Dear Ladies,

Have you ever loved a guy who dated you,
treated you like a girlfriend, and maybe
even had good sex with you… but still
DIDN’T commit to you? If so, learn everything you
can about male psychology as soon as you
can! Clicking below is a good start:

Understand how men love

He may have said things like:

“I’m not really ready for a relationship
right now.”

“I just want to start out nice and slow.
We’ll get serious later on.”

“I think we’re perfect as we are right
now. Why don’t we stay like this?”

Your conversations may have led to long
conversations, heated arguments, and
even full-blown fights. You break up,
then you get back together again… a
real roller-coaster relationship!

But even after all that stress and all
that waiting, he STILL won’t commit.

Why are some men so infuriatingly dense?

One of your fellow readers, “Lucy,” may
have gone through the exact same story
you did…


Lucy once had a boyfriend named “Matt,”
who she met regularly at his pad. And it
was a very STEAMY relationship.

There was lots of hugging, lots of
kissing, lots of GOOD SEX, and lots of
cuddling… but not much else.

Matt didn’t take Lucy out on dates. He
didn’t introduce her to his friends. He
never even changed his Facebook status
from “single” to “in a relationship.”

Finally, after several months of
waiting, Lucy confronted Matt and asked
why he didn’t want to commit to her.
Their conversation escalated into an
argument, and they eventually broke up.

Since then, Lucy has tried to mend
things with Matt. But apparently, since
Matt now knew Lucy wanted a “real”
relationship, he avoided her and never
invited her to his pad again.

It’s a sad and infuriating story, and it
happens to THOUSANDS OF WOMEN today. It
may have happened to you, too.

But the lesson is the same: Just because
he wants to see you, hug you, kiss you,
cuddle you, or have sex with you… it
DOESN’T mean he loves you.

It sounds sick, disgusting, and even

And here’s the worst part: To men, it’s

Here’s why…


To us women, love is an EMOTIONAL
connection. That’s why it’s easy to feel
loved even if a guy we like just pats
our shoulder, smooths our hair, or gives
us a hug.

But to men, love is initially a PHYSICAL
connection. That’s why most men are 100%
okay with one-night stands and
“no-strings attached” sex… and most of
us women AREN’T.

In fact, that’s where MOST LOVE PROBLEMS
start. We think he sees love the same
way we do.

Or worse, we think he SHOULD see love
the same way we do!

That’s the problem: He doesn’t see love
the same way you do. In fact, he CAN’T.
Mother Nature won’t let him.

Men’s minds are simply hard-wired to
think that way. And sadly, you can’t
fight Mother Nature.

You can keep talking to him, or begging
him, or arguing with him. All he’ll do
is leave… just like “Matt” did with

So is there ANY way to make a man love

Thankfully, the answer is “yes…”


As I’ve said before: To men, love is
initially a PHYSICAL connection. It’s
all about looks, body language, and sex.

But the key word is “initially.” Their
physical connection CAN grow into an
emotional connection.

And when you BOTH have that emotional
connection with each other, that’s when
your happy, satisfying, long-lasting
relationship starts to form!

Here’s the catch: It takes a special
ingredient to make a man’s physical
connection with you turn into an
emotional one.

And that special ingredient is TIME.

And when you have sex with him before
his physical connection turns into an
emotional one, then it will stay
physical FOREVER – and he’ll never see
you as a lover.

At best, you’ll only be his “friend with
benefits…” for the rest of your life.

That’s why I always tell you: Don’t have
sex with him too early, or you might
kill your chances of long-lasting love
with him!

You need to give him just the right
amount of physical connection to keep
him interested, and to keep him chasing

How long should you keep him interested?

I’ve coached hundreds of women in the
past several years, and in my
experience, the time frame is about 3-6
months after your first date.

Women who date a man exclusively for 3-6
months have a far, far higher chance of
starting a strong, happy, lifelong
relationship… than women who let their
boys have sex with them after just a few

If it worked for hundreds of my readers,
I’m pretty sure it will work for you,

I write about a solid 3-6 month “game
plan” in my eBook, Attraction Is NOT
Love! This “game plan” includes
techniques that turn his physical
attraction into TRUE LOVE, such as…

…Using a man’s sexual energy to build
his love for you (Chapter V)

…How to become sexier than the sexiest
women in town (Chapter VII)

…The kinds of conversations that
actually make him love you more (Chapter IX)

…Building trust in your relationship
even before it starts (Chapter XIII)

…7 of the quickest ways to make him
feel attracted to you (Bonus eBook #2)

…and many other little-known ways to
build attraction that EVERY woman should

Think about the man you’ll date next. Or
if you’re dating someone right now,
think of him deeply.

Do you REALLY want to lose him, too?

If not, then you owe it to yourself to
get a copy of my “game plan” for love
and happiness by visiting the website

Attraction Is NOT Love!

If you’re 100% sure he loves you,
but he’s just afraid of the
responsibilities of a serious
relationship, then I recommend you
follow my “game plan” in Dating An
Emotionally Unavailable Man.

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox


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