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He is hot

Is He Hot and Cold?

 Is He Hot and Cold?


What do you do when he’s all over you one day, and then nowhere to be found the next? If you’re dealing with a hot-and-cold man, here’s the fastest way to snap him out of it: Make him run after you

There, how do you deal with a guy who doesn’t know what he wants out of life?

That’s one of the most confusing things a man can do to you: He acts like your boyfriend and treats you like his girlfriend… but when you ask him why he hasn’t made things official yet, he says, “I don’t know what I want.”What does it really mean? What It Means? When His Words? Don’t Match His Actions?

Here’s the secret about men I’d like you to know: When his words and actions don’t match, he’s hiding something.

Remember that! So what’s he hiding?

It could be one of many things. Maybe he’s dealing with hidden past issues. Maybe he doesn’t really want you “that way.” Or maybe he’s scared of giving up his freedom. And so on. In THIS situation – when his words don’t match his actions – talking to him won’t work. I suggest you take a different approach – and snap him out of his hot-and-cold behavior by PULLING AWAY from him. Why pull away when he’s being so distant? Because safety and security make men feel complacent. That’s why the more you show your love and affection to guy who hasn’t committed to you yet… actually makes him less attentive to your feelings. Why? Because he knows he’s already “won” you. And he doesn’t need to exert as much effort to keep your love. But when you pull away, it puts him in a PANIC… and panic makes him take ACTION. Panic reveals his TRUE nature! The key, then, is to instill just the right amount of panic in him… just to snap him out of his dreamy, hot-and-cold state of mind. It’s going to make him decide: Should he stay and chase after you? Or should he just let you go?

Either way, you win – you save yourself from months (or even years) of waiting and worrying. That said, there’s still another problem: What if you’re too attached to him? That’s why I suggest an alternative approach: One that actually makes him WANT to stay. Yes, you still inflict that healthy dose of panic in him. But instead of just snapping him into action, it also puts him into what we call “chase mode.” Think about it: Would you rather snap him out of his hot-and-cold habits because (1) you’re just pulling away, or (2) because other men are also vying for your attention?

Without a doubt, the SECOND choice is a lot more fun! Competition is a special kind of “panic” for a guy. It makes him man up and get his act together. It brings out the BEST in him. And even if he DOESN’T man up… if he slinks away with his tail between his legs… you still got the attention of other GREAT guys chasing you!  You win either way! Would you like to enjoy that kind of male attention from wonderful guys all the time? Would you like to start RIGHT NOW? Then I invite you to read my complete guide on making him – and OTHER guys – chase you.

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Make him chase you. Make him love you. Make him COMMIT to you. And if he won’t, a better man will, soon enough! So if you want him (and many other guys) to compete for your attention, click here – and may the best man win. To the happiness you deserve,

P.S.: Oh, and if you want a long-term relationship, here’s how to make him want it, too.

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