Dear Ladies,

Ever had a guy who made you feel like the most loved, most
beautiful girl in the world… but after some time,
suddenly grew cold and distant?

Or if you already have a man in your life right now, are
you worried about the time when he WILL lose interest…
and suddenly drift away from your life?

How to make him stay

You might have seen it happen before with your
girlfriends. You’ve probably seen it happen in one of your
past relationships, too.

Or worst of all, you might be seeing it right now, in your
current relationship: He’s losing the “sweetness” and
“passion” he used to show at the beginning of your

Why do guys start out hot, then cool off when the
relationship settles down? Why do they lose their
sweetness right when the relationship is supposed to be at
its best?

About “Relationship Burnout”

The simple answer is this: Whenever a relationship settles
down, a shift of focus happens.

In the beginning, both of you focus almost EVERYTHING on
your relationship.

Put simply, your relationship is literally the most
important thing to you guys.

But when the relationship settles down, suddenly there’s a
change in focus. Now, your focus is on finding work, money
challenges, raising a family, etc.

This happens very often after a marriage, or after a
relationship becomes official. The effect is the same:
There’s less focus on the relationship, and more focus on
oneself (your work, your goals, your problems, etc.).

So What’s the Solution?

Thankfully, the solution is also simple: You got to set
your priorities right!

You got to remember that both of you must put your
relationship first.

I know that’s hard to do. But it’s really the simplest,
most effective way to prevent relationship burnout… and
to keep it from ever ruining your relationship!

And better yet… when he sees you putting the
relationship on priority, it gives motivation to do
the same!

He realizes: “She’s absolutely right… I got to put the
relationship first, too.”

And that’s the beginning of a breakup-proof relationship!

So if you feel your relationship is growing cold, and
you’re worried he might start drifting away soon, here are
a few tips to keep the fire burning:

#1 – Schedule Two Dates a Week.

Yes, even if you’re married with kids!

Find ways to go out twice a week – say, dinner on
Wednesday, then a full day off on the weekend. It’s a good
idea to keep doing the things you enjoyed when you were
still dating, even if there are kids in the picture now.

#2 – Show Him Your Respect.

Be sure not to disrespect him by bossing him around,
giving him the silent treatment, implying he’s
incompetent, or making fun of him in front of
other people.

He might laugh it off, but it leaves a tiny emotional
wound that may not heal.

Remember, your man values your respect more than
your love.

And finally:

#3 – Be Happy.

That’s right – studies show that men are happiest when
WE’RE happy. It’s simply because it’s the ultimate sign
that they’re doing things RIGHT in your relationship.

My advice? Make the conscious effort to make the
relationship a HAPPY place. He’ll do a better job as a
boyfriend, husband, or father as a result.

Want More?

Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these three
tips. There are dozens of WONDERFUL ways to keep the love
alive in your relationship… and if you want to stay
together for the rest of your lives, you got to do as many
as you can!

Get 77 MORE wonderful tips in my book, Irresistible
Attraction Triggers. That’s 77 more ways to keep him
“sweet,” no matter how many decades you’ll stay married.

And if you’re still single, that’s even BETTER… these
tips will keep your relationship just as fun, exciting,
and emotionally fulfilling as it was during your first few
weeks together!

Make him love you more!

Prevent relationship burnout… before it’s too late.
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To the happiness you deserve,
Alexandra Fox


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