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5 Things That Keep You Hooked On The Wrong Guy

Dear Ladies,

“Sammi” was a reader of mine who went
through the typical bad relationship.

She met a great new guy, and they got
into a relationship that started out
fantastic. For a while, things were
going great, and Sammi even started
looking forward to marrying the guy.

But eventually, the misunderstandings
and arguments came, and they broke up
after two years of dating.

Sammi was devastated, but she moved on
to date other men again. Unfortunately,
she brought a few bad reminders of her
past relationship with her – fear,
anger, and a general mistrust of men.

As a result, not one of her new
boyfriends stayed long with her, no
matter what she tried!

I read her e-mail, and I quickly
realized she developed two bad habits
from her past relationship:

(1) She was falling for guys with the
exact same personality as her ex. She
was unconsciously trying to “continue”
her failed relationship, but with
another guy!

(2) She secretly hoped her ex-boyfriend
would come back to her. So she kept in
touch with him, whined often to her
friends, and posted “emo” comments and
photos on her Facebook profile.

Sammi was stuck, and she needed help.


Sammi’s situation is sad. But hey, bad
relationships happen. It’s part of the
dating game.

And when bad breakups happen to us, the
advice we usually get is: “Just move

If only it were that easy, huh?

Like Sammi, lots of women never
completely move on. They may move on
PHYSICALLY, by dating new men and
finding new boyfriends.

But deep inside, many of these women are
still suffering from the wounds of their
past. And these wounds keep them from
being truly happy.

Having painful wounds from the past is
like being chained to a heavy metal
ball. You get stuck with the hopes,
dreams, and memories of your failed

And unless you break your ex-boyfriend’s
hold over your life, you’ll keep having
bad relationships in the future. That’s
just how it is.

It’s not enough to “move on” to new men
and new relationships. You have to
COMPLETELY move on – to a new life, new
opportunities, new possibilities, new
happiness, new love, and so on!

Naturally, it won’t be easy. To
completely move on from a painful past,
you’ll need a lot of help.

You need love, support, and guidance…
from mentors, from life coaches, from
really good friends, and so on. And
that’s exactly what I try to be and do
for you guys.

That’s why I wrote Get Over Mr. Wrong,
probably the most in-depth guide about
COMPLETELY moving on available on the

It’s my goal to give my readers the
ability to completely move on from their
painful pasts, and keep moving forward
towards the love and happiness they
truly deserve!

And from what I’ve heard from Sammi, I’m
overjoyed to know it’s working really


At my suggestion, Sammi got her own copy
of Get Over Mr. Wrong. And within a few
days, she completely moved on from her
ex-boyfriend and turned her life around.

She shared with me the three sections of
the eBook that really opened her eyes:

(1) Chapter 2, which explained the pros
and cons of getting back with your ex
after you break up. Sammi looked back,
and realized that the cons far
outweighed the pros!

(2) Chapter 6, which made her realize
she suffered from “relationship anxiety”
– she quickly took steps to remove the
anxiety and stop it from poisoning her

(3) Bonus eBook #2, which was my
step-by-step guide to being single and
fabulous. Sammi said she enjoyed THIS
part of the eBook collection best, and
I’m not surprised!

Last I heard from Sammi, she was already
in a relationship with a great new guy.
This time, she’s 100% free of the fear,
anger, and mistrust that kept her in a
downward spiral for so many years.


You might be suffering from your past,
too. The bad memories, the humiliation,
the wounds that won’t heal… they all
pull you away from the happiness you’ve
always wanted.

But I’m confident that Get Over Mr.
Wrong will turn your life around, just
as it did for Sammi and hundreds of your
fellow readers.

Want to know if he is/was REALLY “Mr.
Wrong?” The answers are in Chapters 2,
3, 8, and 14.

Finding it IMPOSSIBLE to completely get
over a bad ex? Read Chapters 1, 6, 15,
and Bonus eBook #1 to finally move on.

Are you going in and out of a
relationship with a bad boyfriend? Break
the vicious cycle by reading Chapter 8
and Bonus eBook #2.

All this and more are in the Get Over
Mr. Wrong eBook collection, which you
can get by clicking the link below:

Forget the past and find happiness!

And here’s the best thing about it – if
Get Over Mr. Wrong doesn’t work for you,
you can ask for a refund within 30 days,
no questions asked. That’s how confident
I am that it will help you. So give it a
shot – your new life might just be a few
minutes away. 😉

If that’s not enough, I also
include 3 totally FREE bonus eBooks in
the Get Over Mr. Wrong eBook collection,
to complete your “moving on” experience:

Bonus eBook #1
Three Steps To Heal From A Broken Heart Faster

Bonus eBook #2
How To Be Fabulously Single

Bonus eBook #3
How To Grow From Your Experiences

Don’t miss this chance to do everything
right from now on – start reading by
clicking here!

