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How to Drive Him Crazy With Love

Dear Ladies,

What’s the biggest fear of a single
woman approaching her late 20’s?

For most women, it’s the prospect of
being single forever. It’s the fear of
one day being called an “old maid.”

You know what I’m talking about if
you’ve been asked this question before:
“Why aren’t you married yet?”

Ugh, I hate that question! Fortunately,
some of you have shared your snappiest
comebacks with me:

“Marriage isn’t a word. It’s a

“When my fiance goes on parole!”

“And be like you? Hopefully never!”

You guys slay me. 😉

Sure, some of us don’t want to get
married. That’s fine. But I’m pretty
sure most of us would like to at least
have a great guy companion for the rest
of our lives. Right?

We don’t like going through life feeling
lonely, miserable, and unloved. Right?

That leads us to our question for today:
Why don’t so many women ever find a good
man to settle down with?

My answer: It’s simply because many of
us don’t know how love and dating works.

As a result, we make our own rules as we
go along… and that’s pretty dangerous.

Here are a couple of bad “rules” to
follow when looking for love and

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

“Debbie” was once in a great
relationship with a great guy from
school for almost two years.
Unfortunately, after graduation, he
started working in a different country –
and their long-distance relationship
didn’t work out.

Debbie was crushed, but she was
determined not to be lonely. So she
started dating again. She started
meeting new men.

The problem? She gravitated towards the
men who reminded her of her

She even got into a relationship with a
guy who looked almost EXACTLY like her
ex! So it was almost like her first
relationship never ended.

Unfortunately, Debbie was living in a
dream. Her new boy was great, but he was
totally different from her ex-boyfriend
– and soon, Debbie’s unrealistic
expectations began to suffocate the poor

Needless to say, Debbie’s new
relationship didn’t work out.

Should Debbie have looked for the exact
opposite of her ex-boyfriend, instead?

Unfortunately, that’s another problem…

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

“Iris,” on the other hand, once dated a
successful entrepreneur. When his work
got in the way, she broke up with him,
but not after several months of “trying
to make the relationship work.”

Devastated, Iris flew headlong back into
the dating game. But this time, she
started dating bums, party animals,
players – the exact opposite of her
success-driven ex-boyfriend!

Soon, she was going around with a rebel
– a bum who was living off his mom’s
small fortune. They had a soap opera,
“you and me against the world” type of
relationship, and it was fun for a

Unfortunately, their friends and
families began to dislike their
relationship (and Iris’s new attitude).

Iris struggled to keep the relationship
together, but the other areas of her
life – her finances, her social life,
her spiritual life, and so on – were

It was only a matter of time before the
breakup happened, and Iris was an even
BIGGER mess than before!

So if finding the same kind of guy as
your ex is a bad idea… and if finding
the exact opposite of your ex is ALSO a
bad idea… what’s the right thing to

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

Here’s my answer: The dating game is NOT
about finding the right guy for you.

It’s about going out there, meeting many
different guys, and BEING FOUND by the
best possible guy for your life.

After all, what’s the use of FINDING the
“right guy for you…” if HE doesn’t
think you’re the right girl for him?

It takes two people to make a
relationship work!

So what does it take to “be found?”

Simple: To be found, you’ll need to be a
fantastic person living a fantastic

No joke!

As I always say: “If you’re not happy
single, you won’t be happy in a
relationship.” Period.

And that’s the basis of our teachings
here in the Unforgettable Woman
community. While other dating coaches
urge you to “find a great guy to be
happy,” we teach you to “be happy to
attract great guys.”

Isn’t that a much better, much more fun
way to live? 😉

So how do you become a fantastic person
living a fantastic life?

That’s the best news of all…

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

Here’s a fact: Guys go CRAZY for smart,
attractive, kindhearted women who have
their lives in order.

That’s why women who don’t make enemies,
who don’t hold grudges, and who focus on
the GOOD things in life… end up with
the best guys and the happiest marriages
of all.

Here at the Unforgettable Woman
community, we slowly and steadily teach
women how to get their lives in order.
For instance, when you signed up to our
Newsletter, you got my free eBook, “How
To Be A Man Magnet.” Right?

Then, our Newsletters slowly and
steadily taught you the REAL DEAL about
love and dating. By now, I’m sure you’ve
gotten rid of a few bad habits and toxic
beliefs, and that’s great! 😉

Now, to complete the picture, I
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If you want to be a fantastic woman who
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Over the years, it has helped hundreds
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And now, you can enjoy all of that, too!

