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If You Can’t Move On From The Breakup, Read This

Dear Ladies,

Let me tell you the story of three
painful breakups…

Our first story is about “Sarah,” who
after 2 years of dating a guy, realized
he was CHEATING on her.

She promptly broke up with the jerk, but
she found herself wanting to get back
with him… even after what he’d done.

Sarah was “stuck” – and even after she
completely broke up with her ex, she
kept falling for players, cheaters, and
non-committing jerks.

Has that ever happened to you?

Our second story is a little different.
It’s about “Melinda,” who once actually
CHEATED on her boyfriend!

At first, Melinda defended herself. She
said, “Why would I stay with a guy who’s
not MAN ENOUGH for me?”

Unfortunately, her reputation had gotten
so bad that no man wanted to date her…
except for one-night stands. What’s
worse, even her friends began to
distance themselves from her.

And finally, our third story is about
“June” – a smart, attractive,
kindhearted girl who was seeing a
bright, hardworking guy.

June had a good relationship for the
first few months. Then, for no apparent
reason, her bond with the guy started
turning sour.

They disagreed and argued with each
other more and more often as the months
went by… until one sad day, they
decided to call it quits.

Has any of your past relationships ended
in a sad way like that… but you had no
idea why?

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

Sarah, Melinda, and June illustrate
three of the most common reasons why
breakups happen today…

For women like Sarah, breakups happen
because a lot of guys out there simply
are NOT ready, NOT willing, or NOT able
to take care of a woman properly.

We’re talking about players,
chauvinists, bums, crooks, psychos… or
men who are simply emotionally

For women like Melinda, breakups happen
because of unrealistic expectations…
and misguided ideals.

Some women think their man should be
perfect. And if he’s not, she has every
right in the world to leave him and find
another guy.

Think about it… would you really want
a guy to treat you the same way?

And finally, “June” represents most
women: We don’t have the slightest idea
WHY the breakup happened!

And as a result, we spend weeks, months,
even YEARS wondering what went wrong.

Now, think of your last relationship.
Which of the three women represents your
situation the most?

No matter what caused your breakup, I’m
pretty sure WHAT YOU NEED right now is
the same as what Sarah, Melinda, and
June need:

How do you get over the breakup?

How do you move on with your life?

How can you be happy and contented

As always, it’s Alexandra Fox to the
rescue! Here are 3 time-tested ways to
TRULY get over a breakup and move on
with your life…

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

“Sarah,” the woman who got cheated on,
used to be a party girl. She liked the
thrill of dating different men.

But after she got “played” by her
ex-boyfriend, she realized that EVERY
SINGLE ONE of the men she dated were
players… or had “player habits.” (Do
the men in YOUR dating circle have
“player habits?”)

Determined, Sarah stopped hanging out
with toxic crowds, and started finding
better groups of people to spend her
valuable time with.

She volunteered. She started a tiny
home-based business. She started going
to the gym. And so on.

Today, she’s still single, but she
admits to me that the men she’s dating
right now DON’T have player habits – and
the prospect of a happy relationship in
the near future is pretty good!

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

Want to know what happened to “Melinda,”
the woman who cheated on her guy?

After men stopped dating her, and her
friends turned their back to her, and
her family stopped supporting her
decisions, a lonely and desperate
Melinda turned to the one group that
would love and accept even “bad people”
like her: Church.

Melinda tells me:

“At church, I learned to be less about
me, and more about ME AND OTHERS. Why be
happy at others’ expense when we can ALL
be happy together, right?”

Absolutely right, girl!

Today, Melinda is happier, preppier, and
much wiser…. all because she stopped
depending on others for her happiness,
and started WORKING for others’
happiness… and her own!

And finally:

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

A few months after her breakup, “June”
subscribed to my Newsletters, and later
bought a copy of my eBook, The Breakup

That’s when she realized her breakup
didn’t happen because of one BIG
mistake… but a handful of tiny
mistakes, done repeatedly over a long
period of time!

So today, June is fixing her bad habits,
one mistake at a time. She’s happy again
– she forgot about the past, and is 100%
focused on “making the rest of her life
the BEST of her life!”

So, do you want to get over your painful

Then keep this in mind: You can’t keep
dating the same way over and over, and
expect things to be different!

You got to hang out with better crowds,
change your mindset, and keep getting
better in love.

