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Broken Hearts And Clueless Men

Dear Ladies,

Do you have any of these following toxic beliefs about

(1) Men are afraid of commitment.

(2) Men want sex more than love.

(3) Men are dense when it comes to a woman’s feelings.

If you do, then I have bad news to you. It’s probably the
reason why your love life isn’t as good as it can be.

Why? Because of a simple truth about love and life:

Your beliefs are a thousand times more powerful than your

You can “decide” to love a man. You can “decide” to be a
good date, girlfriend, or wife. You can “decide” to be
everything a man needs in his life.

But if you BELIEVE men are cowards… or sex-crazed… or
dense… then you’ll ALWAYS be skeptical and mistrustful
of them. No matter what you decide.

Don’t you agree? After all, if you secretly dislike and
mistrust men deep in your heart, why in the world would
they like and trust you?

Here’s my simple message for today: If you want to find
love and happiness, then the journey starts from within.

You need to get rid of these toxic beliefs, and change
your attitude into something that actually brings love,
happiness, and blessings into your life… instead of
blocking them!

Here are some of the most common misconceptions we women
have about men, and what to do if you have them:

Misconception #1: When He’s Giving Me The
Silent Treatment, He’s Up To Something.

When we give a guy the silent treatment, what’s it for?

Usually, it’s because he did something we didn’t like, or
something that was incredibly insensitive. And we just
want him to suffer for it.

Sometimes, we just want to annoy him. Or we want to bait
him into an argument, and beat him… and force him to
apologize and do something we want.

It’s one of our most powerful weapons against men, and it
drives them crazy!

That’s why when a guy suddenly goes quiet, and when we ask
what’s wrong he just says “Nothing,” it’s easy to get
hurt, angry, or insulted.

Doesn’t he trust you? Doesn’t he know he’s hurting you? He
must be up to something!

Unfortunately, this misconception just leads to arguments
and misunderstandings. And the sad part? There was no
reason to get angry in the first place.

Why? Because men go silent for different reasons than

Women go silent when they want their men to think about
what they did.

Men go silent when they have to make big decisions in
life… such as getting a second job, or moving places of
residence… or committing to a woman for the rest of his

That’s right – many times, when a man suddenly goes quiet
in your relationship, it’s not because he’s up to
something, or he’s losing interest, or he’s seeing another

Many times, he’s just thinking REALLY hard about your
future. He’s trying to see if he’s really making the right
decision for his life.

Unfortunately, when you misconceive his silence as an
attack on you, you tend to react negatively to it. You
argue, you nag, you accuse… and you ultimately make him
realize that it’s NOT the right decision to commit to you.


Now do you see how your misconceptions about men can keep
you single and miserable for a long, long time? 😉

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Let’s move on to…

Misconception #2: Guys Only Want Sex.

Here’s another common misconception. Since we meet a lot
of horny guys in today’s dating scene, it’s easy to assume
that guys only want sex.

As a result, we tend to look at guys with mistrust and
disgust… emotions that keep relationships stuck at a
“casual” level.

It’s true – sex is usually the first thing on guy’s minds
when it comes to dating a new woman.

But it’s wrong to believe it’s the ONLY thing on their

We need to understand that men don’t fall in love the same
way we do. While we fall in love hard and fast, men fall
in love in stages.

And when you understand these stages, then you can CONTROL
these stages! You can move your relationship forward
through the stages that men naturally go through, making
him fall in love with you more and more as time goes by.

Do you have the toxic belief that men only want sex?

Now you know why you need to break that mentality fast!

Get Rid Of Your Obstacles To Happiness!

Let me say that again – if you REALLY want to find true
love and happiness with a great man, then you MUST get rid
of your toxic beliefs about men.

Remember, your beliefs are a thousand times more powerful
than your decisions.

And when you get rid of your toxic beliefs… and replace
them with new, wonderful, TRUE beliefs about men… then
your decisions in love instantly becomes a thousand times
more powerful.

Wouldn’t you want your chances at happiness to increase by
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To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox

Why Men Suddenly Disappear

Dear Ladies,

Has this ever happened to you?

You had a blossoming relationship with
an attentive, thoughtful, affectionate
guy… but just as things were getting
good between you, he suddenly

Or let’s say you confessed your feelings
for each other over a romantic dinner…
but afterwards, he started avoiding you!

Have YOU ever dated a guy who suddenly
disappeared when things were getting
good? It’s no fun!

You might have felt betrayed, fooled,
and maybe a little cheated. And for days
and weeks, you must have had just one
question on your mind:

“Why did he run away?”

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

There are two answers to that question:

#1 – Some guys out there are NOT ready
for a relationship, no matter what they
tell you… and it’s only a matter of
time before they run away.

Good riddance, I say!

But the second reason is more important:

#2 – Some guys ARE ready for a
relationship… but they might feel the
relationship is moving TOO FAST for
them. So they withdraw and spend some
alone time to cope with the pressure.

This is a natural reaction for healthy,
commitment-ready men. Whenever they’re
faced with something they don’t fully
understand, they get quiet, withdraw,
and spend some serious thinking time

Unfortunately, when a guy withdraws,
many women make the mistake of CHASING
him, confronting him, and asking why
he’s cold and distant… and WON’T LEAVE
HIM ALONE until they get a good answer
from him.

The problem: He doesn’t HAVE a good
answer! And the confrontation makes him
want to stay away even more.

They think, “Okay, I was wondering if
courting her was the right thing to
do… I guess it’s not.”


Now, this might have happened to you

If you’re not careful, it might happen
to you again!