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox

Cheating Husband

4 Signs He’s Already Married or Attached

4 Signs He’s Already Married or Attached

Hello there,

Ever wanted to know what a man REALLY means with the things he says to you? With the love lessons in my book, you can! Know the REAL meaning behind his words by learning his secrets below:

– – – > Learn to “read” his mind! < – – –

Some time back, a reader wrote me to ask about the man she was currently dating. She told me she loved him very much… but she had a few doubts about him, because he proposed to her after just a few weeks of dating. Naturally, I wrote back telling her to be careful, because it’s always suspicious when a guy rushes into marriage. I urged her not to rush into marriage, hold back a little, and give her relationship some time to grow more naturally. She then wrote back an angry reply, accusing me of disrespecting her man. (I can’t save everyone, I guess!)

So for the next few months, I assumed she ignored my advice and went ahead with the wedding. Life went on until one day, I received an e-mail from her. This time, she was apologizing. She told me I was right: The guy wasn’t interested in marriage at all. He only pretended to be so that he could get into her pants – which, unfortunately, he was able to do. He broke up with her as soon as he got bored and hooked up with another woman.

Has something like that ever happened to you? Have you ever dated a guy who was sweet and affectionate one week, and cold and distant the next? It can be pretty confusing, especially if you can’t “read” the male mind. (More on this later.) For now, let me say that it’s EXTREMELY important to know the warning signs of a “bad guy” in love and dating. Here are some of the more telling signs out there:

Signs He Could Be Married or Attached

#1: Does he always, always pay in cash? Be careful: Married/attached men have been known to avoid using credit cards to conceal their extramarital affairs from their partners.

#2: Does he only call when he’s “out of the house” – say, walking his dog or at the supermarket? It could mean he’s avoiding calling you where his partner can ask who’s on the phone.

#3: Does he NOT want you to visit his place? If he has nothing to hide, he should have no problems inviting you to his place.

#4: Did you meet at the bar? Any dating coach will tell you that bars are shady places to meet men – lots of married/attached men go there to get lucky.

What should you do if you see these signs in him? It’s best to ask him about his REAL relationship status as soon as you can, before you fall too madly in love with him to let go. And if he’s still being secretive and mysterious, I urge you to feel free to leave him outright. After all, good relationships are built on open, honest communication, and you clearly don’t have that in this one!

Signs He Might Not Commit in the End:

#1: Have you been dating for more than several months, but you’re still just that: “dating”? Does it seem that he has no plans of making things official with you? If so, he might be completely happy with your little setup. Good for him, but bad for you!

#2: He has an excuse for everything. “It’s not the right time.” “I’m not ready.” “I’m still busy doing (insert life goal here).” “I can’t move out of the house just yet.” If he’s not a man of action, and is instead a man of excuses, trust me: It’ll be hard to make him take responsibility over ANYTHING.

#3: Does he have a “me first” attitude? People, both men and women, need to have a “sharing, caring” mindset when they want a serious relationship to work out. If he doesn’t have it, trust me when I say he’s not ready to get serious… yet.

The good news? If you love each other… but he’s simply not ready to commit just yet… you can help him GET ready. How? Through your natural ability to motivate, inspire, and encourage him. Click here to read my complete eBook collection about dating an emotionally unavailable man!

What Should You Do When You See the Signs?

If at any time you have doubts about the man you’re currently seeing, follow the advice I gave my reader: Don’t be too quick to commit! Instead, let your relationship grow in a slower, steadier, more natural way. Also, it’ll be a good idea to read up on male psychology. After all, a man’s actions will speak much louder than his words. It doesn’t matter what he says: If his actions don’t match his words, he’s up to something! That’s why I encourage you to read my book on male psychology, Unmask the Male Mind. It’s your ticket to understanding men, and finding the honest, loyal ones among the crowd!

In it, you’ll learn crazy, insightful things about the male mind:

– The 7 “male jobs” you should never do
– How to turn his LUST into LOVE
– How to make a man feel emotionally attached to you
– About a man’s “commitment level” and how to influence it
– How to “read” a man’s mind and know what he really means

And much more! Read the first few chapters for FREE by clicking the blue button in the website below:

– – – > Learn to “read” his mind! < – – –

Have a great week ahead,

Alexandra Fox
Relationship & Love Coach
“We all deserve happiness.”