The 77 Secrets Of Love has all my most
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…How to become an even BETTER version
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…How to hone in on your most feminine

…The most common love and dating
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…How to create a “value system” for
your dating life…

…How to spot the players, liars, and
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…How to understand the mysteries of
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…How to make a man LOOK UP to you…

…How to create “sexual tension”…

…And so much more!

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To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox

Flirting With Words Is Music To His Ears

Dear Ladies,

Often, some smart women ask me: “Alexandra, what’s the
most important dating skill to have?”

I usually answer: “The basics are the most important –
confidence, conversation skills, fashion sense, body
language. They get the ball rolling.”

Then, they ask me again: “Sure, but what’s the MOST

If you had to choose just one skill to grow, then my
answer would be: Your conversation skills.

Why? Because all the other important skills – confidence,
body language, fashion sense, understanding male
psychology, etc. – can be developed faster and more easily
if you’re a good conversationalist.

Are you fantastically skilled with talking to men?
Or do you still make embarrassing remarks, boring spiels,
and awkward silences?

If you’re not a superstar conversationalist, then don’t
worry. Today, I’ll be sharing with you three conversation
skills that have worked EXTREMELY well for myself and my
readers for years!

Let’s jump right into it with the first skill:

Skill #1 – Making The Conversation Flow

Let’s say you’re at a cafe with a new guy, and you’re
talking about the latest Superman movie. When you run out
of things to say about the movie, what do you do?

Do you abruptly change the topic and talk about your
drink? Do you suffer through an awkward silence? Do you
excuse yourself to run to the bathroom and try to get your
wits together?

Here’s a better idea – make the conversation flow.

Let’s say you run out of things to say about the movie.
Let the conversation flow into a related topic. For
instance, you can say:

“So what’s your favorite movie all-time?”

The thing about guys is that the more they get into a
conversation with you, the more they like you. So if you
could work on just one skill, work on this one first.

It can single-handedly make ANY conversation with ANY guy
more interesting, fun, and flirty!

Here’s the second skill:

Skill #2 – Practice With Your Guy Friends.

Ever noticed that talking with your guy friends is so much
easier than talking to a guy you secretly like?

That’s because you’re under pressure to make a good
impression. You want the guy to like you, too. And that
can tie your brain up in knots, making you say and do
things you later regret!

So to get rid of these jitters, I advise you practice
carrying conversations with your guy friends. (Preferably
the straight ones!)

Try it out. See which topics make them “tick.” Every guy
is different, but here are some topics most guys like
talking about:

(1) Work and business

(2) Current events

(3) Plans for the future

In contrast, avoid these topics with men – they may cause

(1) Politics

(2) Religion

(3) “Girly” topics like makeup and TV dramas

Here’s a protip: If you want to take your “practicing” to
the next level, try saying “hi” to baristas, to security
guards, to the guy next in line, etc. It builds confidence
like nothing else.

And finally:

Skill #3 – Have An “Awkward Silence Cure.”

No matter how good you are as a conversationalist, there
will always be times when both you and your date run out
of things to say. Cue awkward silence…

This is when it’s great to have an “awkward silence cure.”
Here’s my advice – always keep a few good, funny, or
interesting stories in reserve. That way, when you sense
an awkward silence coming, you can just say, “Oh, by the
way, I just remembered a funny story…”

The great thing about this skill is that the more fun and
fantastic your life is, you’ll have no shortage of
hilarious, exciting stories to tell.

So focus on having a fun life, and awkward silences will
never be a problem for you!

Best Of All? It’s Not Just For Dating

Simple, right? These three tips are enough to turn you
from an average conversationalist to a good one. And with
practice, you can turn from a good conversationalist to a
GREAT one – and guys will always have a good time with

And that’s not even the best part. Being a great
conversationalist isn’t just good for dating.
I’ve met women who actually use these “confident
conversationalist” skills to spice up their MARRIAGES. No

They just use the skills I teach them to keep their
marriages interesting, always bringing something new to
the table… and their husbands absolutely LOVE it.

Want to learn more about turning your simple words into
the building blocks of a happy, loving relationship? Learn
all the time-tested ways to win a man’s heart by reading
my eBook below:

How To Flirt With Men

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To the happiness you deserve,
Alexandra Fox

Why Men Suddenly Disappear

Dear Ladies,

Has this ever happened to you?

You had a blossoming relationship with
an attentive, thoughtful, affectionate
guy… but just as things were getting
good between you, he suddenly

Or let’s say you confessed your feelings
for each other over a romantic dinner…
but afterwards, he started avoiding you!

Have YOU ever dated a guy who suddenly
disappeared when things were getting
good? It’s no fun!

You might have felt betrayed, fooled,
and maybe a little cheated. And for days
and weeks, you must have had just one
question on your mind:

“Why did he run away?”

