Dear Ladies,

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to have a
good text conversation with a guy you

It’s not just texting either. It seems
that chatting with a guy you like over
e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc., seems
like a hopeless cause.

In the end, he either gets creeped out,
friend-zones you, or simply stops

What gives?

Well, here’s something most women don’t
know: Single men these days (especially
the hotter ones) are bombarded with
texts, e-mails, and friend requests from
women. Everyday, they run into women
desperately vying for their attention.

In other words, you’re part of the mob!

And when you send him a text, trying to
strike up a conversation, what does he

Exactly. He’ll think, “Oh, great. Not
another one.”

Oh, but don’t be offended. It simply
comes with the territory. If you were a
sexy, beautiful single woman who got
several dozen text messages from
desperate guys every single day, you’d
think the same thing!

But don’t worry. In today’s Newsletter,
I’ll teach you a thing or two (actually,
four) about texting a guy you like.

Let me give you a few secrets on how to
make a handsome, popular single guy spot
YOU out of the crowd!

Let’s get started with…


Here’s Tip #1 – Don’t Text Him Like
You Do Your Girlfriends.

Here’s something from Marketing 101 –
You got to speak in your customer’s
language! A lot of us make the mistake
of texting guys the exact same way we
text our girlfriends.

Sometimes with too many smileys,
sometimes with too many giggles,
sometimes with too much “txtspk.”

Think about it. What would he feel if
you texted him like one of your

Exactly – he’ll feel like a girl. And
he won’t like it. Instantly, he
associates you with the feeling of being

See what I mean?

So our first lesson: Text him in his
language. Talk to him in a language he
can understand.

If you don’t know how, then just type
out all your words properly. That alone
puts you head-and-shoulders above the
girls who text him, “OMG HI U SWT SXY

Got it? Good.

Here’s Tip #2 – Don’t Text Him Like A

I’m sure you know why. If you text him
like a friend, then he’ll TREAT you like
a friend. You’re instantly in the
friend-zone, and it’ll be a challenge to
get out!

Remember, when texting a guy you like,
your aim is to build ATTRACTION. To make
him feel INTERESTED in you. To say
“yes” when you ask if he’d like to
meet up.

But here’s a common problem: What if
he’s NOT attracted to you? Is there any
way to get through to him then?

Well, that’s what Tip #3 is about…


Tip #3 – He’ll Always Be Interested In

Well, 90% of single guys, anyway!
If you’ve read my Newsletters before,
then you probably know of the
“Shower” technique. Whenever you get
a text message from him, don’t reply
right away. Instead, wait a few minutes,
then begin your reply with: “Sorry, I
was in the shower…”

This technique is effective because it
paints a picture of you in his mind: In
the shower, naked, soapy, and wet.

So instead of him thinking of you as
“just another one” or “just a
friend,” he’s suddenly thinking of you
naked in a shower. Instant improvement!

Now you might be thinking: “Alex,
that’s outrageous! I can’t SEDUCE him
like that!”

Of course not. You’re NOT going to ask
him to have sex with you!

But you ARE trying to get him to say
“yes” to your invitation to meet up
somewhere. Right?

And you can bet he’s more likely to say
“yes” to you when his “picture of
you” is a sexy, attractive one. THAT’S
what I meant!

And if you’re wondering why I approve of
these daring approaches, here’s why…


Ladies, here’s my lesson: It doesn’t
matter if you flirt quietly, or if you
flirt outrageously. In the dating game,
you FLIRT. Period!

Don’t play it safe. You don’t win the
dating game by playing it safe!

Which brings me to Tip #4: Text Him Even
When You’re Not 100% Ready.

I gave you a few tips in this
Newsletter. Keep them in mind, then plan
your approach. Then, when you’re 80%
sure you’re ready, go ahead and text

You might be wondering: “Isn’t that
risky?” Sure it is. There’s always a
chance that he’ll friend-zone you

But when you don’t make a move until
you’re 100% sure, you’ll NEVER make the
move. Trust me, you never will! And
that’s a 100% chance he won’t feel
attracted to you.

The secret is in taking a CALCULATED
risk. And you do that by knowing how to
flirt the right way.


If you want to learn how to flirt the
right way, then I suggest you take a
look at my special e-book collection,
How To Flirt With Men.

I wrote this especially for the shy
girls in my mailing list – here’s how
to build up your confidence and get
noticed by the hottest, strongest, most
commitment-ready single men in your
dating circle!

Click HERE for your copy!

Until our next Newsletter, remember: (1)
Begin with a goal in mind; (2) Text him
in his language; (3) Don’t play it safe;
and (4) Learn the art of flirting.

And everything you need to learn is in
my e-book collection, How To Flirt With

Don’t wait until someone else captures
his heart first – visit my website

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox


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