Dear Ladies,

Is there any way to undo a breakup? The answer is a solid
“yes!” If you just broke up with your man over a terrible
misunderstanding… or if you feel your breakup will
happen very soon… then read my book quickly:

How to Save Your Relationship

Today’s Newsletter is for the married women in our
community… and those who are in a relationship. Relationship
is tough, and we all need a little help every now and
then. Hopefully the two lessons I’ll be giving you in
today’s Newsletter will help you make better decisions in
the future.

Some time ago, one of our readers wrote to me about her

I think I’m about to lose my husband. We’ve been
having the most terrible arguments ever. I know the
whole problem is partly my fault, but I’m desperate to
stop him from leaving me for another woman. It’s my
biggest fear and I don’t know what to do. Help!

Thanks for writing, Letty! I’m sorry to hear your
relationship is on the rocks. Now, getting your man back
when he’s about to leave you is always a tricky situation.
No two breakups are exactly alike, so there’s no
“one-size-fits-all” solution. But every single solution
begins with one important thing:

Don’t Compromise. Communicate.

I’ve studied thousands of divorces over the past several
years, and you know what I’ve learned?

If couples only knew how to communicate with each other,
they could have saved their relationship… and hundreds
of thousands of dollars… and untold suffering for
themselves and their kids.

Sadly, for 90% of couples in trouble, communication means
“This is what I want, tell me what you want, and let’s
meet in the middle.”

And ladies, that’s not love.


No WONDER their relationships don’t work out!

Likewise, you should keep that in mind. If your idea of a
“good” relationship is one where everything is fair,
equal, and 50-50… then guess what? You’re giving
yourself a 50-50 chance of a breakup or divorce in
the future.

Don’t give yourself a 50% chance of true love and
happiness. Don’t use business terms when communicating
with your loved one.

Instead, stop asking yourselves what you want… and start
asking: “What’s best for the relationship?”

This single question makes everything clear. It tells you
both what sacrifices you need to make, individually and
together, to make the relationship happy, fun, and
strong again.
Now, normally, it takes just one person to start this type
of conversation. My advice: Don’t wait for him. Start it
yourself. Approach him, talk to him, and don’t give up
until he gives in.

What if he DOESN’T want to talk to you, and you still want
to fix things?

Then I suggest you use my “last resort” approach – one
that’s sure to make him think twice about leaving you.

It’s all in my book, The 77 Secrets to Save Your
Relationship. This special eBook collection has saved
hundreds of relationships in our community to date, and it
will save yours, too.

Click below to give it a try:

Save Your Relationship NOW!

Now, if you’re not yet married… or you might SOON get
married, but you’re worried about what lies ahead… then
let me speak to you.

I’m pretty sure you know that, in the States at least,
nearly half of all marriages end in divorce… and most
couples who do stay together aren’t exactly happy with
each other.

What did these couples do wrong?

Just one thing: They didn’t plan ahead. Either they rushed
their relationships, and things got hard before they got
ready, or they all thought they could handle whatever life
would throw at them… and later realized life was a lot
meaner and nastier than they ever expected.

So as times get harder, they start looking for someone to
blame… and most times, they can only point their fingers
at each other. It’s really, really crazy… and very,
very sad.

It’s easy to look at these couples and think, “I don’t
want to end up like them!”

Well, here’s the good news: You don’t have to.

And with the tips in my Crucial Stages in Love eBook
collection, you won’t!

Crucial Stages in Love is an eBook collection I wrote for
my readers who want to be completely prepared for their
relationships. It’s all about being two steps ahead of the
challenges that will surely come your way… so that when
they do come, you’ll be ready for them!

This eBook collection covers all four crucial stages in a
relationship: Casual Dating, Exclusive Dating, Serious
Relationship, and Marriage & Beyond. All you need to know
in one easy-to-read, easy-to-apply package!

What’s more, if you get your copy today, you’ll also get a
bonus eBooklet entitled How to Raise Good Kids in a Bad
World. (I told you it had all you need to know!)

Want to stay together with your man, have a happy
marriage, start a strong family, and grow old together?

Then start planning now:

Handle love problems easily

To the happiness you deserve,
Alexandra Fox


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