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Broken Hearts And Clueless Men

Dear Ladies,

Do you have any of these following toxic beliefs about

(1) Men are afraid of commitment.

(2) Men want sex more than love.

(3) Men are dense when it comes to a woman’s feelings.

If you do, then I have bad news to you. It’s probably the
reason why your love life isn’t as good as it can be.

Why? Because of a simple truth about love and life:

Your beliefs are a thousand times more powerful than your

You can “decide” to love a man. You can “decide” to be a
good date, girlfriend, or wife. You can “decide” to be
everything a man needs in his life.

But if you BELIEVE men are cowards… or sex-crazed… or
dense… then you’ll ALWAYS be skeptical and mistrustful
of them. No matter what you decide.

Don’t you agree? After all, if you secretly dislike and
mistrust men deep in your heart, why in the world would
they like and trust you?

Here’s my simple message for today: If you want to find
love and happiness, then the journey starts from within.

You need to get rid of these toxic beliefs, and change
your attitude into something that actually brings love,
happiness, and blessings into your life… instead of
blocking them!

Here are some of the most common misconceptions we women
have about men, and what to do if you have them:

Misconception #1: When He’s Giving Me The
Silent Treatment, He’s Up To Something.

When we give a guy the silent treatment, what’s it for?

Usually, it’s because he did something we didn’t like, or
something that was incredibly insensitive. And we just
want him to suffer for it.

Sometimes, we just want to annoy him. Or we want to bait
him into an argument, and beat him… and force him to
apologize and do something we want.

It’s one of our most powerful weapons against men, and it
drives them crazy!

That’s why when a guy suddenly goes quiet, and when we ask
what’s wrong he just says “Nothing,” it’s easy to get
hurt, angry, or insulted.

Doesn’t he trust you? Doesn’t he know he’s hurting you? He
must be up to something!

Unfortunately, this misconception just leads to arguments
and misunderstandings. And the sad part? There was no
reason to get angry in the first place.

Why? Because men go silent for different reasons than

Women go silent when they want their men to think about
what they did.

Men go silent when they have to make big decisions in
life… such as getting a second job, or moving places of
residence… or committing to a woman for the rest of his

That’s right – many times, when a man suddenly goes quiet
in your relationship, it’s not because he’s up to
something, or he’s losing interest, or he’s seeing another

Many times, he’s just thinking REALLY hard about your
future. He’s trying to see if he’s really making the right
decision for his life.

Unfortunately, when you misconceive his silence as an
attack on you, you tend to react negatively to it. You
argue, you nag, you accuse… and you ultimately make him
realize that it’s NOT the right decision to commit to you.


Now do you see how your misconceptions about men can keep
you single and miserable for a long, long time? 😉

(NOTE: To learn more about the secrets of male psychology,
especially when it comes to love and dating, read my eBook

Let’s move on to…

Misconception #2: Guys Only Want Sex.

Here’s another common misconception. Since we meet a lot
of horny guys in today’s dating scene, it’s easy to assume
that guys only want sex.

As a result, we tend to look at guys with mistrust and
disgust… emotions that keep relationships stuck at a
“casual” level.

It’s true – sex is usually the first thing on guy’s minds
when it comes to dating a new woman.

But it’s wrong to believe it’s the ONLY thing on their

We need to understand that men don’t fall in love the same
way we do. While we fall in love hard and fast, men fall
in love in stages.

And when you understand these stages, then you can CONTROL
these stages! You can move your relationship forward
through the stages that men naturally go through, making
him fall in love with you more and more as time goes by.

Do you have the toxic belief that men only want sex?

Now you know why you need to break that mentality fast!

Get Rid Of Your Obstacles To Happiness!

Let me say that again – if you REALLY want to find true
love and happiness with a great man, then you MUST get rid
of your toxic beliefs about men.

Remember, your beliefs are a thousand times more powerful
than your decisions.

And when you get rid of your toxic beliefs… and replace
them with new, wonderful, TRUE beliefs about men… then
your decisions in love instantly becomes a thousand times
more powerful.