And you’re doing all three by being a
part of the Unforgettable Woman

The fastest, easiest way to “revamp”
your lonely love life and start a newer,
better, happier one… is by having a
dating coach at your side.

Unfortunately, that can be expensive.
Most dating coaches charge around $70 an
hour AT LEAST… and sessions can last
for weeks or months. Ouch!

I’m pretty sure, if you’re like most
people, you’d be willing to spend $70 to
fix your love life FOR GOOD. Not $70 an

Well, here’s some good news – I wrote
The Breakup Cure as a collection of my
years and years of dating advice to
women who just went through painful

That’s 20 whole chapters of my
professional advice. It’s like having
your own personal dating coach at your
side, with my advice available to you

What’s more, The Breakup Cure also comes
with three FREE bonus eBooks to complete
the breakup recovery program…

Bonus eBook #1 – The Rebound

Bonus eBook #2 – The Reconciliation

Bonus eBook #3 – The Makeover

Want to get started on the road to
recovery? Then click on the link below:

Learn to be happy again!

If you haven’t gone through the
breakup yet – but would like to KEEP a
breakup from happening – then I
recommend this eBook collection instead.
All my eBook collections come with a
30-day money-back guarantee, so go ahead
and give it a shot!

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox

He is hot

Is He Hot and Cold?

 Is He Hot and Cold?


What do you do when he’s all over you one day, and then nowhere to be found the next? If you’re dealing with a hot-and-cold man, here’s the fastest way to snap him out of it: Make him run after you

There, how do you deal with a guy who doesn’t know what he wants out of life?

That’s one of the most confusing things a man can do to you: He acts like your boyfriend and treats you like his girlfriend… but when you ask him why he hasn’t made things official yet, he says, “I don’t know what I want.”What does it really mean? What It Means? When His Words? Don’t Match His Actions?

Here’s the secret about men I’d like you to know: When his words and actions don’t match, he’s hiding something.

Remember that! So what’s he hiding?

It could be one of many things. Maybe he’s dealing with hidden past issues. Maybe he doesn’t really want you “that way.” Or maybe he’s scared of giving up his freedom. And so on. In THIS situation – when his words don’t match his actions – talking to him won’t work. I suggest you take a different approach – and snap him out of his hot-and-cold behavior by PULLING AWAY from him. Why pull away when he’s being so distant? Because safety and security make men feel complacent. That’s why the more you show your love and affection to guy who hasn’t committed to you yet… actually makes him less attentive to your feelings. Why? Because he knows he’s already “won” you. And he doesn’t need to exert as much effort to keep your love. But when you pull away, it puts him in a PANIC… and panic makes him take ACTION. Panic reveals his TRUE nature! The key, then, is to instill just the right amount of panic in him… just to snap him out of his dreamy, hot-and-cold state of mind. It’s going to make him decide: Should he stay and chase after you? Or should he just let you go?

Either way, you win – you save yourself from months (or even years) of waiting and worrying. That said, there’s still another problem: What if you’re too attached to him? That’s why I suggest an alternative approach: One that actually makes him WANT to stay. Yes, you still inflict that healthy dose of panic in him. But instead of just snapping him into action, it also puts him into what we call “chase mode.” Think about it: Would you rather snap him out of his hot-and-cold habits because (1) you’re just pulling away, or (2) because other men are also vying for your attention?

Without a doubt, the SECOND choice is a lot more fun! Competition is a special kind of “panic” for a guy. It makes him man up and get his act together. It brings out the BEST in him. And even if he DOESN’T man up… if he slinks away with his tail between his legs… you still got the attention of other GREAT guys chasing you!  You win either way! Would you like to enjoy that kind of male attention from wonderful guys all the time? Would you like to start RIGHT NOW? Then I invite you to read my complete guide on making him – and OTHER guys – chase you.

Try the proven techniques out for a month – and see how it has helped THOUSANDS of my readers hook up with wonderful men who truly love them! Click below to get started: Put him in “chase” mode

Make him chase you. Make him love you. Make him COMMIT to you. And if he won’t, a better man will, soon enough! So if you want him (and many other guys) to compete for your attention, click here – and may the best man win. To the happiness you deserve,

P.S.: Oh, and if you want a long-term relationship, here’s how to make him want it, too.

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