Dear Ladies,

Can I begin this Newsletter with a

One day, a young man approached his
girlfriend’s father and said:

“Sir, your daughter is mad about me,” he
said. “She says she loves me, she needs
me, and can’t live without me.”

The father replied, “So you’re asking
for my permission to marry her?”

The man said, “No, sir, please make her


Do you sometimes HATE the dating game?

Sometimes it’s unfair. The witches and
bitches get all the good men, while the
smart, attractive, kindhearted women
like us get NOTHING.

Other times, it’s just mean. There are
some guys out there who love us then
leave us.

A guy gets our hopes up, and when we’re
100% ready to give our entire lives to
him, we realize he has another
girlfriend across town.

And perhaps worst of all – when we’re
truly in love with a man, he never EVER
feels the same way for us.

Why do these bad things ALWAYS happen?

If you’re like most women, you’re
probably disillusioned with the love
game. You may have grown up with a
“Disney Princess” idea of love… but
your current reality has more angst and
drama than two seasons of Grey’s

Are you really STUCK with a lousy love

Fortunately, the answer is (and always
will be) “NO…”


If you’ve been reading my Newsletters
and eBooks recently, then you’ve
probably noticed that here at the
Unforgettable Woman community, we take
control of our love lives.

We do what WORKS, and we don’t care what
other people think!

Here at our community, we know that our
happiness is NOT CONTROLLED by other

In fact, our happiness isn’t even
controlled by the dating game!

Who’s in control? YOU’RE in control.

You run the show! You make the

Want a love story worthy of your
favorite fairy tales? Then you go WRITE
your own fairy tale.

Want a happy ending? Then you go WRITE
your script with a happy ending. You
take control!

Of course, it’s not that simple. Writing
your own “happy ending” in love involves
not only making your own decisions, but
making the RIGHT decisions.

It’s like taking a road trip. If you
don’t know the directions to your
destination, it doesn’t matter where
you’re going – you WILL get lost!

So what are the RIGHT decisions?

Let’s start with the easy stuff, like
the joke I opened this Newsletter with.
Have you ever loved a guy a LOT more
than he loved you?

It’s crazy right? He never really mans
up and commits to you.

Or when he does, he can’t commit for
long – and he eventually leaves before
he suffocates.

Why can’t men appreciate your undying
love, attention, and affection?

Simple – because he doesn’t SEE it as
love, attention, or affection!

Instead, he just feels ANNOYED by it.

It’s like this. When you were still a
little girl, did you have a sibling, or
a cousin, or a classmate who was SO
ANNOYING that you always shooed them

Or when you got older, did you have an
annoying classmate, an annoying
co-worker, or an annoying salesman who
just wouldn’t leave you alone?

Guess what – that’s EXACTLY what the guy
feels when he doesn’t love you as much
as you love him! It’s annoying, and all
he wants you to do is LEAVE HIM ALONE.


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it
again – seduction isn’t about “catching”
a guy. It’s about turning the tables on
him, making him chase you, and “letting
him catch” you!

What’s it called again?

That’s right – PLAYING HARD TO GET.

And I know that’s a little difficult to


I’ve met some women who think playing
hard to get is EVIL.

They tell me: “Alexandra, isn’t that
manipulative? Aren’t you tricking a guy
to do what you want?”

No, that’s NOT the kind of “playing hard
to get” I’m talking about.

Like everything else, there’s a WRONG
way and a RIGHT way to play hard to get.
And if you’re “tricking” a guy – if your
actions are based on lies and deception
– that’s the WRONG way.

What’s the RIGHT way?

The RIGHT way – the Unforgettable Woman
way – of playing hard to get is based on
one thing, and one thing only…


It’s about LOVING yourself.

Do you love yourself?

If you do, then wouldn’t you want to
make sure that only the BEST, most
SUCCESSFUL, most LOVING men make it into
your life?

That’s the problem with the WRONG way of
playing hard to get. When you have to
resort to lies and tricks to make a man
love you, it means you don’t really love

And it means you’re ready to SETTLE for
guys who don’t deserve you. Don’t YOU
make that mistake!

Again, the RIGHT way of playing hard to
get is all about LOVING yourself.
Because if you don’t love yourself, who

Not the guys, that’s for sure!

Sure, some guys out there are WONDERFUL
– and they’ll love you even when you
don’t love yourself.

But they’re rare – like one in a
million. Do you really want a “one in a
million” chance at happiness?

Why not learn how to ATTRACT these
wonderful men into your life, instead of
waiting to “bump” into them?

That’s right – you CAN attract strong,
mature, loving, nurturing men into your
life. How?

You guessed it – by playing hard to get,
the RIGHT way!

In the Unforgettable Woman community,
it’s the right way or the highway. And I
teach the RIGHT way of playing hard to
get in my eBook collection, How To Play
Hard To Get.

In it, you’ll learn:

…How to make men see you as a
“challenging” woman… and not “easy”
(Chapter 2)

…How to play hard to get with friends,
with crushes, and with HUGE crushes
(Chapter 5)

…How to deal with problems, mistakes,
and disappointment in love and life
(Chapter 10)

…The different ways to play hard to
get – and how to choose the RIGHT way
(Chapter 4)

…Setting the kinds of standards that
attract the BEST men in the game
(Chapter 3)

…A “timeline” of making a man fall in
love with you (Chapter 9)

…and much, much more!

Try it for 30 days – if the right way of
playing hard to get doesn’t help you
meet a better guy or two (or more!) in 4
weeks or less, you get your money back!

Click here for your 30-day trial

Here are a few handy bonus guides
for you, FREE with your purchase of How
To Play Hard To Get:

Bonus Guide #1
How To Make Him Chase You More

Bonus Guide #2
What To Do When He Turns Cold

Bonus Guide #3
How To Gain The Upper Hand In A Relationship

Start attracting, meeting, and dating
the kinds of men who TRULY deserve you.
Click here for your copy!

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox


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