Wouldn’t you want your chances at happiness to increase by
a thousand times? Then I encourage you to read my eBook on
male psychology, Unmask The Male Mind.

It has all the secrets and strategies to help you get rid
of any and all toxic beliefs about men you may have… and
finally open the door to the happiness you want and

Visit the website below to get started:

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If you’re not having trouble understanding your man,
but would like your relationship to reach the “next level”
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To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox

How to Drive Him Crazy With Love

Dear Ladies,

What’s the biggest fear of a single
woman approaching her late 20’s?

For most women, it’s the prospect of
being single forever. It’s the fear of
one day being called an “old maid.”

You know what I’m talking about if
you’ve been asked this question before:
“Why aren’t you married yet?”

Ugh, I hate that question! Fortunately,
some of you have shared your snappiest
comebacks with me:

“Marriage isn’t a word. It’s a

“When my fiance goes on parole!”

“And be like you? Hopefully never!”

You guys slay me. 😉

Sure, some of us don’t want to get
married. That’s fine. But I’m pretty
sure most of us would like to at least
have a great guy companion for the rest
of our lives. Right?

We don’t like going through life feeling
lonely, miserable, and unloved. Right?

That leads us to our question for today:
Why don’t so many women ever find a good
man to settle down with?

My answer: It’s simply because many of
us don’t know how love and dating works.

As a result, we make our own rules as we
go along… and that’s pretty dangerous.

Here are a couple of bad “rules” to
follow when looking for love and

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

“Debbie” was once in a great
relationship with a great guy from
school for almost two years.
Unfortunately, after graduation, he
started working in a different country –
and their long-distance relationship
didn’t work out.

Debbie was crushed, but she was
determined not to be lonely. So she
started dating again. She started
meeting new men.

The problem? She gravitated towards the
men who reminded her of her

She even got into a relationship with a
guy who looked almost EXACTLY like her
ex! So it was almost like her first
relationship never ended.

Unfortunately, Debbie was living in a
dream. Her new boy was great, but he was
totally different from her ex-boyfriend
– and soon, Debbie’s unrealistic
expectations began to suffocate the poor

Needless to say, Debbie’s new
relationship didn’t work out.

Should Debbie have looked for the exact
opposite of her ex-boyfriend, instead?

Unfortunately, that’s another problem…

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

“Iris,” on the other hand, once dated a
successful entrepreneur. When his work
got in the way, she broke up with him,
but not after several months of “trying
to make the relationship work.”

Devastated, Iris flew headlong back into
the dating game. But this time, she
started dating bums, party animals,
players – the exact opposite of her
success-driven ex-boyfriend!

Soon, she was going around with a rebel
– a bum who was living off his mom’s
small fortune. They had a soap opera,
“you and me against the world” type of
relationship, and it was fun for a

Unfortunately, their friends and
families began to dislike their
relationship (and Iris’s new attitude).

Iris struggled to keep the relationship
together, but the other areas of her
life – her finances, her social life,
her spiritual life, and so on – were

It was only a matter of time before the
breakup happened, and Iris was an even
BIGGER mess than before!

So if finding the same kind of guy as
your ex is a bad idea… and if finding
the exact opposite of your ex is ALSO a
bad idea… what’s the right thing to

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

Here’s my answer: The dating game is NOT
about finding the right guy for you.

It’s about going out there, meeting many
different guys, and BEING FOUND by the
best possible guy for your life.

After all, what’s the use of FINDING the
“right guy for you…” if HE doesn’t
think you’re the right girl for him?

It takes two people to make a
relationship work!

So what does it take to “be found?”

Simple: To be found, you’ll need to be a
fantastic person living a fantastic

No joke!

As I always say: “If you’re not happy
single, you won’t be happy in a
relationship.” Period.

And that’s the basis of our teachings
here in the Unforgettable Woman
community. While other dating coaches
urge you to “find a great guy to be
happy,” we teach you to “be happy to
attract great guys.”

Isn’t that a much better, much more fun
way to live? 😉

So how do you become a fantastic person
living a fantastic life?

