Dear Ladies,

One of my readers, “Vivian,” recently
told me a wonderful story. She recently
came out of the single life and entered
a fantastic relationship with a good
man. And her young friends asked her the
same question:

“Why give up your freedom to live with a

Vivian simply smiles and answers: “Well,
I’ve been single, and I’ve been in love.
And being in love is so much easier.”

What a FANTASTIC answer!

It speaks a deep truth — we, as human
beings, are meant to get along with each
other. We’re social creatures who have a
very difficult time when alone.

“Being in love is so much easier.”

And so Vivian’s friends ask her more
questions: “What’s your secret? Why is
your relationship so easy while others
are so difficult?”

Vivian gives them 3 of my favorite


First of all, set standards for
yourself. You’ll want to keep yourself
from settling for the jerks around us.
No players, no addicts, no “taken” men.
(Feel free to create your own

But at the same time, don’t set your
standards too high. You want to give the
guys a fighting chance!

Here’s the secret: Be SELECTIVELY
hard-to-get. When you meet new men
you’re not too sure about, keep your
standards up. But when you meet someone
you DO like, and seems on the level,
then lower your standards a bit. You
just might find the man you’ve been
waiting for all your life!


Don’t make things just fun for you —
make it fun for him, too! Let him chase
you and court you. Make him work for
your attention and affections. Flirt.
Tease. Joke around. Give each other a
great time!

Of course, you don’t want to be TOO
hard-to-get. Just be interesting and fun
enough to give him a taste of what it
would be like to WIN your heart. When he
falls truly in love with you, he’ll do
ANYTHING to meet your standards!


Finally, strive to make it a habit to be
so positive and fun. Some women are only
fun during the dating stage, but once
they fall in love with a man, they stop
being fun and start letting the guy do
all the work. Bad move!

Strive to constantly become a better
woman as time goes by. Keep getting
physically healthier, mentally sharper,
more sociable, and spiritually stronger.

And if he follows your example, you’re
in for a VERY easy relationship for the
rest of your life!

So let’s recap: (1) Be selectively
hard-to-get, (2) Make things fun, and
(3) Strive to become an even better
woman with time. That’s how Vivian, and
many other happy members of the
Unforgettable Woman community, make
their love lives so much easier than the
single life.

Want to know the rest of their secrets?
Then visit the website below and get a
copy of the e-book that changed their

How To Play Hard To Get

So until next time, here’s a question
for you: Is the single life REALLY easy
for you?

Just remember Vivian’s wise words:
“Being in love is so much easier.”

Click the link and see what she means!

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox


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