Dear Ladies,

Is your man NOT interested in

Has he told you that marriage was “not
in his plans?”

Or when you ask him when he plans to
settle down, does he give vague excuses
like, “I’m just waiting for the right

If so, then you’re not alone! Lots of
women today are in the same situation as
you – stuck in a relationship that’s
going nowhere.

Why are so many men afraid of
commitment? In today’s Newsletter, I’ll
tell you why – and I’ll teach you 3 ways
to make him more open to the idea of

Let’s start with the biggest question:

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What’s a single man’s biggest objection
to marriage?

Without a doubt, he expects that he’ll
lose his “freedom” when he commits to
just one woman. He feels that if he gets
married, he’ll lose the thrill and
sexual variety that he’s currently
enjoying as a single man.

Now, this fear is normal. After all,
many scientists believe that men are
genetically hard-wired to “spread their
seed.” And with TV and media promoting
promiscuity and pleasure, it’s becoming
harder and harder to find men who
actually WANT to get married.

So what does it take to make a man

It’s simpler than you think: He has to
KNOW that the married life will be so
much better than the single life. He has
to KNOW that his life will actually
IMPROVE when he becomes a married man!

Now here comes the big question: How do
you “convince” a man that he’ll be
better off with you?

The first thing you need to know is to
NOT be too direct. Take it easy! When it
comes to commitment, you really have to
“break it to him gently.”

And I have 3 steps to help you do just

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Believe it or not, making a man commit
all starts with you. Are YOU ready for
commitment? Or are you just lonely?

Trust me – if you’re just lonely, and
you just want him to take care of you
and make you happy, it’s a bad sign.
He’ll sense it right away – he’ll think
you’re needy, desperate, and

So that’s the first step: Get EVERY hint
of loneliness, neediness, and despair
out of your system!

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Let me say that again: Don’t be lonely,
needy, or desperate.

Instead, be smart. Optimistic. Flirty.
Playful. Hard-to-get.

If you read our Newsletters and e-books
everyday, then you’re already WAY ahead
in the game!

Remember, he has to see you as “fun.” He
has to think you’re “cool.” You really,
really have to be “something else” for

If you want a more detailed, complete
list of the qualities that makes a man
want to commit to you, then get the
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When it comes to commitment, many women
make the mistake of laying out their
“Terms and Conditions.”

They tell their boyfriends, “This is
what I want. These are my terms. These
are my conditions for marriage. What are

Ladies, if you lay out “terms of
conditions” for your relationship, then
that’s NOT love.


If you REALLY want your relationship to
work out, then commitment has to be a
choice both of you make. YOU HAVE TO BE

Remember, the happiest, most successful
relationships out there aren’t
give-and-take. They’re GIVE-AND-GIVE.
(Because when both of you keep giving,
there won’t be any need to take away
anything from each other.)

So as early as now, learn to do things
together. Even the little things are
important, such as deciding where to go
or what to do.

Later on, when the bigger things in life
come your way, you’ll be tackling those
together, too. 😉

So let’s do a quick recap of the 3 steps
to make him more open to commitment:

#1 – Are YOU ready for commitment? Are
you sure you’re not just lonely?

#2 – Are you unforgettable? Remember: If
you want him to commit to you, you have
to be PHENOMENAL… or you’ll be

#3 – Learn to make decisions together.
It takes teamwork to make your
relationship last forever!

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The 3 tips I gave you in this Newsletter
will slowly and surely make him more
open to the idea of committing to you.
But of course, they’re not ALL you need.
You’ll also need to be prepared for what
comes AFTER you master these 3 tips.

For instance, there’s the “commitment
talk.” This is the time when you finally
sit with him and talk about getting
married and raising a family. What
should you say? What should you NOT say?
And what does he expect?

Or let’s just say he suddenly had a
change of heart. Suddenly he doesn’t
feel so sure about settling down. What
should you say and do to get him back on

I answer these and many more others in
my special e-book collection about
commitment, the “77 Secrets To Get A
Commitment.” What’s more, you’ll also

The “red flags” that tell you he’s a
hopeless case when it comes to

The #1 reason why most relationships
don’t work out – and how to avoid making
the mistake before it’s too late…

The right words to say, word-for-word,
when it comes to the all-important
“commitment talk…”

And more!

Click below to take control of your road
to commitment:

Make him commit this year!

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox


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