That’s the best news of all…

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

Here’s a fact: Guys go CRAZY for smart,
attractive, kindhearted women who have
their lives in order.

That’s why women who don’t make enemies,
who don’t hold grudges, and who focus on
the GOOD things in life… end up with
the best guys and the happiest marriages
of all.

Here at the Unforgettable Woman
community, we slowly and steadily teach
women how to get their lives in order.
For instance, when you signed up to our
Newsletter, you got my free eBook, “How
To Be A Man Magnet.” Right?

Then, our Newsletters slowly and
steadily taught you the REAL DEAL about
love and dating. By now, I’m sure you’ve
gotten rid of a few bad habits and toxic
beliefs, and that’s great! 😉

Now, to complete the picture, I
encourage you to read my eBook
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If you want to be a fantastic woman who
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Over the years, it has helped hundreds
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And now, you can enjoy all of that, too!

The 77 Secrets Of Love has all my most
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…How to hone in on your most feminine

…The most common love and dating
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…How to create a “value system” for
your dating life…

…How to spot the players, liars, and
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…How to understand the mysteries of
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…How to make a man LOOK UP to you…

…How to create “sexual tension”…

…And so much more!

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To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox

Flirting With Words Is Music To His Ears

Dear Ladies,

Often, some smart women ask me: “Alexandra, what’s the
most important dating skill to have?”

I usually answer: “The basics are the most important –
confidence, conversation skills, fashion sense, body
language. They get the ball rolling.”

Then, they ask me again: “Sure, but what’s the MOST

If you had to choose just one skill to grow, then my
answer would be: Your conversation skills.

Why? Because all the other important skills – confidence,
body language, fashion sense, understanding male
psychology, etc. – can be developed faster and more easily
if you’re a good conversationalist.

Are you fantastically skilled with talking to men?
Or do you still make embarrassing remarks, boring spiels,
and awkward silences?

If you’re not a superstar conversationalist, then don’t
worry. Today, I’ll be sharing with you three conversation
skills that have worked EXTREMELY well for myself and my
readers for years!

Let’s jump right into it with the first skill:

Skill #1 – Making The Conversation Flow

Let’s say you’re at a cafe with a new guy, and you’re
talking about the latest Superman movie. When you run out
of things to say about the movie, what do you do?

Do you abruptly change the topic and talk about your
drink? Do you suffer through an awkward silence? Do you
excuse yourself to run to the bathroom and try to get your
wits together?

Here’s a better idea – make the conversation flow.

Let’s say you run out of things to say about the movie.
Let the conversation flow into a related topic. For
instance, you can say:

“So what’s your favorite movie all-time?”

The thing about guys is that the more they get into a
conversation with you, the more they like you. So if you
could work on just one skill, work on this one first.

It can single-handedly make ANY conversation with ANY guy
more interesting, fun, and flirty!

Here’s the second skill:

Skill #2 – Practice With Your Guy Friends.

Ever noticed that talking with your guy friends is so much
easier than talking to a guy you secretly like?

That’s because you’re under pressure to make a good
impression. You want the guy to like you, too. And that
can tie your brain up in knots, making you say and do
things you later regret!

So to get rid of these jitters, I advise you practice
carrying conversations with your guy friends. (Preferably
the straight ones!)

Try it out. See which topics make them “tick.” Every guy
is different, but here are some topics most guys like
talking about:

(1) Work and business

(2) Current events

(3) Plans for the future

In contrast, avoid these topics with men – they may cause

(1) Politics

(2) Religion

(3) “Girly” topics like makeup and TV dramas

Here’s a protip: If you want to take your “practicing” to
the next level, try saying “hi” to baristas, to security
guards, to the guy next in line, etc. It builds confidence
like nothing else.

And finally:

Skill #3 – Have An “Awkward Silence Cure.”

No matter how good you are as a conversationalist, there
will always be times when both you and your date run out
of things to say. Cue awkward silence…

This is when it’s great to have an “awkward silence cure.”
Here’s my advice – always keep a few good, funny, or
interesting stories in reserve. That way, when you sense
an awkward silence coming, you can just say, “Oh, by the
way, I just remembered a funny story…”

The great thing about this skill is that the more fun and
fantastic your life is, you’ll have no shortage of
hilarious, exciting stories to tell.