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

There are two answers to that question:

#1 – Some guys out there are NOT ready
for a relationship, no matter what they
tell you… and it’s only a matter of
time before they run away.

Good riddance, I say!

But the second reason is more important:

#2 – Some guys ARE ready for a
relationship… but they might feel the
relationship is moving TOO FAST for
them. So they withdraw and spend some
alone time to cope with the pressure.

This is a natural reaction for healthy,
commitment-ready men. Whenever they’re
faced with something they don’t fully
understand, they get quiet, withdraw,
and spend some serious thinking time

Unfortunately, when a guy withdraws,
many women make the mistake of CHASING
him, confronting him, and asking why
he’s cold and distant… and WON’T LEAVE
HIM ALONE until they get a good answer
from him.

The problem: He doesn’t HAVE a good
answer! And the confrontation makes him
want to stay away even more.

They think, “Okay, I was wondering if
courting her was the right thing to
do… I guess it’s not.”


Now, this might have happened to you

If you’re not careful, it might happen
to you again!

Here are two of the most common ways
women encounter “disappearing men,” and
how to deal with them:

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

When an attentive, thoughtful,
affectionate man suddenly goes quiet for
a week, it’s usually a sign that the
relationship made a jump forward that he
wasn’t ready for.

A man, by nature, prefers to move the
relationship forward himself. That’s why
when a woman suddenly moves the
relationship forward – such as by
confessing her feelings or pressuring
him to commit – he’s caught off-guard,
and needs time to process the big

Put simply, he has to feel that moving
the relationship forward was HIS idea…
and it takes a smart, skilled, loving
woman to make a man feel that way!

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

When a man disappears after a romantic
event – like a romantic dinner, or when
you have sex for the first time, or when
you confess your feelings to him – it’s
usually a sign he feels things are
moving too fast.

Why is that a big deal? Because while we
women fall in love HARD AND FAST, men
fall in love in STAGES.

And sometimes, when a man feels a woman
is RUSHING a relationship, they feel
like running away – as if they’re
jumping off a runaway train!

If this has ever happened to you, I
recommend you read Chapter 14 of this
eBook collection. Learn how to bounce
back, get up, and get over a wasted
opportunity… and be ready for the next

============================== ==========
============================== ==========

You may have lost a few good men in your
past, and that’s fine. In fact, it
doesn’t really matter.

What REALLY matters is this: Will you
KEEP losing good men in the future?

Here’s the scary fact: If you keep
making mistakes in dating… if you
don’t learn how men think… and if you
don’t adjust to a man’s pace in love…
then you WILL keep losing good men!

Now, some of you might object: “But
Alex, it’s not MY fault! I’m just being
me! It’s HIM who should adjust, not me!”

Look at it this way: If you’re “just
being you,” and men keep running away
from you, then there’s obviously a
problem. Right?

After all, there are lots of women out
there – many of them my own readers –
who are also “just being themselves,”
but are STILL attracting great guys
everywhere they go!

What’s the difference? They simply know
things the rest of us don’t.

They know how men think. They know what
men want. They know how to adjust to a
man’s quirks AND keep the relationship
moving forward at the same time.

All by just being themselves!

Want to learn how to “be yourself” AND
nurture a blossoming relationship at the
same time?

Then I recommend you read my eBook
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Here are some of the great things you’ll
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(1) How to let go of a painful past
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(3) How to spot emotionally-unavailable
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Chapter 8 has everything you need to
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(5) Are you dating a married man? Here’s
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how should you deal with the pain? It’s
all in Chapter 14.

(7) 5 Ways to Cheat-proof your marriage

And there’s much, much more! Click below
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How to make him stay

Until our next Newsletter, remember: It
takes two people to make a relationship
work. So don’t stop learning, and don’t
stop loving!

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To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox

5 Things That Keep You Hooked On The Wrong Guy

Dear Ladies,

“Sammi” was a reader of mine who went
through the typical bad relationship.

She met a great new guy, and they got
into a relationship that started out
fantastic. For a while, things were
going great, and Sammi even started
looking forward to marrying the guy.

But eventually, the misunderstandings
and arguments came, and they broke up
after two years of dating.

Sammi was devastated, but she moved on
to date other men again. Unfortunately,
she brought a few bad reminders of her
past relationship with her – fear,
anger, and a general mistrust of men.

As a result, not one of her new
boyfriends stayed long with her, no
matter what she tried!

I read her e-mail, and I quickly
realized she developed two bad habits
from her past relationship:

(1) She was falling for guys with the
exact same personality as her ex. She
was unconsciously trying to “continue”
her failed relationship, but with
another guy!

