Dear Ladies,

Is your relationship in trouble? Or did you just break up
with your man? Or are you single and miserable, and want
to give your love life some much-needed CPR? Whatever your
problem in love is, you can always rely on the secrets of
smart women to find all the solutions you need.

How smart women succeed in love

Let me tell you a secret…

It’s about one of our more popular eBooks in the
Unforgettable Woman library, the 77 Secrets of Seduction.
Want to know the painful reason behind why I wrote it?

Simple – because before I wrote that eBook, I’ve been
receiving e-mail after e-mail after e-mail… from women
asking me for advice AFTER their relationship was over.

For a long time, I felt like I was a doctor. I was
patching up wounds, straightening up broken bones, mending
broken hearts for women… only to find them in my
“emergency room” again in the future.

And I had a secret wish – I wished that somehow, someday,
women would learn about love and dating FIRST… before
playing the dating game and falling in love.

Do you think it was a selfish wish?

Or do you agree that women should learn more about love…
before they end up heartbroken, abused, or worse?

The Most Dangerous Love Misconception Of All

I believe that learning about love and dating is like
learning how to drive a car.

When you try to drive a car without knowing even the
basics, two things happen:

(1) Either you never get the car started, or:
(2) You get the car started… but you end up crashing
it later.

And as a result, you hurt yourself, you hurt other people,
and you ruin the ride.

The same thing goes for love and dating. Many of us start
out by thinking: “All you need is love!”

Obviously, that’s not true, is it?

To be truly happy in love, you need more than just love…
in the same way that in driving a car, you need more than
just a car.

You need to understand the “parts and systems” of love.

You need to understand how attraction works. You need to
understand how to turn men on. You need to know how to
“win” the dating game.

So kindly ask yourself… how much do you REALLY know
about love?

How “Genius Women” Succeed In Love

Think about the problem you have in your love life
right now.

Maybe you miss your ex a little too much. Or maybe your
relationship is breaking down. Or maybe you’ve been single
and miserable for far too long. What is it?

To solve a problem – ANY problem – you have to study the
NATURE of the problem. You have to understand the real
reason WHY the problem is there.

You know Albert Einstein, right? My friend Albert
once said:

“Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.”

That’s the key – instead of trying to fix your love
problems, think like a genius and AVOID making them in the
first place!

How do you avoid making love problems?

You guessed it… by LEARNING about love.

The good news is that you’re doing that already. By
reading our Newsletters, you’re getting your daily dose of
dating knowledge and wisdom. But to REALLY learn
everything you need to know about love, I recommend you
read my eBook.

About “Genius Women” – One Last Thing…

I’ll let you in on another secret…

In my years of helping women and couples get
their relationships back together, I’ve noticed
something special…

I’ve noticed that many couples seem MADE for each other.
They have the chemistry, they have the compatibility,
etc… but their relationships still don’t work out. Why?

Simple – they have certain flaws.

For men, the most common – and biggest flaw – is the fear
of commitment. (Surprise, surprise.)

What about women? What’s our most common flaw?

It’s a tie between two flaws: Insecurity and uncertainty.

We tend to have too little confidence and too much
arrogance… and when problems hit the relationship, we
often don’t know what to do.

And you guessed it – we “try” to find solutions… and end
up making things worse.

Fortunately, that’s also the good news. You see, most of
the “genius women” I know weren’t BORN geniuses.

They simply learned about seduction. They simply studied
their problems. They simply worked on their flaws.

And that’s the beauty of it – when we get rid of OUR flaws
(insecurity and uncertainty), then we also get rid of our
MAN’S flaws (the fear of commitment).

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! The more you
know about love, the more ready and willing he becomes to
love you more, to sacrifice for the relationship, and to
commit to you.

Why? Simple – because men respect knowledge. They respect
women who’s in total control of her life.

Want to fix your love problems?

And do you want to become a real GENIUS at love, who
knows the solution to every single love problem that comes
your way?

Then learn what ALL genius women know by reading my eBook,
the 77 Secrets of Seduction. Get your copy below:

No more love problems

With the 77 Secrets of Seduction (and the three free
eBooks that go with it), you’ll be armed with the dating
knowledge and love wisdom that women all over the world
use to build strong, happy, loving relationships with the
men in their lives.

…Or you can keep “trying” to find the solutions
yourself. Your call!

Make the right decision. Invest in your happiness by
studying the 77 Secrets of Seduction today!

To the happiness you deserve,
Alexandra Fox
Relationship & Love Coach


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