Dear Ladies,

Have you had trouble with your past few

If you’re like most women, you probably
saw your boyfriend grow cold, distant,
and uninterested soon after your
relationship started… like he wasn’t
the man you fell in love with just a few
weeks or months ago.

Or, even worse, you might have realized
he was only in it for SEX. What a jerk!

Gosh. Why is it so hard to get a good
relationship these days?

Well, if you asked me, I’d give you the
three leading reasons why so many new
relationships break up within their
first three months…

(1) Sometimes, the men are emotionally
unavailable – and they only realize it
once they enter a relationship.

(2) Sometimes, the men are just jerks
who just want to get in your pants.

(3) And sometimes, WE simply don’t know
how to move a relationship forward.

And among these three reasons, I
actually believe the THIRD one is the
biggest killer.

Why? Simply because (A) it’s something
we can CONTROL, but choose not to… and
(B) it can make you turn off even the
most mature, commitment-ready men you

So for today’s Newsletter, we’ll talk
about just that – how to CORRECTLY move
a relationship forward… from the
“casual dating” stage to the “serious
relationship” stage.

Let’s start with a SERIOUS MISTAKE many
of us make in the “casual dating”


Here’s the thing: Most women think that
a relationship always starts at the
“casual dating” level.

Then, when they meet a man and decide to
go “exclusive” with them, that’s when he
becomes their “boyfriend.” Right?

Wrong. In fact, that wrong idea is
EXACTLY the reason why many new
boyfriends grow cold and distant soon
after the relationship starts.

Moving from being just someone’s casual
date to someone’s BOYFRIEND is a pretty
big jump for them. And it’s a jump that
they shouldn’t make TOO QUICKLY.

So what’s the right way for them to make
this jump? How can they SAFELY move from
being your casual date to being your
“yummy boyfriend?”

Simple – by going through a THIRD stage
in your relationship, one that’s
squeezed in between the “casual dating”
stage and the “serious relationship”

I call this stage the “exclusive dating”
stage, and this is how it works…


Many women make the mistake of dating a
guy casually, and then starts treating
him like a boyfriend once they decide to
be exclusive.

And that’s where the problem starts,
because the “big jump” happens much too
quickly for the guy. Subconsciously,
he’ll feel like he didn’t put in any
real “work” to win your heart.

Imagine this for a second: A guy gives
you a fake Louis Vuitton handbag for
your birthday. How does it feel?

Cheap, right? Cheated, even? Deep
inside, you KNOW you deserve better!

That’s how a guy feels when he “wins”
your heart too easily. There wasn’t any
chase, and there wasn’t any challenge.
It’s a victory that has no satisfaction,
and he KNOWS he deserves better.


What’s worse, jumping straight from
“casual dating” to
“boyfriend-girlfriend” also gives your
relationship a weak foundation. And a
weak relationship is vulnerable to all
sorts of problems.

For instance, many times, he’ll wonder:
“Is she really the one? Or could I have
found an even better woman if I tried
harder – and I KNOW I could have tried

Ladies, don’t make him think these scary

Don’t rush your relationship! When you
decide to date each other exclusively,
go right ahead, but DON’T call him your
“boyfriend” yet.

Make him WORK for it!

Give yourself at least 3 months to see
if you’re REALLY good for each other.
Then, when you say “yes” to him and
finally become boyfriend-girlfriend,
THAT’S when your “serious relationship”
stage starts!

(To learn more about the “casual” and
“exclusive” dating stages, and what you
should be doing in both stages to win
his heart, download the guidebook
collection I got these tips from.)

Got it? Good. Now let’s talk about the
second problem: Dealing with the horny


The problem with horny guys is that they
can be hard to spot.

They can pretend they love you, and say
all the right things to make you like
them… but all they really care about
is getting into your bedroom!

Thankfully, this is yet ANOTHER problem
that can be solved by the “exclusive
dating” stage. The minimum “waiting
period” of 3 months is your best

See, most players won’t work that hard
just to have sex with you. They might
try for one month, two months tops.

But they’ll soon get the message that
you won’t settle for anything less than
a strong, loving, lifelong relationship
– and that’s when they give up, drop
out, and try their luck on some “easier”

So don’t get too excited! The best
relationships out there always take TIME
to form, and your patience and
dedication will pay off in the end.


So as you can see, the “exclusive
dating” stage is a CRUCIAL stage in love
– it builds that all-important
foundation for a great relationship that
has what it takes to stand the test of

But does everything end there? Of course

The next stage is the “serious
relationship” stage, and it’s yet
ANOTHER crucial stage in love. It, in
turn, will form a strong foundation for
marriage and family.

And yes, the “serious relationship”
stage has its own rules, too. And these
rules are different from the ones you
used to follow in the “casual dating”
and “exclusive dating” stages.

Let me teach you what these rules are.
If you click on the link below, you can
download your very own copy of “Crucial
Stages In Love,” an eBook collection I
wrote specifically to guide you from the
very first date all the way to the
wedding day… and beyond!

What’s more, I also include three free
bonus e-booklets into the collection,
which are meant to give you some extra
knowledge (and a little extra luck) as
you move through the 4 stages of love.
Their titles:

(1) “How To Keep A Positive Attitude In

(2) “The Blueprint Of A Good

(3) “Raising A Good Family In A Bad

These bonus e-booklets on their own cost
$87… But they’re yours for FREE when
you get your copy of “Crucial Stages Of

Don’t wait for your next relationship to
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Take control of your love life!

To the happiness you deserve,
~Alexandra Fox


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