(2) She secretly hoped her ex-boyfriend
would come back to her. So she kept in
touch with him, whined often to her
friends, and posted “emo” comments and
photos on her Facebook profile.

Sammi was stuck, and she needed help.


Sammi’s situation is sad. But hey, bad
relationships happen. It’s part of the
dating game.

And when bad breakups happen to us, the
advice we usually get is: “Just move

If only it were that easy, huh?

Like Sammi, lots of women never
completely move on. They may move on
PHYSICALLY, by dating new men and
finding new boyfriends.

But deep inside, many of these women are
still suffering from the wounds of their
past. And these wounds keep them from
being truly happy.

Having painful wounds from the past is
like being chained to a heavy metal
ball. You get stuck with the hopes,
dreams, and memories of your failed

And unless you break your ex-boyfriend’s
hold over your life, you’ll keep having
bad relationships in the future. That’s
just how it is.

It’s not enough to “move on” to new men
and new relationships. You have to
COMPLETELY move on – to a new life, new
opportunities, new possibilities, new
happiness, new love, and so on!

Naturally, it won’t be easy. To
completely move on from a painful past,
you’ll need a lot of help.

You need love, support, and guidance…
from mentors, from life coaches, from
really good friends, and so on. And
that’s exactly what I try to be and do
for you guys.

That’s why I wrote Get Over Mr. Wrong,
probably the most in-depth guide about
COMPLETELY moving on available on the

It’s my goal to give my readers the
ability to completely move on from their
painful pasts, and keep moving forward
towards the love and happiness they
truly deserve!

And from what I’ve heard from Sammi, I’m
overjoyed to know it’s working really


At my suggestion, Sammi got her own copy
of Get Over Mr. Wrong. And within a few
days, she completely moved on from her
ex-boyfriend and turned her life around.

She shared with me the three sections of
the eBook that really opened her eyes:

(1) Chapter 2, which explained the pros
and cons of getting back with your ex
after you break up. Sammi looked back,
and realized that the cons far
outweighed the pros!

(2) Chapter 6, which made her realize
she suffered from “relationship anxiety”
– she quickly took steps to remove the
anxiety and stop it from poisoning her

(3) Bonus eBook #2, which was my
step-by-step guide to being single and
fabulous. Sammi said she enjoyed THIS
part of the eBook collection best, and
I’m not surprised!

Last I heard from Sammi, she was already
in a relationship with a great new guy.
This time, she’s 100% free of the fear,
anger, and mistrust that kept her in a
downward spiral for so many years.


You might be suffering from your past,
too. The bad memories, the humiliation,
the wounds that won’t heal… they all
pull you away from the happiness you’ve
always wanted.

But I’m confident that Get Over Mr.
Wrong will turn your life around, just
as it did for Sammi and hundreds of your
fellow readers.

Want to know if he is/was REALLY “Mr.
Wrong?” The answers are in Chapters 2,
3, 8, and 14.

Finding it IMPOSSIBLE to completely get
over a bad ex? Read Chapters 1, 6, 15,
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relationship with a bad boyfriend? Break
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shot – your new life might just be a few
minutes away. 😉

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To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox

Learn the Science of Love!

Dear Ladies,

If you’re still single and unhappy, then
this article’s for you. Today, we’ll be
talking about the science of attraction
— or, more specifically, how to attract
the kinds of men that are best suited
for you, instead of the men that are
players, cheaters, or simply

Now, some women may laugh at the idea
that “love” is a science. They’ll tell
you things like, “Haha, you’ll have to
be a real loser if you have to study
about love!”

Well, I know what they mean. There was
once a time when I believed love was
something that would just come at the
right place at the right time. I thought
it was something every woman inherently
deserved, and would ultimately get if
they waited long enough.

But that was quite a long time ago, back
when I was still young and foolish. (Now
I’m just young.)

Sure, I believe in luck in love.
Sometimes great men really DO fall on
your lap.

But I also realized that the more you
know about the science of attraction,
the luckier you get!

The more you know about how love really
works, and how men think and feel about
relationships, and what the right kinds
of “love” communication are, the more
great men you meet in life.

So let’s get to know the science of
attraction a little bit more.

============================== ==========
Love “Before” Sight
============================== ==========

Everyone’s heard of “love at first
sight.” But have you ever heard of “love
BEFORE sight?”

It’s a fairly new concept in the dating
game. It’s a way of visualizing your
ideal partner, in as much vivid detail
as you want, in order to actually
attract such men into your life.

If you’ve seen or read “The Secret,” or
otherwise know about the “Law of
Attraction,” then you’re probably
familiar with the concept!

By the way, it isn’t magic. It’s a fact
that your life is shaped around what you
constantly do and think about.

