Dear Friends,

Did you know that you can make a man change his ways by
just telling him?

You really can! But it’s not about what you say to him…
it’s HOW you say it. And depending on how you say it, you
can either make him love you LESS… or you can make him
love you MORE.

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The words that make him love you more 


Ever noticed how, sometimes, a man can change from a lazy
and self-centered loser… into a loyal, loving,
completely committed man… in a span of just a few weeks?

You might know of guys who made these complete 180-degree
turns almost as soon as they met that one special woman,
who later became their girlfriends and wives.

What do these special women have that most others don’t?

Easy: They simply know one VERY IMPORTANT secret
about men:

Guys Need To Be Emotionally-Invested


Here’s the truth: Guys need jobs. They need roles to fill,
because these roles are precisely what gives meaning and
purpose to their lives.

And I’m not talking about those “jobs” that society
expects them to do. I’m talking about the jobs that make
him completely TUNED IN to his role. These are the jobs
that wakes him up in the morning and won’t let him sleep
at night until the work is done.

I’m sure you’ve seen this trait in athletes, soldiers,
entrepreneurs, artists, and other alpha male types.
They’re so emotionally invested in what they’re doing that
they do CRAZY things just to be great at it!

And in contrast, the men who are NOT emotionally-invested
in anything are lazy, weak, and generally have no
direction in life. (You might have dated one or two of
these guys before!)

Now, this carries over into love and relationships. If you
want him to be a great boyfriend, a great husband, or a
great father, he’s got to be emotionally-invested.

He’s got to forget his own self-interest, and lose himself
in the ROLE he’s playing. Because when he does that… and
when he gets a REWARD for it… THAT’S when he’s happiest!

Now here’s a potential problem:

What If He’s NOT Emotionally Invested?


Some readers have e-mailed me about their problem:

“Alexandra, I don’t think my man is as
emotionally-invested in our relationship as I am. In fact,
I think he’s planning to leave me soon. What should I do?”

Here’s another thing about guys you should know: If he
doesn’t have this special “role” in his life, then he goes
looking for one.

And the crucial mistake that many women do is that they
SPOIL their men too much!

Either they spoil him by making sure he’s comfortable…
or they spoil him by doing too much of the work.

When that happens, he ends up doing too little work.
And while he may look happy, deep inside, he’s unhappy
and miserable.

He starts to think, “There’s GOT to be more to life than
this.” And he goes looking for it.

Crazy and unbelievable? You bet. But I’m sure you’ve seen
it happen before… when a woman loves a man more than he
loves her, he still ends up leaving her.

So instead of spoiling him and making him unhappy… and
instead of forcing him to do more work, which has the same
effect… let me suggest a different approach:

Awaken the REAL MAN in Him!


Here’s the big secret: Guys are suckers for motivation.

Just let them feel loved, respected, admired, and
appreciated… and they’ll reward you with the love,
attention, affection, conversation, provision, and
protection you need.

So don’t spoil him, order him around, or agitate him.

Instead, MOTIVATE him!

Remember: He needs a “good job” to do in your

The emphasis is on the word “good.” It has to be fun and
rewarding, and it has to motivate him to be better every
single day.

And here’s the good news… it’s actually QUITE EASY to
motivate a guy!

Most times, you don’t even have to do much. All you need
is to say the right words.

Be sure to write these down:

Right Words #1:
Words of Honor


Playful replies like “Yes, dear,” or “Aye-aye, captain”
don’t just build endearment and fondness in your
relationship. They also quietly, lovingly reaffirm your
love and respect towards him.

And nothing motivates a man more than that special place
of honor in your relationship!

Right Words #2:
Words of Admiration


Try this: Write a list of the “Top 10” things you love
about your man.

Then, on a special occasion (like his birthday, or your
anniversary, or Father’s Day if he’s your husband), tell
him: “You know what? I wrote down the Top 10 Things I
Admire Most About You.”

Immediately, he’ll say: “Can I see it? Let me see it!”

Another fact about men: They crave respect and admiration
just as much as you crave love and affection. So if you
want him to love you more, be ready to respect him more.

Right Words #3:
Words of Appreciation


“I really love how hard you work for our relationship.”

“I really love how you always say, ‘I’ll take care of it.’”

“Thank you.”

Whenever he does something you like, be sure to show your
honest appreciation. Because:

1.) Guys love positive reinforcement, and
2.) You get more of what you’re thankful for!

And lastly:

Right Words #4:
Words of Support


Say words of appreciation like: “I got your back,” or “Let
me know how I can help.”

One of the most powerful ways to motivate a man is to know
that he doesn’t walk the world alone. Yes, he loves to
work… but he loves it EVEN MORE when he knows you’re by
his side!

So go ahead: Try these words out for yourself, and see the
wonderful difference it makes in your man!

Now, some of you might be wondering: Can words REALLY be
that powerful?

Of course, everything’s a choice. It’s really up to you.

You can try a thousand different ways to turn him into a
better man… or you can simply say the right words, over
and over. I suggest you learn the right words to say, so
you can:

– Defuse an angry situation
– Make him agree with your side of the argument
– Turn him into a better, more attentive lover
– Make a long-distance lover move closer to you
– Make him stop flirting with other women
– Make him feel interested about settling down with you
– Make him spend hours with you, just talking and listening
– And so much more!

Make him emotionally invested in your relationship. Make
him emotionally invested in YOU.

To learn the right words to say, click below now!

Words to Win His Love


To the happiness you deserve,

Alexandra Fox
Relationship & Love Coach
“We all deserve happiness.”


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