So focus on having a fun life, and awkward silences will
never be a problem for you!

Best Of All? It’s Not Just For Dating

Simple, right? These three tips are enough to turn you
from an average conversationalist to a good one. And with
practice, you can turn from a good conversationalist to a
GREAT one – and guys will always have a good time with

And that’s not even the best part. Being a great
conversationalist isn’t just good for dating.
I’ve met women who actually use these “confident
conversationalist” skills to spice up their MARRIAGES. No

They just use the skills I teach them to keep their
marriages interesting, always bringing something new to
the table… and their husbands absolutely LOVE it.

Want to learn more about turning your simple words into
the building blocks of a happy, loving relationship? Learn
all the time-tested ways to win a man’s heart by reading
my eBook below:

How To Flirt With Men

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To the happiness you deserve,
Alexandra Fox

Why Men Suddenly Disappear

Dear Ladies,

Has this ever happened to you?

You had a blossoming relationship with
an attentive, thoughtful, affectionate
guy… but just as things were getting
good between you, he suddenly

Or let’s say you confessed your feelings
for each other over a romantic dinner…
but afterwards, he started avoiding you!

Have YOU ever dated a guy who suddenly
disappeared when things were getting
good? It’s no fun!

You might have felt betrayed, fooled,
and maybe a little cheated. And for days
and weeks, you must have had just one
question on your mind:

“Why did he run away?”

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

There are two answers to that question:

#1 – Some guys out there are NOT ready
for a relationship, no matter what they
tell you… and it’s only a matter of
time before they run away.

Good riddance, I say!

But the second reason is more important:

#2 – Some guys ARE ready for a
relationship… but they might feel the
relationship is moving TOO FAST for
them. So they withdraw and spend some
alone time to cope with the pressure.

This is a natural reaction for healthy,
commitment-ready men. Whenever they’re
faced with something they don’t fully
understand, they get quiet, withdraw,
and spend some serious thinking time

Unfortunately, when a guy withdraws,
many women make the mistake of CHASING
him, confronting him, and asking why
he’s cold and distant… and WON’T LEAVE
HIM ALONE until they get a good answer
from him.

The problem: He doesn’t HAVE a good
answer! And the confrontation makes him
want to stay away even more.

They think, “Okay, I was wondering if
courting her was the right thing to
do… I guess it’s not.”


Now, this might have happened to you

If you’re not careful, it might happen
to you again!

Here are two of the most common ways
women encounter “disappearing men,” and
how to deal with them:

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

When an attentive, thoughtful,
affectionate man suddenly goes quiet for
a week, it’s usually a sign that the
relationship made a jump forward that he
wasn’t ready for.

A man, by nature, prefers to move the
relationship forward himself. That’s why
when a woman suddenly moves the
relationship forward – such as by
confessing her feelings or pressuring
him to commit – he’s caught off-guard,
and needs time to process the big

Put simply, he has to feel that moving
the relationship forward was HIS idea…
and it takes a smart, skilled, loving
woman to make a man feel that way!

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

When a man disappears after a romantic
event – like a romantic dinner, or when
you have sex for the first time, or when
you confess your feelings to him – it’s
usually a sign he feels things are
moving too fast.

Why is that a big deal? Because while we
women fall in love HARD AND FAST, men
fall in love in STAGES.

And sometimes, when a man feels a woman
is RUSHING a relationship, they feel
like running away – as if they’re
jumping off a runaway train!

If this has ever happened to you, I
recommend you read Chapter 14 of this
eBook collection. Learn how to bounce
back, get up, and get over a wasted
opportunity… and be ready for the next

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

You may have lost a few good men in your
past, and that’s fine. In fact, it
doesn’t really matter.

What REALLY matters is this: Will you
KEEP losing good men in the future?

Here’s the scary fact: If you keep
making mistakes in dating… if you
don’t learn how men think… and if you
don’t adjust to a man’s pace in love…
then you WILL keep losing good men!