Here’s a basic example. When you’re
worried about your weight, you tend to
think, “I’m fat” whenever you look at
the mirror. Now what would happen if you
thought of the words “I’m fat” every
single morning?

The first thing that happens is that
you’ll unconsciously LABEL yourself as
fat — even if you’re not!

So when you take a shower — “I’m fat.”
When you sit down for lunch — “This
will make me even more fat.” When your
relatives say you look great — “I’m
really fat, but they’re just being

And what happens when a cute guy happens
to look your way and give you a friendly

“It’s because I’m fat.”

So even if the guy did approach you and
try to get to know you better, your
negative thoughts and emotions will keep
the potential relationship from ever
taking off. And that’s really sad!

The same thing happens when you label
yourself “ugly,” “dumb,” “unattractive,”
or “single.”

Friends, I’d like you to change the way
you label yourself. Stop thinking that
you’re “single and unhappy.”

I invite you, starting today, to think:
“I’m ALIVE and LOVIN’ IT!”

============================== ==========
They’re Not Kidding When They Say “It’s
All In The Mind!”
============================== ==========

Your goal is to feel so ALIVE that
you’re irrepressibly open to everything
that comes your way in life and love.
Feel ALIVE enough to enjoy the good
things, challenge the bad things, and
CHANGE the things you can.

And it all starts within yourself!

Think of what would happen if every
morning, when you look in the mirror,
you tell yourself: “I’m beautiful. I’m
alive. And I’m loving it!”

These positive thoughts will carry over
to the other aspects of your life. And,
as you already know, the real men out
there always, ALWAYS go for positive

If it’s hard for you to say positive
things like “I’m sexy,” or “I’m
irresistible,” that’s okay. Start small
— “I’m smart,” “I’m satisfied,” “I love
my hair” — and work your way up from

The important thing is to JUST GET
STARTED. The longer your negative
emotions fester in your psyche, the more
damage they’re going to do, and the
longer it’ll take to get rid of them!

Do you have a mirror near you? Go right
ahead — look at yourself for a few
moments, and say something nice about
yourself. Don’t read through the next
section of this article until you’ve
done so!

Okay, are you done? How did it feel?

However you felt, congratulations —
keep doing it until you get used to it!

============================== ==========
Feel Good About Yourself First — Then
Feel Good About Others
============================== ==========

“Selfless love” is an oxymoron.

It’s like “clean politics” or “romantic
comedy” or “Microsoft Works.” (There, I
said it!)

You can’t love someone else if you don’t
love yourself first. And that’s a fact!

It’s silly to think you can love other
people while hating yourself at the same

That’s why it’s VERY important to feel
good about yourself first. Only then
will you feel good about the
relationships that come into your life.

Which brings us back to the concept of
“love BEFORE sight.”

I received a silly text joke a few days
back. It went like this:

“At age 5 — I don’t want a man.”

“At age 15 — I think I want a man.”

“At age 25 — I want a great,
financially-stable, emotionally-mature

“At age 35 — I want a good man.”

“At age 45 — I want ANY man.”

“At age 55 — OH MAN!”

It really made me laugh, but what struck
me the most was the “Age 45” part.
Because most single women, no matter how
young or old they are, think that way:

“I want ANY man.”

When I get that answer, I usually ask
back, “Seriously? You don’t have any
special requirements?”

“No, Alex,” they say with a smile. “Any
man will do.”

And you know what happens? That’s
EXACTLY what they get. Any man.

Which is pretty dangerous if you ask me.
Life can send you a family man or a
stupid, stupid man. Both are men. So be

Which brings us to our last exercise for
the day.

I’d like you to take a few moments and
visualize your “ideal man.”

Imagine he’s sitting beside you, looking
at you right now. What’s he like? How
does he act?

Imagine the two of you went on a
romantic vacation. How does he treat
you? What would the little surprises be?
How does he talk to you? How does he
touch you?

Imagine you had a little argument. What
would his little faults be? How easily
should it be for you to forgive him —
and keep the relationship going? And how
easily would he be willing to compromise
to make sure the relationship keeps
growing and maturing?

I’d like you to visualize your “ideal
man” as often as you can. That way he
becomes REAL in your mind — and it
becomes much easier to spot such men in
real life!

THAT’S how you attract the best men in

============================== ==========
But It Doesn’t Stop There!
============================== ==========

Like I said before, it isn’t magic.
Visualizing your ideal man won’t make
him appear right in front of you when
you least expect it!

Visualizing him is only one half of the

The second half is to KEEP LEARNING
about the science of love. You’ll need
to keep looking at yourself in a better
light, and you’ll need to learn the
secrets of “love communication” — so
that when your ideal man DOES show up,
you’ll know exactly how to make him fall
MADLY in love with you.

