Dear Ladies,

Are you worried that you might NEVER get married?

You might be “single and available” for far too
long… or you’re in a relationship with a good
man, but it’s not moving forward, no matter what
you try.

With today’s twisted ideas about the “modern
lifestyle,” more and more men think it’s “not
necessary” to get married. They go start families
anyway… and when their relationships begin to
fall apart, they take the easy way out and run

And since they’re not married, these irresponsible
men can go and “try again” with another woman…
and the cycle continues.

If you’re worried about this happening to YOU in
the future, then this Newsletter is for you!

Today, I’ll teach you a secret on how to encourage
your man to move your relationship forward – to
grow your love for each other, to make that
proposal, and to officially marry you.

And it all starts with the biggest OBSTACLE to the

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What’s the biggest roadblock to marriage?

The answer might surprise you: It’s COMFORT.

Put simply, the guy has gotten so comfortable with
your present setup that he feels “no need” to get

This is common when boyfriends and girlfriends
begin acting like married couples even BEFORE
they’ve gotten married. They start living
together, they have sex regularly, they start
raising children… that sort of thing.

And in my humble opinion, that’s a HUGE mistake…

See, I call that kind of treatment “spoiling your
spouse.” And as the name implies, it’s a privilege
I believe only married couples have.

And when you “spoil” your man by treating him like
a husband even before you get married, he’s going
to start LIKING it this way. He’ll start thinking,
“This setup is perfect… and I’m not going to
RUIN it with marriage.”


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So how do you keep him from getting too
comfortable in your relationship?

Here’s my SHOCKING piece of advice: DON’T SPOIL

Don’t start treating him like a husband BEFORE he
proposes to you.

During the courtship stage, he’s supposed to “win
your heart.”

During the relationship stage, he’s supposed to
prove to you that he has what it takes to take
care of you for the rest of your life.

And during the marriage stage, that’s when you’re
supposed to start spoiling each other. As the
saying goes: “Spoil your spouse, not your kids.”
That’s the way it works!

Now, I’ve met some women who objected to my
advice. They told me:

“But Alex, I don’t BELIEVE in marriage.”

My reply: “That’s okay – nobody’s perfect.”

And then I tell them my advice still stands,
whether or not they believe in marriage. If you
spoil your man too early, he’ll get comfortable.

And when things get UNCOMFORTABLE in your
relationship, he’ll take the “easy way out” and
leave you – no matter how long you’ve been
together, or how many kids you’ve had together, or
what he promised you in the past.

Do you REALLY want to risk that?

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Here’s a little secret…

In my years as a dating coach, I’ve realized that
more than half of women know how to move a
relationship from casual dating to courtship, and
from courtship to relationship.

But alarmingly, VERY FEW women know how to move
from relationship to marriage!

Some women don’t have a clue. Other women
mistakenly think there’s “no need” to work on a
serious relationship. And still others, like the
women I mentioned earlier, “don’t believe” in

And what untold suffering this has caused!

Broken families. Bitter child custody battles.
Starving single moms.

All because the guy got too comfortable!

Here’s my advice: DON’T LET HIM GET TOO

Save the spoiling for marriage. Until then, you’ll
have to make sure your relationship is moving
closer and closer to marriage, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But as I mentioned before, not many women know
HOW. And that’s exactly why I wrote my special
eBook collection on Getting That Proposal.

I filled this life-changing eBook collection with
all my secrets about making him love you SO
MUCH… that a relationship simply isn’t ENOUGH
for him.

The secrets in this eBook will actually make him
WANT to get down on his knee, propose to you, and
have you all to himself… for the rest of your

But that’s not all. I also teach these valuable,
love-building lessons in the eBook collection:

…How to turn a playboy into a devoted husband…

…How to become more and more “wife material” as
time goes by…

…How to be everything your husband needs, and

…Crucial mistakes to avoid on the way to the

…How to weather the storms that come your way
throughout marriage…

…and so much more!

Don’t let him get too comfortable. Make him want
marriage even MORE than you do – visit the website
below to get started!

Make him propose to you!

To the happiness you deserve,
~Alexandra Fox


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