Now, some of you might object: “But
Alex, it’s not MY fault! I’m just being
me! It’s HIM who should adjust, not me!”

Look at it this way: If you’re “just
being you,” and men keep running away
from you, then there’s obviously a
problem. Right?

After all, there are lots of women out
there – many of them my own readers –
who are also “just being themselves,”
but are STILL attracting great guys
everywhere they go!

What’s the difference? They simply know
things the rest of us don’t.

They know how men think. They know what
men want. They know how to adjust to a
man’s quirks AND keep the relationship
moving forward at the same time.

All by just being themselves!

Want to learn how to “be yourself” AND
nurture a blossoming relationship at the
same time?

Then I recommend you read my eBook
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Here are some of the great things you’ll
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And there’s much, much more! Click below
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How to make him stay

Until our next Newsletter, remember: It
takes two people to make a relationship
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stop loving!

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5 Things That Keep You Hooked On The Wrong Guy

Dear Ladies,

“Sammi” was a reader of mine who went
through the typical bad relationship.

She met a great new guy, and they got
into a relationship that started out
fantastic. For a while, things were
going great, and Sammi even started
looking forward to marrying the guy.

But eventually, the misunderstandings
and arguments came, and they broke up
after two years of dating.

Sammi was devastated, but she moved on
to date other men again. Unfortunately,
she brought a few bad reminders of her
past relationship with her – fear,
anger, and a general mistrust of men.

As a result, not one of her new
boyfriends stayed long with her, no
matter what she tried!

I read her e-mail, and I quickly
realized she developed two bad habits
from her past relationship:

(1) She was falling for guys with the
exact same personality as her ex. She
was unconsciously trying to “continue”
her failed relationship, but with
another guy!

(2) She secretly hoped her ex-boyfriend
would come back to her. So she kept in
touch with him, whined often to her
friends, and posted “emo” comments and
photos on her Facebook profile.

Sammi was stuck, and she needed help.


Sammi’s situation is sad. But hey, bad
relationships happen. It’s part of the
dating game.

And when bad breakups happen to us, the
advice we usually get is: “Just move

If only it were that easy, huh?

Like Sammi, lots of women never
completely move on. They may move on
PHYSICALLY, by dating new men and
finding new boyfriends.

But deep inside, many of these women are
still suffering from the wounds of their
past. And these wounds keep them from
being truly happy.

Having painful wounds from the past is
like being chained to a heavy metal
ball. You get stuck with the hopes,
dreams, and memories of your failed

And unless you break your ex-boyfriend’s
hold over your life, you’ll keep having
bad relationships in the future. That’s
just how it is.

It’s not enough to “move on” to new men
and new relationships. You have to
COMPLETELY move on – to a new life, new
opportunities, new possibilities, new
happiness, new love, and so on!

Naturally, it won’t be easy. To
completely move on from a painful past,
you’ll need a lot of help.

You need love, support, and guidance…
from mentors, from life coaches, from
really good friends, and so on. And
that’s exactly what I try to be and do
for you guys.

That’s why I wrote Get Over Mr. Wrong,
probably the most in-depth guide about
COMPLETELY moving on available on the

It’s my goal to give my readers the
ability to completely move on from their
painful pasts, and keep moving forward
towards the love and happiness they
truly deserve!

And from what I’ve heard from Sammi, I’m
overjoyed to know it’s working really


At my suggestion, Sammi got her own copy
of Get Over Mr. Wrong. And within a few
days, she completely moved on from her
ex-boyfriend and turned her life around.

She shared with me the three sections of
the eBook that really opened her eyes:

(1) Chapter 2, which explained the pros
and cons of getting back with your ex
after you break up. Sammi looked back,
and realized that the cons far
outweighed the pros!

(2) Chapter 6, which made her realize
she suffered from “relationship anxiety”
– she quickly took steps to remove the
anxiety and stop it from poisoning her

(3) Bonus eBook #2, which was my
step-by-step guide to being single and
fabulous. Sammi said she enjoyed THIS
part of the eBook collection best, and
I’m not surprised!