Of course, I’m here to make it easier!

My 77 Secrets of Seduction e-book series
is meant to help you see yourself and
your ideal man according to the science
of love. It’ll teach you the right ways
of communicating with a man, finding
what makes him “tick,” and ultimately
make him fall so deeply in love with you
that he can’t help but want you for the
rest of his life!

You already have an idea of what he’s
going to be like. Now you can learn how
to act, think, and feel when he DOES
walk into your life! Click below to
start learning the 77 Secrets of

 Make him love you FOREVER!

And when you finally DO find him, be
sure to send me an e-mail. By the way,
do you know what gets ME going every
morning? Reading through the success
stories that my readers send me every
day. I’m looking forward to reading YOUR
story soon!

To the happiness you deserve,
~Alexandra Fox

Make Him Love You More: Our Top 4 Tips

Dear Ladies,

Ever wondered why the guys you like… never seem to like
you back?

Don’t worry – the problem isn’t with you. Most times, the
problem is with the things you do.

In other words, you’re taking the wrong approach to win
their hearts!

How do you make a guy like you? Let me give you my Top 4
tips on “tugging” at a guy’s heartstrings…

Tip #1: Play Hard To Get… The Right Way

Playing hard-to-get is always a great dating strategy…
but only if you do it right.

So many women make the mistake of playing with a guy’s
feelings, keeping him guessing, and using sneaky tricks.

That’s the WRONG way!

Don’t “play” hard-to-get… BE hard-to-get!

You want guys pursuing you, not because you play with
their feelings… but because they know you have OPTIONS.

They know there are other guys vying for your attention,
and they have to WORK HARD to win your heart!

Tip #2: Learn How To Flirt… The Right Way

What if, among the many guys pursuing you, you develop
feelings for a particular one?

Then it’s time to build your relationship together!

And the most important step is the first one – making him
want you as his exclusive girlfriend, and not just a date!

Again, I DON’T recommend you use sneaky, lame flirting

Instead, I want you to learn something I call the
“flirting lifestyle,” which makes you NATURALLY flirty,
sensual, and attractive to the right kinds of men… even
without trying to be!

Tip #3: Disarm His Logical Defenses

At certain points in your relationship with a man, you’ll
meet some resistance.

For instance, he might hesitate to move closer to you, to
commit to a more serious relationship, or to marry you.
What do you do then?

My advice: Don’t try to “overcome” or “defeat” or “break
through” his resistance. It’s a waste of time.

Instead, learn how to “disarm,” “unlock,” and “bypass”
his logical defenses – and speak directly to his HEART.

This is our definition of “seduction” – not just winning
his body, but his mind, heart, and soul, as well!

And finally…

Tip #4: Use Your Downtime Wisely

You won’t be together all the time – that’s a fact. And
this down-time can either tear down the bond you share…
or build it up and strengthen it.

It all depends on how often – and how lovingly – you
communicate with each other, even if you’re apart!

I strongly recommend you learn how to make him fall in
love with your voice – even if you’re just talking over
the phone or the Internet.

That way your relationship will get stronger and happier
ALL THE TIME – and not just when you’re together!

Want to read the book we wrote about it? Click here to
learn more about it!

To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox

He Says He’s “Not Ready.” What Should I Do?

Dear Ladies,

Thanks again to everyone who sent me their questions over
the past few days.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what to
do with guys who “aren’t ready for a relationship.”

One of your fellow readers summed it up best with her

“I’m dating a guy I’m really in love with, but he says
he’s not ready for a relationship… but at the same time,
he doesn’t want to stop talking to me. So what should I do?”

That’s a tough one! But the strategy for dealing with guys
who are “not ready” is always the same.

Basically, you have to ask yourself two questions. The
first question is:

Do YOU want a steady relationship?

Because if you’re just looking for a guy to chat, spend
time, and cuddle with on a regular basis, then you’re in
no trouble.

But if you DO want a steady relationship, then you need to
ask yourself the second question:

How Long Are You Willing To Wait?

3 months? 6 months? A year?

My suggestion: Ask him about HIS plans.

Don’t be afraid about asking a guy how much time he needs
to “get ready.” You’ll often get an answer, even if it’s a
vague one like: “I don’t know… 6 months, a year,

Then if you’re okay with his time frame, then I encourage
you to wait. If he truly loves you, he’ll stay true to his
word… simply because he’d rather sacrifice his comfort
than hurt your feelings.

But here’s the sad reality about the “waiting” game:

Waiting Won’t Guarantee His Commitment

Here’s the second-worst case scenario: You might be
waiting for nothing.

