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Did He Leave You Hanging? Here’s Why

Dear Ladies,

Has this ever happened to you before?

You met a great man at a party or social
gathering. You have a great time
together, he asks for your number, and
he promises to call you up soon.

But as the days pass, you wonder why he
isn’t calling yet. You find him on
Facebook, but he never responded to your
Friend Request.

What happened? Did he “play” you during
that first meeting? Did you just become
a victim?

Or how about THIS scenario…

You’re dating a great new guy, and he
DOES call you up. In fact, he calls you
up A LOT. (Ever chatted with a man all
the way to breakfast? How fun was THAT?

But suddenly, just when things were
getting “juicy” between you, he suddenly
stops calling. He no longer appears
online, and all your calls and texts go

What happened? Was he just playing with
you? Was it something you said?

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In today’s Newsletter, we’ll talk about
that all-important pillar of strong
relationships: Communication.

I’ve said it before, and I won’t stop
saying it – if you want a happy, strong,
loving relationship with your man, you
have to work on your communication

And today’s communication gadget of
choice – mobile phones – can be a
powerful tool in making a man love you
and care for you more. I’ll explain more
later in this Newsletter.

For now, let’s talk about why men
suddenly stop calling – or don’t call at

Why does a man ask for your number, but
never call you up?

This can happen a lot in the casual
dating stage. But here’s the thing: It
SHOULDN’T bother you!

When you’re still “shopping around” in
the dating game, you’ll undoubtedly meet
a lot of guys. And naturally, many of
them won’t be a good match for you…

For instance, some guys may be players.
Others may be too busy for a
relationship. And still others may
simply not be interested in you.

But that’s okay. Like I said, don’t let
it bother you! There’s no point in
pursuing a guy who isn’t interested in

Besides, do you really want a
relationship with a man who can’t keep a
simple promise… like giving you a

Of course not!

But what about the second scenario?

What if you used to spend a LOT of time
calling, texting, e-mailing, and
chatting with each other… then he
suddenly stopped staying in touch with

There are many reasons why a man would
suddenly stop calling you up. And some
of these reasons, unfortunately, involve
certain mistakes that WE make.

(Want to learn how to make him start
calling you again – and KEEP calling you
until you settle down together? Click
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If he suddenly stopped calling you up,
kindly ask yourself the following

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Question #1 – “Am I being a downer?”
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When you chat with him on the phone (or
over the Internet), do you usually talk
about your problems? Or do you use your
sacred communication time to rant and
vent your frustrations in life?

Here’s the thing: You and your
girlfriends may enjoy sharing their
problems and frustrations with each
other… but men certainly don’t.

(That’s why it’s called “GIRL talk!”)

So were you being a “downer” to him?

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Question #2 – “Am I self-centered?”
============================== ==========

Think of the last phone conversation you
had with him. What did you talk about?
How much of your conversation focused on
you, and how much of it focused on HIM?

You probably know this already, but it
bears repeating: When you TALK much more
than you LISTEN, it’s hard for anyone to
like you.

Were you being self-centered?

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Question #3 – “Did I call him too
============================== ==========

Did you initiate most of your phone
conversations with him? Did you call him
up too often?

Was there ever a time when you called
him up just to ask: “Why haven’t you
called me yet?”

If you read one of our Newsletters last
week, then you’ve probably learned that
it’s HIS job to stay in touch with us.

And when you do most of the calling,
he’ll feel like it’s YOU who’s chasing

He’ll feel like HE’S the woman in the

And that alone can make him feel BAD
whenever he’s with you… which, in
turn, will make him call you even LESS.

Let me say that again: Don’t reverse
your roles, or you’ll risk losing him

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I bet you didn’t know there was a
SCIENCE to your phone conversations with

And it’s true – there’s a certain
“psychology” to communicating with a man
over the phone or the Internet. As
you’ve already seen, there are many ways
to “turn him off” – without you knowing

Of course, there’s some good news to the
whole matter. If it’s possible to turn
him OFF with your phone calls, it’s also
possible to TURN HIM ON.

And no, I’m not talking about phone
sex… which, by the way, is another BIG

So how DO you turn a man on with a phone

Let me teach you the entire psychology
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I suggest you get a copy of “Get Him To
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Because if you don’t, then you won’t get
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To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox