Dear Ladies,

Today, we’ll be talking about what makes
a woman sexy.

There’s nothing wrong or taboo about
trying to be sexy!

Ask any man in the dating game today,
and he’ll tell you — there’s a real
shortage of sensual women in society
today, just as there’s a shortage of
real, emotionally-mature men!

But by “sexy,” I’m not talking about
JUST being physically sexy…

I’m talking about being sexy in ALL
areas of your life. I want you to LOOK
sexy, I want you to FEEL sexy, I want
you to SOUND sexy, I want you to THINK
sexy, I want you to LIVE sexy.

Life’s too short to be unattractive!

So let me ask you: Do you want to be
TRULY sexy?

If you answer is “yes,” then let’s
get started! Let’s begin the newsletter
by discussing one of the most common,
most basic, and perhaps most annoying
problems we encounter in the dating


That’s right — some women seem to have
been BORN attractive.

At first glance, they’re immediately
sexy, beautiful, and sensual. And yes,
they enjoy an unfair edge in the dating
game — they get most of the attention
from the men!

What about the rest of us? Are we
relegated to the sidelines, watching as
these women swallow up all the attention
from the men?

Or is there something we can do to level
the playing field a little bit?

Fortunately, there IS something we can
do about the problem. After all, is
physical attraction the only thing that
matters in the dating game?


Sure, it can START things — but it does
a terrible job at finishing it. If you
know of certain sexy, beautiful women
who always have bad relationships with
men, then you know what I mean.

Nope, you can’t rely on your looks
alone. You’ll have to be sexy in other
areas of your life, as well! Because
here’s the solution to the problem:


Let’s talk a bit about the two kinds of
men in the dating game. I believe there
are only two types — little boys and
real men.

(I know I’m stereotyping a little, but
humor me. You’ll see what I mean soon

Door number one, little boys.

Little boys are non-committing little
creatures. They’re the players who go
into the dating game to chase skirts,
and are definitely after “trophy

And yes, once they’ve had their fun with
one sexy woman, they’ll move on to the

Door number two: real men.

Real men, on the other hand, are
commitment-ready. They appreciate sexy
women, but since they’re in it for the
long haul, they unconsciously also look
for other qualities in the women they

These are the men who are mature enough
to know how to handle a real

Now tell me — which do you want? Door
number one or door number two?

I hope it’s number two — it’s the ONLY
choice to make if you want some real
romantic happiness in your future!

And to attract the real men out there,
you’ll need MORE than just to look sexy.
Here are a few tips to help you become a
little more sexy on the inside.

Real men would much rather not have any
amount of drama in their relationships
— it wastes his time, it doesn’t get
you what you want, and it’s downright
annoying. I’m pretty sure even the
little boys hate it!

By the way, it’s important to define
drama NOT from OUR perspective, but from
the GUY’S perspective!

We might think “drama” consists of
harsh criticism, crying, and temper

But you know what? To a guy, even simple
RANTING qualifies as drama!

Now some of you might ask, “Alex,
isn’t ranting NORMAL for us?”

My answer is this: Yes and no.

Yes, it’s normal for us to rant. But NO,
it’s NOT normal for us to rant to the
men in our lives!

It’s probably okay once in a while, but
for maximum satisfaction, save the
ranting for your girlfriends.

Your man will want your relationship to
be a place of relaxation and zen — and
ranting (or any other kind of drama, for
that matter) will just make him want to
walk away.

So you basically have two choices. You
can choose to be whiny and dramatic,
totally dependent on your man for your

Or you can choose to:


Now I don’t watch a lot of TV besides
the Discovery and History channels, but
I do watch certain soaps and crime shows
during my downtime.

And in most of my favorite shows, I’ve
noticed that the best, most likeable
female leads are strong, independent
women who can stand up for themselves.

I still think TV is one of the biggest
time-wasters in life today, which is why
I found it surprising to find something
USEFUL out of soap operas and crime

It’s true — independent women are SEXY!
It’s absolutely attractive to a man when
he knows he doesn’t have to babysit his
girlfriend all the time.

Sure, we like being spoiled once in a

But it’s NOT okay when it becomes a
habit or addiction! When you start
getting worried or angry when your
boyfriend doesn’t call or text you more
than once a day, that’s a bad sign!

So learn to stand on your own two feet.
The next time you feel like ranting,
complaining, or playing the blame game,
remember — it’s NOT sexy!

If you want to be truly sexy, don’t
complain — stand up and do something
about it!

And finally, here’s my last “sexy”
tip for this newsletter:


Too many of us make the mistake of
wanting to “settle down.”

It’s fine to want a comfortable life,
but remember — if you’re TOO
comfortable, you might risk becoming
boring and predictable. And that’s
something most real men don’t want in
their life partners!

Real men always prefer having
interesting women as their partners
through life. They want a woman who
shares their passion for all things new.

That’s why it’s important to keep
growing as a person. It’s important to
get SEXIER with time — physically,
intellectually, and emotionally!

Ladies, I just gave you three tips on
how to be a little more sexy and sensual
to the men you meet.

But that’s not all! There’s more — LOTS

And that’s why I invite you to learn
EVERYTHING there is to know about sex
and sensuality in my special e-book
collection, the 77 Secrets of Seduction.

To get your own copy, click on the link

Be sexy and sensual NOW!

To the happiness you deserve,
~Alexandra Fox


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