After waiting 1 year, 3 years, 5 years past his
deadline… he’s STILL “not ready.”

And you realize, too late, that you’ve wasted several
years of your life, waiting for nothing.

Terrible, right?

But that’s just the SECOND-worst thing that could happen.

The absolute WORST case scenario is when you make the
mistake of PRESSURING him into a relationship.

I hope I was clear on that last statement.

Here’s why pushing the relationship is a bad idea…

When you WAIT, you’re putting yourself in a 50-50

There’s a chance that he’ll (finally) be ready for a
serious relationship after you wait long enough…

…but there’s also a chance that he will still NOT be
ready after all that waiting.


But when you PRESSURE him into the relationship, it’s much

You’re basically giving yourself a ZERO percent chance of

Why? Because pressure scares men away. The moment he feels
you’re pressuring him, he’ll want to get away from you.

And even if he DOESN’T run away… even if he DOES agree
to start a relationship with you… it won’t last very
long, simply because the relationship wasn’t HIS idea.

So as painful as it may sound… if you want a chance at
true love with him, then you’ll need to wait.

But here’s my advice: Why just wait?

Why Not Make It WORTH The Wait?

Here’s a fact about guys every woman should know..

Guys change their hearts and minds VERY QUICKLY when they
meet that one special woman who totally ROCKS their world.

She’s the kind of woman who instantly and effortlessly
makes them feel secure and loved… who makes them feel
validated and acknowledged… and who makes their lives
easier and more enjoyable just by being there.

Suddenly, from being flaky and “not ready,” these guys
become focused, driven, and passionate.

They stop seeing other women. They start taking their work
seriously. They start planning for the future… with HER
in it.

Sounds magical, right?

Now let’s flash right back to the hard reality of things:

If you’re in love with a man, but he keeps telling you
he’s “not ready,” then it means one thing.

It simply means he doesn’t see you as “the one”… YET.

And that means you got to move FAST…

Firstly, you got to ask yourself: “Am I making his life
harder or easier?”

Because sometimes, we focus so much on a guy’s flaws that
we don’t see our own… and so we got to fix our own flaws
FIRST before we can fix his.

That’s how life is. Right?

And secondly, if you’re 100% sure you’re not doing
anything wrong, ask yourself a second question:

“Is there something in his PAST that’s keeping him from
loving again?”

One of the leading reasons why guys are “not ready for
relationships” is PAIN.

They may have gone through a divorce. Or maybe their last
partner cheated on them. Or maybe they’ve had several bad
experiences in love before. That sort of thing.

And like I mentioned earlier, he’ll need a little time to
prepare himself for taking the risk again… 3 months, 6
months, a year, or more.

But here’s my BIG MESSAGE for you today…

Ever heard of the saying, “Time heals all wounds?”

You might think that’s what he’s doing during the “wait.”
You might think you’re letting time heal his wounds of the past.

But you know what? I don’t really believe “time heals wounds.”

Time can’t do that on its own.

To heal wounds, you need to replace your bad past
experiences with new, GOOD ones… as time goes by.

Ladies, THAT’S what I mean by “making the wait WORTH it!”

While you’re waiting for him to “get ready,” get busy by
replacing his bad past experiences with other women…
with GOOD new experiences, with you!

Show him that you’re someone who LOVES life… someone
who, when he keeps mulling over a problem, would tell him:
“Let’s not worry about that right now. Why don’t we just
do something fun?”

Show him that you have your own dreams, BESIDES your
future relationship with him. Advance your career, study
the arts, read books, learn new skills, and more. Be ALIVE!

And most importantly, show him that you have your life
COMPLETELY in control… even if you’re waiting for him to
“get ready.”

Tell him: “I love you, and I’m looking forward to the time
you’re completely ready to give us a chance. That way I
can enjoy our love without holding back.”

(Quick Note: You’ll learn all these skills in my book!)

Imagine Never Having To Worry Anymore

Imagine the two of you… an official couple, enjoying a
beautifully happy relationship together.

Imagine growing your relationship patiently and lovingly
every single day.

Imagine having great conversations with him every single
day… and each one of them deepens your relationship and
moves you forward as a couple.

Ladies, THAT is what happens when he sees you as “the
one.” He’ll stop seeing other women because, quite simply,
there’s no need for him to keep looking anymore!

So yes, he might not be ready RIGHT NOW.

Yes, you might have to wait a little.

But don’t just wait. MAKE THE WAIT WORTH IT!

Want to make the wait worth it… both for you AND for

Then I invite you to read my complete love guide on Dating
An Emotionally Unavailable Man.