Here are two of the most common ways
women encounter “disappearing men,” and
how to deal with them:

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

When an attentive, thoughtful,
affectionate man suddenly goes quiet for
a week, it’s usually a sign that the
relationship made a jump forward that he
wasn’t ready for.

A man, by nature, prefers to move the
relationship forward himself. That’s why
when a woman suddenly moves the
relationship forward – such as by
confessing her feelings or pressuring
him to commit – he’s caught off-guard,
and needs time to process the big

Put simply, he has to feel that moving
the relationship forward was HIS idea…
and it takes a smart, skilled, loving
woman to make a man feel that way!

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

When a man disappears after a romantic
event – like a romantic dinner, or when
you have sex for the first time, or when
you confess your feelings to him – it’s
usually a sign he feels things are
moving too fast.

Why is that a big deal? Because while we
women fall in love HARD AND FAST, men
fall in love in STAGES.

And sometimes, when a man feels a woman
is RUSHING a relationship, they feel
like running away – as if they’re
jumping off a runaway train!

If this has ever happened to you, I
recommend you read Chapter 14 of this
eBook collection. Learn how to bounce
back, get up, and get over a wasted
opportunity… and be ready for the next

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

You may have lost a few good men in your
past, and that’s fine. In fact, it
doesn’t really matter.

What REALLY matters is this: Will you
KEEP losing good men in the future?

Here’s the scary fact: If you keep
making mistakes in dating… if you
don’t learn how men think… and if you
don’t adjust to a man’s pace in love…
then you WILL keep losing good men!

Now, some of you might object: “But
Alex, it’s not MY fault! I’m just being
me! It’s HIM who should adjust, not me!”

Look at it this way: If you’re “just
being you,” and men keep running away
from you, then there’s obviously a
problem. Right?

After all, there are lots of women out
there – many of them my own readers –
who are also “just being themselves,”
but are STILL attracting great guys
everywhere they go!

What’s the difference? They simply know
things the rest of us don’t.

They know how men think. They know what
men want. They know how to adjust to a
man’s quirks AND keep the relationship
moving forward at the same time.

All by just being themselves!

Want to learn how to “be yourself” AND
nurture a blossoming relationship at the
same time?

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Until our next Newsletter, remember: It
takes two people to make a relationship
work. So don’t stop learning, and don’t
stop loving!

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To the happiness you deserve,

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What Most Couples Do Wrong

Dear Ladies,

Is there any way to undo a breakup? The answer is a solid
“yes!” If you just broke up with your man over a terrible
misunderstanding… or if you feel your breakup will
happen very soon… then read my book quickly:

How to Save Your Relationship

Today’s Newsletter is for the married women in our
community… and those who are in a relationship. Relationship
is tough, and we all need a little help every now and
then. Hopefully the two lessons I’ll be giving you in
today’s Newsletter will help you make better decisions in
the future.

Some time ago, one of our readers wrote to me about her

I think I’m about to lose my husband. We’ve been
having the most terrible arguments ever. I know the
whole problem is partly my fault, but I’m desperate to
stop him from leaving me for another woman. It’s my
biggest fear and I don’t know what to do. Help!

Thanks for writing, Letty! I’m sorry to hear your
relationship is on the rocks. Now, getting your man back
when he’s about to leave you is always a tricky situation.
No two breakups are exactly alike, so there’s no
“one-size-fits-all” solution. But every single solution
begins with one important thing:

Don’t Compromise. Communicate.

I’ve studied thousands of divorces over the past several
years, and you know what I’ve learned?

If couples only knew how to communicate with each other,
they could have saved their relationship… and hundreds
of thousands of dollars… and untold suffering for
themselves and their kids.

Sadly, for 90% of couples in trouble, communication means
“This is what I want, tell me what you want, and let’s
meet in the middle.”

And ladies, that’s not love.


No WONDER their relationships don’t work out!

Likewise, you should keep that in mind. If your idea of a
“good” relationship is one where everything is fair,
equal, and 50-50… then guess what? You’re giving
yourself a 50-50 chance of a breakup or divorce in
the future.

Don’t give yourself a 50% chance of true love and
happiness. Don’t use business terms when communicating
with your loved one.

Instead, stop asking yourselves what you want… and start
asking: “What’s best for the relationship?”

This single question makes everything clear. It tells you
both what sacrifices you need to make, individually and
together, to make the relationship happy, fun, and
strong again.
Now, normally, it takes just one person to start this type
of conversation. My advice: Don’t wait for him. Start it
yourself. Approach him, talk to him, and don’t give up
until he gives in.

What if he DOESN’T want to talk to you, and you still want
to fix things?

Then I suggest you use my “last resort” approach – one
that’s sure to make him think twice about leaving you.

It’s all in my book, The 77 Secrets to Save Your
Relationship. This special eBook collection has saved
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Now, if you’re not yet married… or you might SOON get
married, but you’re worried about what lies ahead… then
let me speak to you.

I’m pretty sure you know that, in the States at least,
nearly half of all marriages end in divorce… and most
couples who do stay together aren’t exactly happy with
each other.

What did these couples do wrong?

Just one thing: They didn’t plan ahead. Either they rushed
their relationships, and things got hard before they got
ready, or they all thought they could handle whatever life
would throw at them… and later realized life was a lot
meaner and nastier than they ever expected.

So as times get harder, they start looking for someone to
blame… and most times, they can only point their fingers
at each other. It’s really, really crazy… and very,
very sad.

It’s easy to look at these couples and think, “I don’t
want to end up like them!”

Well, here’s the good news: You don’t have to.

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