Dear Ladies,

Are you single? Do you sometimes wonder if there are any
good single men left out there?

Yes, yes there are! And the good news is that they’re all
around you. You just need to know two things:

1.) Where to find them, and
2.) How to make them notice, approach, and ask you out!

Even better news: You can learn both RIGHT NOW by reading
my book below!

Be the woman every guy wants!

One of the most common complaints I hear from single women
is this: “All the good men are already taken.”

Do you agree or disagree with that statement?

When I hear someone say that, I almost always find
myself thinking: “Maybe you just need to look in the
right places.”

Because here’s the fact: There are lots of great
single guys out there… strong, good-looking,
gentlemanly, hardworking, passionate… and looking for
a long-term relationship.

And they’re still single for just one reason: They haven’t
found the right woman yet!

No joke. They meet LOTS of women on a regular basis, but
they simply haven’t found “the one” yet. And since they
don’t want to settle for less, they stay single until “the
one” walks into their lives.

Sounds familiar, huh? 😉

That’s why if YOU are still single… and you’re SURE you
want a good man in your life… then there’s never been a
better time to meet men than NOW!

Yes, it’s going to take some work. But it doesn’t have to
be exhausting work. And with the tips in today’s
Newsletter, the next few months might very well be the
most enjoyable of your life!

Let’s get started with the first big issue:

Where Do You Find Great Single Guys?

Sometimes, I quiz women where they think the best single
guys can be found. Most of the answers I get include:
Bars, clubs, gyms, the beach, and the like.

Yes, there are LOTS of single men in these places. There’s
just one problem: They’re not there to find a woman to
start a long-term relationship with.

For example, men go to bars and clubs to have fun, catch a
few ladies to party with, and maybe start a short-term
fling… but NOT to find the woman of their dreams.

What’s worse, these places have a LOT of female
competition to deal with. Not fun.

So can I make a few suggestions?

Suggestion #1:
Go to Class

Guys who never stop learning and trying new things make
for great, exciting life companions! And some of the
easiest ways to meet such men are through classes and
other educational pursuits.

The great thing about going back to school is that you can
choose the kinds of guys you’ll meet. Want to date a chef?
Take a culinary class (or something similar). Want a guy
who travels? Take a class about a foreign language. You
get the idea. 😉

Suggestion #2:
Go Online.

By the way, I’m not kidding. A full 33% of all couples
today first met online, and more and more women
are finding it a GREAT way to find guys with
similar interests!

Even if you’ve had a bad experience with meeting men
online, just keep in mind that the rules are different.
And you just need to follow these rules to stay safe, find
the RIGHT guys, and have a great time.

(Quick Note: To learn how to do it right, read this book!)

And lastly…

Suggestion #3:
Join a Volunteer Group / Charity.

I’m always a fan of meeting men in volunteer groups. Over
the past several years, hundreds of your fellow
Unforgettable Woman readers have met the men of their
dreams by serving in a charity, ministry, or aid group.

Why is volunteering a great way to meet great single guys?
Simple: Because when a man willingly makes sacrifices to
help other people out, you know his heart’s in the
right place!

So what world problem does your heart bleed for? What
charities / groups in your town can you join to help solve
that world problem? Sign up – you’ll be making the world a
better place, and the world just might reward you with
your one true love there!

Now here’s my invitation to you:

How to Make Him Notice You

What should you do to make him notice you? How should you
approach him? What should you talk about during that
all-important first conversation?

The big challenge here is to ignite that first spark of
chemistry between you. If you don’t know how to do it,
then he might see you as just a good friend… and you’ll
watch helplessly as he falls in love with someone else.


Now, I know some of you are complaining: “But Alex, I
don’t know how to flirt!”

Well, I got good news for you: You DON’T have to flirt
openly and directly.

I have a much more effective approach, which I call:

The “Fun and Flirty Lifestyle”

Imagine being “automatically” flirty. Imagine being sultry
and feminine wherever you go, whatever you do… so much
that men can’t help but notice you.

No matter where you are, guys smile at you more. A few
brave ones might actually approach you, say “hi,” and try
to ask you out!

But that’s not all. Imagine having a lifestyle that
automatically, continually attracts the BEST single men
around you into your life. You don’t need to approach men
– THEY approach YOU!

The great thing about this “fun and flirty lifestyle” is
that you encounter little or no competition from other
women. In fact, other women will start looking up to you
and asking you for tips!

Also, instead of meeting new guys through your friends or
colleagues, the “fun and flirty lifestyle” helps you meet
them DIRECTLY. All it takes is the confidence to smile and
wink at the cutie across the room. (Yes, I’ll help you
gain that confidence, too.)

And best of all: The vast majority of the guys who will
approach you will be the serious, gentlemanly, long-term
types. The “fun and flirty lifestyle” comes with a special
“emotional barrier” that keeps the liars, players, and
cheaters away… and only lets the REAL ones in.

The “fun and flirty” lifestyle has already helped hundreds
of your fellow readers find true love and happiness! Just
a few changes in your mindset about men, plus a whole
treasure trove of dating techniques that drive guys – the
REAL ones – crazy with love.

The “fun and flirty” lifestyle is all in my book, How to
Flirt With Men, and you can try it out in your own life
RISK-FREE for the next 30 days… just click below to get
your copy!

Make men approach you more!

Your flirting style is perfectly designed to bring
you the results you’re getting right now. If you’re
attracting players, then your flirting lifestyle might be
attractive to players.

If you’re attracting lazy, emotionally unavailable men…
then your flirting lifestyle might be attractive to lazy,
emotionally unavailable men.

And if you’re NOT attracting any men at all… then your
flirting lifestyle might not be attractive at all. Ouch!

You basically have a choice: Either continue using your
current flirting lifestyle and hope you get lucky…
or you can change your flirting style into one that
actually works.

Let me guide you through the latter choice. I’ll show you
how to adopt the “fun and flirty” lifestyle for your own
life RIGHT NOW… read this today!

Alexandra Fox
Relationship & Love Coach
“We all deserve happiness.”


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