Last I heard from Sammi, she was already
in a relationship with a great new guy.
This time, she’s 100% free of the fear,
anger, and mistrust that kept her in a
downward spiral for so many years.


You might be suffering from your past,
too. The bad memories, the humiliation,
the wounds that won’t heal… they all
pull you away from the happiness you’ve
always wanted.

But I’m confident that Get Over Mr.
Wrong will turn your life around, just
as it did for Sammi and hundreds of your
fellow readers.

Want to know if he is/was REALLY “Mr.
Wrong?” The answers are in Chapters 2,
3, 8, and 14.

Finding it IMPOSSIBLE to completely get
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relationship with a bad boyfriend? Break
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To the happiness you deserve,

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Cheating Husband

4 Signs He’s Already Married or Attached

4 Signs He’s Already Married or Attached

Hello there,

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Some time back, a reader wrote me to ask about the man she was currently dating. She told me she loved him very much… but she had a few doubts about him, because he proposed to her after just a few weeks of dating. Naturally, I wrote back telling her to be careful, because it’s always suspicious when a guy rushes into marriage. I urged her not to rush into marriage, hold back a little, and give her relationship some time to grow more naturally. She then wrote back an angry reply, accusing me of disrespecting her man. (I can’t save everyone, I guess!)

So for the next few months, I assumed she ignored my advice and went ahead with the wedding. Life went on until one day, I received an e-mail from her. This time, she was apologizing. She told me I was right: The guy wasn’t interested in marriage at all. He only pretended to be so that he could get into her pants – which, unfortunately, he was able to do. He broke up with her as soon as he got bored and hooked up with another woman.

Has something like that ever happened to you? Have you ever dated a guy who was sweet and affectionate one week, and cold and distant the next? It can be pretty confusing, especially if you can’t “read” the male mind. (More on this later.) For now, let me say that it’s EXTREMELY important to know the warning signs of a “bad guy” in love and dating. Here are some of the more telling signs out there:

Signs He Could Be Married or Attached

#1: Does he always, always pay in cash? Be careful: Married/attached men have been known to avoid using credit cards to conceal their extramarital affairs from their partners.

#2: Does he only call when he’s “out of the house” – say, walking his dog or at the supermarket? It could mean he’s avoiding calling you where his partner can ask who’s on the phone.

#3: Does he NOT want you to visit his place? If he has nothing to hide, he should have no problems inviting you to his place.

#4: Did you meet at the bar? Any dating coach will tell you that bars are shady places to meet men – lots of married/attached men go there to get lucky.

What should you do if you see these signs in him? It’s best to ask him about his REAL relationship status as soon as you can, before you fall too madly in love with him to let go. And if he’s still being secretive and mysterious, I urge you to feel free to leave him outright. After all, good relationships are built on open, honest communication, and you clearly don’t have that in this one!

Signs He Might Not Commit in the End:

#1: Have you been dating for more than several months, but you’re still just that: “dating”? Does it seem that he has no plans of making things official with you? If so, he might be completely happy with your little setup. Good for him, but bad for you!

#2: He has an excuse for everything. “It’s not the right time.” “I’m not ready.” “I’m still busy doing (insert life goal here).” “I can’t move out of the house just yet.” If he’s not a man of action, and is instead a man of excuses, trust me: It’ll be hard to make him take responsibility over ANYTHING.

#3: Does he have a “me first” attitude? People, both men and women, need to have a “sharing, caring” mindset when they want a serious relationship to work out. If he doesn’t have it, trust me when I say he’s not ready to get serious… yet.

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What Should You Do When You See the Signs?

If at any time you have doubts about the man you’re currently seeing, follow the advice I gave my reader: Don’t be too quick to commit! Instead, let your relationship grow in a slower, steadier, more natural way. Also, it’ll be a good idea to read up on male psychology. After all, a man’s actions will speak much louder than his words. It doesn’t matter what he says: If his actions don’t match his words, he’s up to something! That’s why I encourage you to read my book on male psychology, Unmask the Male Mind. It’s your ticket to understanding men, and finding the honest, loyal ones among the crowd!

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