Dear Ladies,

Ever wondered why the guys you like… never seem to like
you back?

Don’t worry – the problem isn’t with you. Most times, the
problem is with the things you do.

In other words, you’re taking the wrong approach to win
their hearts!

How do you make a guy like you? Let me give you my Top 4
tips on “tugging” at a guy’s heartstrings…

Tip #1: Play Hard To Get… The Right Way

Playing hard-to-get is always a great dating strategy…
but only if you do it right.

So many women make the mistake of playing with a guy’s
feelings, keeping him guessing, and using sneaky tricks.

That’s the WRONG way!

Don’t “play” hard-to-get… BE hard-to-get!

You want guys pursuing you, not because you play with
their feelings… but because they know you have OPTIONS.

They know there are other guys vying for your attention,
and they have to WORK HARD to win your heart!

Tip #2: Learn How To Flirt… The Right Way

What if, among the many guys pursuing you, you develop
feelings for a particular one?

Then it’s time to build your relationship together!

And the most important step is the first one – making him
want you as his exclusive girlfriend, and not just a date!

Again, I DON’T recommend you use sneaky, lame flirting

Instead, I want you to learn something I call the
“flirting lifestyle,” which makes you NATURALLY flirty,
sensual, and attractive to the right kinds of men… even
without trying to be!

Tip #3: Disarm His Logical Defenses

At certain points in your relationship with a man, you’ll
meet some resistance.

For instance, he might hesitate to move closer to you, to
commit to a more serious relationship, or to marry you.
What do you do then?

My advice: Don’t try to “overcome” or “defeat” or “break
through” his resistance. It’s a waste of time.

Instead, learn how to “disarm,” “unlock,” and “bypass”
his logical defenses – and speak directly to his HEART.

This is our definition of “seduction” – not just winning
his body, but his mind, heart, and soul, as well!

And finally…

Tip #4: Use Your Downtime Wisely

You won’t be together all the time – that’s a fact. And
this down-time can either tear down the bond you share…
or build it up and strengthen it.

It all depends on how often – and how lovingly – you
communicate with each other, even if you’re apart!

I strongly recommend you learn how to make him fall in
love with your voice – even if you’re just talking over
the phone or the Internet.

That way your relationship will get stronger and happier
ALL THE TIME – and not just when you’re together!

Want to read the book we wrote about it? Click here to
learn more about it!

To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox


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