Follow the link below to learn more, read the first
chapter for free, and to get your trial copy today:

Make the wait WORTH it!

Get your trial copy now!

To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox
Relationship & Love Coach
“We all deserve happiness.”

How to get over a heartbreak

Dear Ladies,

Do you want to go out there and find your one true love…
but you’re afraid of getting hurt again?

If you’ve had a bad breakup in the past, and you feel
you’re too emotionally-scarred to love again, then I
suggest you read my book on letting go and moving on.

Because, after all, you’ll never find your “Mr. Right” if
all you think about is “Mr. Wrong!”

Click below to get over the past and be happy again:

Get Closure and Move On

In today’s Newsletter, we’ll be talking about one of the
biggest reasons why so many women today never find love.

And no, it’s not because all good men are already taken.
(They’re not!)

The problem is that so many of us are afraid of getting
hurt again. We’ve gone through a lot of heartache and
abuse in our past relationships that we’re afraid of going
through the pain all over again.

Do YOU have that problem in your life right now?

If so, let’s see what we can do about that…
The Secret to Overcoming
Past Heartache and Pain

Before anything else, you must know one thing: That pain
is a NORMAL part of the process.

Love hurts. When you love, you go through some pain, even
when the relationship is going well. It’s normal.

What’s NOT normal… is the FEAR of pain.

Pain helps you grow, while the fear of pain keeps you
stuck in the same place.

Pain makes you wiser, while the fear of pain fills you
with anxiety and uncertainty.

Pain makes you stronger, while the fear of pain turns you
into a coward.

I hope you get what I’m saying!

I remember the story of one of your fellow readers. She
was deeply traumatized when her 2-year relationship with
her college boyfriend ended.

She spent the next 10 years wondering what went wrong,
feeling sorry for herself, and being too traumatized to
properly handle any new relationships.

That’s how dangerous the fear of pain is. It can happen to
ANYONE, including you.

But here’s the good news: While you can’t get rid of the
pain, you CAN get rid of the FEAR of it.

You can learn how to embrace pain, treat it like a friend,
and let it turn you into a stronger, wiser, braver
woman… so that you can handle anything that comes
your way!

And that’s what I’d like to teach you today.

Moving On From the Past
Starts With Three Steps

If you feel that the fear of pain has hampered your growth
for the past several months (or worse, YEARS), then
here’re 3 proven steps to help you move on as quickly
as possible.

Life is short, so you might want to do these very soon…

Step #1: Create Some DISTANCE With The Past.

Look around you. Are there any reminders of your past
painful experiences lying around? They could be letters,
photos, clothes, toys, and other items from your
previous relationship.

Online, you could still be Facebook friends with your ex.
Or you could still have your old chats and messages stored
away in your phone.

If you want to move on, all these have to go. Delete them,
block them, give them away. Unless you do, you’ll always
be stuck.

Spring cleaning!

Step #2: Be THANKFUL For Your Past Pain.

Instead of trying to forget the past… or instead of
trying to figure out why things happened the way they
did… start being THANKFUL for it.

It’s a complete mindset change, because you replace fear
and uncertainty with gratitude and love. It removes the
poison of your past heartache, and finally allows your
heart to heal.

And thirdly:

Step #3: Make a WISH For Your Future.

I’m not kidding. Make a wish. Wish for something nice for
your love life.

Here’s the thing about wishing – all wishes are born
from WOUNDS.

And the deeper the wound, the stronger the wish.

That’s the reason why wishes that are not born from pain
almost never get fulfilled.

But you, you’re different. You’ve been through pain.
Lots of it.

And that means you’re going to work harder than anyone
else to bring your wish to reality.

So go ahead: Make a wish. The bigger, the better!

Write Your Very Own Happy Ending

Here’s something to think about: Whatever happened in your
past… whether it was a bad breakup, an abusive
relationship, a betrayal, etc… it was just ONE page in
your life.

If it lasted several years, it may have even been a whole
CHAPTER of your life.

But it’s not the whole book, is it?

You’re not done writing your story yet. I invite you to
stand up, take control, and write your very own happy
ending right now.

And I’ll be happy to guide you every step of the way!

If you still haven’t gotten over your last ex, and it’s
keeping you from finding new love and moving forward with
your life, read this today.

Or if you somehow keep going through relationships that
start out well, but end badly soon after… and you’d like
to get out of the cycle and FINALLY find true love…
read this today.

And if you’re already well on the way to recovery, and you
want to make sure the next guy who walks into your life
will be the absolute BEST one ever… read this today!

And once you’ve gotten over your past heartaches,
let me know. I’d love to share your story with your
fellow readers!

Have a great weekend,

Alexandra Fox
Relationship & Love Coach