there any reminders of your past
painful experiences lying around? They could be letters,
photos, clothes, toys, and other items from your
previous relationship.

Online, you could still be Facebook friends with your ex.
Or you could still have your old chats and messages stored
away in your phone.

If you want to move on, all these have to go. Delete them,
block them, give them away. Unless you do, you’ll always
be stuck.

Spring cleaning!

Step #2: Be THANKFUL For Your Past Pain.

Instead of trying to forget the past… or instead of
trying to figure out why things happened the way they
did… start being THANKFUL for it.

It’s a complete mindset change, because you replace fear
and uncertainty with gratitude and love. It removes the
poison of your past heartache, and finally allows your
heart to heal.

And thirdly:

Step #3: Make a WISH For Your Future.

I’m not kidding. Make a wish. Wish for something nice for
your love life.

Here’s the thing about wishing – all wishes are born
from WOUNDS.

And the deeper the wound, the stronger the wish.

That’s the reason why wishes that are not born from pain
almost never get fulfilled.

But you, you’re different. You’ve been through pain.
Lots of it.

And that means you’re going to work harder than anyone
else to bring your wish to reality.

So go ahead: Make a wish. The bigger, the better!

Write Your Very Own Happy Ending

Here’s something to think about: Whatever happened in your
past… whether it was a bad breakup, an abusive
relationship, a betrayal, etc… it was just ONE page in
your life.

If it lasted several years, it may have even been a whole
CHAPTER of your life.

But it’s not the whole book, is it?

You’re not done writing your story yet. I invite you to
stand up, take control, and write your very own happy
ending right now.

And I’ll be happy to guide you every step of the way!

If you still haven’t gotten over your last ex, and it’s
keeping you from finding new love and moving forward with
your life, read this today.

Or if you somehow keep going through relationships that
start out well, but end badly soon after… and you’d like
to get out of the cycle and FINALLY find true love…
read this today.

And if you’re already well on the way to recovery, and you
want to make sure the next guy who walks into your life
will be the absolute BEST one ever… read this today!

And once you’ve gotten over your past heartaches,
let me know. I’d love to share your story with your
fellow readers!

Have a great weekend,

Alexandra Fox
Relationship & Love Coach


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