Dear Ladies,

If you’re still single and unhappy, then
this article’s for you. Today, we’ll be
talking about the science of attraction
— or, more specifically, how to attract
the kinds of men that are best suited
for you, instead of the men that are
players, cheaters, or simply

Now, some women may laugh at the idea
that “love” is a science. They’ll tell
you things like, “Haha, you’ll have to
be a real loser if you have to study
about love!”

Well, I know what they mean. There was
once a time when I believed love was
something that would just come at the
right place at the right time. I thought
it was something every woman inherently
deserved, and would ultimately get if
they waited long enough.

But that was quite a long time ago, back
when I was still young and foolish. (Now
I’m just young.)

Sure, I believe in luck in love.
Sometimes great men really DO fall on
your lap.

But I also realized that the more you
know about the science of attraction,
the luckier you get!

The more you know about how love really
works, and how men think and feel about
relationships, and what the right kinds
of “love” communication are, the more
great men you meet in life.

So let’s get to know the science of
attraction a little bit more.

============================== ==========
Love “Before” Sight
============================== ==========

Everyone’s heard of “love at first
sight.” But have you ever heard of “love
BEFORE sight?”

It’s a fairly new concept in the dating
game. It’s a way of visualizing your
ideal partner, in as much vivid detail
as you want, in order to actually
attract such men into your life.

If you’ve seen or read “The Secret,” or
otherwise know about the “Law of
Attraction,” then you’re probably
familiar with the concept!

By the way, it isn’t magic. It’s a fact
that your life is shaped around what you
constantly do and think about.

Here’s a basic example. When you’re
worried about your weight, you tend to
think, “I’m fat” whenever you look at
the mirror. Now what would happen if you
thought of the words “I’m fat” every
single morning?

The first thing that happens is that
you’ll unconsciously LABEL yourself as
fat — even if you’re not!

So when you take a shower — “I’m fat.”
When you sit down for lunch — “This
will make me even more fat.” When your
relatives say you look great — “I’m
really fat, but they’re just being

And what happens when a cute guy happens
to look your way and give you a friendly

“It’s because I’m fat.”

So even if the guy did approach you and
try to get to know you better, your
negative thoughts and emotions will keep
the potential relationship from ever
taking off. And that’s really sad!

The same thing happens when you label
yourself “ugly,” “dumb,” “unattractive,”
or “single.”

Friends, I’d like you to change the way
you label yourself. Stop thinking that
you’re “single and unhappy.”

I invite you, starting today, to think:
“I’m ALIVE and LOVIN’ IT!”

============================== ==========
They’re Not Kidding When They Say “It’s
All In The Mind!”
============================== ==========

Your goal is to feel so ALIVE that
you’re irrepressibly open to everything
that comes your way in life and love.
Feel ALIVE enough to enjoy the good
things, challenge the bad things, and
CHANGE the things you can.

And it all starts within yourself!

Think of what would happen if every
morning, when you look in the mirror,
you tell yourself: “I’m beautiful. I’m
alive. And I’m loving it!”

These positive thoughts will carry over
to the other aspects of your life. And,
as you already know, the real men out
there always, ALWAYS go for positive

If it’s hard for you to say positive
things like “I’m sexy,” or “I’m
irresistible,” that’s okay. Start small
— “I’m smart,” “I’m satisfied,” “I love
my hair” — and work your way up from

The important thing is to JUST GET
STARTED. The longer your negative
emotions fester in your psyche, the more
damage they’re going to do, and the
longer it’ll take to get rid of them!

Do you have a mirror near you? Go right
ahead — look at yourself for a few
moments, and say something nice about
yourself. Don’t read through the next
section of this article until you’ve
done so!

Okay, are you done? How did it feel?

However you felt, congratulations —
keep doing it until you get used to it!

============================== ==========
Feel Good About Yourself First — Then
Feel Good About Others
============================== ==========

“Selfless love” is an oxymoron.

It’s like “clean politics” or “romantic
comedy” or “Microsoft Works.” (There, I
said it!)

You can’t love someone else if you don’t
love yourself first. And that’s a fact!

It’s silly to think you can love other
people while hating yourself at the same

That’s why it’s VERY important to feel
good about yourself first. Only then
will you feel good about the
relationships that come into your life.

Which brings us back to the concept of
“love BEFORE sight.”

I received a silly text joke a few days
back. It went like this:

“At age 5 — I don’t want a man.”

“At age 15 — I think I want a man.”

“At age 25 — I want a great,
financially-stable, emotionally-mature

“At age 35 — I want a good man.”

“At age 45 — I want ANY man.”

“At age 55 — OH MAN!”

It really made me laugh, but what struck
me the most was the “Age 45” part.
Because most single women, no matter how
young or old they are, think that way:

“I want ANY man.”

When I get that answer, I usually ask
back, “Seriously? You don’t have any
special requirements?”

“No, Alex,” they say with a smile. “Any
man will do.”

And you know what happens? That’s
EXACTLY what they get. Any man.

Which is pretty dangerous if you ask me.
Life can send you a family man or a
stupid, stupid man. Both are men. So be

Which brings us to our last exercise for
the day.

I’d like you to take a few moments and
visualize your “ideal man.”

Imagine he’s sitting beside you, looking
at you right now. What’s he like? How
does he act?

Imagine the two of you went on a
romantic vacation. How does he treat
you? What would the little surprises be?
How does he talk to you? How does he
touch you?

Imagine you had a little argument. What
would his little faults be? How easily
should it be for you to forgive him —
and keep the relationship going? And how
easily would he be willing to compromise
to make sure the relationship keeps
growing and maturing?

I’d like you to visualize your “ideal
man” as often as you can. That way he
becomes REAL in your mind — and it
becomes much easier to spot such men in
real life!

THAT’S how you attract the best men in

============================== ==========
But It Doesn’t Stop There!
============================== ==========

Like I said before, it isn’t magic.
Visualizing your ideal man won’t make
him appear right in front of you when
you least expect it!

Visualizing him is only one half of the

The second half is to KEEP LEARNING
about the science of love. You’ll need
to keep looking at yourself in a better
light, and you’ll need to learn the
secrets of “love communication” — so
that when your ideal man DOES show up,
you’ll know exactly how to make him fall
MADLY in love with you.

Of course, I’m here to make it easier!

My 77 Secrets of Seduction e-book series
is meant to help you see yourself and
your ideal man according to the science
of love. It’ll teach you the right ways
of communicating with a man, finding
what makes him “tick,” and ultimately
make him fall so deeply in love with you
that he can’t help but want you for the
rest of his life!

You already have an idea of what he’s
going to be like. Now you can learn how
to act, think, and feel when he DOES
walk into your life! Click below to
start learning the 77 Secrets of

 Make him love you FOREVER!

And when you finally DO find him, be
sure to send me an e-mail. By the way,
do you know what gets ME going every
morning? Reading through the success
stories that my readers send me every
day. I’m looking forward to reading YOUR
story soon!

To the happiness you deserve,
~Alexandra Fox


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