"3 Big Mistakes That Ruin Relationships"

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Dear Reader,

Most of the e-mails I get from my readers are always about why their relationships never seem to last. It seems a lot of boyfriends out there can't seem to stay in a relationship longer than a few weeks or months. Does that sound like you?


Good, because I'll be answering a few short reader e-mails in this blog post! But before that, let's talk about the things that make boyfriends run out the door.


It's understandable when a relationship doesn't work out because of external circumstances -- such as one of you had to move out of town, or if you have certain irreconcilable differences such as faith or family, or if one of you were cheating.


We have very little, if any, control over such circumstances.


But what's NOT understandable is when a relationship doesn't work out simply because of a few silly mistakes WE make.


What's worse, we don't even know we're making these mistakes!

And today, we'll be talking about three of the most common mistakes that even the smartest, most attractive women out there make. Here's number one:


Mistake #1 - Trying to Make Him Love You

When you're in a relationship, do you find yourself hinting to him about settling down? Do you try to talk to him about getting married? Or do you ask why he seems "uncomfortable" whenever you talk about the heavier things in life?


These may sound harmless, but they actually push the guy outside his comfort zone and force him to face the relationship in a way he isn't prepared to.


Remember -- a man doesn't commit to a woman simply because "they've dated long enough" or "it's the right thing to do."


A man commits to a woman because he WANTS to.




So your thoughts, feelings, and actions should ultimately make him WANT to be with you for the rest of his life.


Here's an anonymous e-mail I received a few weeks back:



"I really need to get over my boyfriend but the question is how do I do that -- because I love him to death, and for the past couple of months he has been distant, and I don't know what I have done wrong. I give up."



Well, there's nothing wrong with loving him to death. But whenever you love someone SO MUCH that you feel you're ACTUALLY going to die when he leaves you, then that's A LOT wrong.


Friends, you should never, EVER pin all your hopes on one man.

Remember saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket?" It may sound silly, but when you "drop your basket" by accidentally scaring him out of the relationship, it's going to leave you devastated and dangerously jaded.


Don't DIRECTLY try to convince him to love you. There are much better ways! (More on that later!)


Mistake #2 - Worrying Too Much About 

Your Own Shortcomings


Hey, nobody's perfect. Everyone has their own insecurities, weaknesses, and quirks.


The problem is when you worry about your weaknesses so much that it starts to bother your boyfriend.


Here's another reader e-mail that struck a chord:




"How do you know if the new guy you're seeing is blowing you off and you should look elsewhere, or assessing his life and you should be patient?"




It was just one sentence, but I could very easily sense the anonymous reader's insecurities. She was very obviously worried that the guy is blowing her off for something she might have done.


Well, to answer the question, I'm willing to bet that the boyfriend IS trying to find a way out of the relationship, simply because he doesn't like the idea of being with an insecure girlfriend.


Sure, it's possible that men "go quiet" in the middle of the relationship because they're assessing their lives and how their girlfriend fits in it.


So is he trying to leave you behind, or is he preparing for a life with you?


Here's the answer I believe every woman should have to that question: "DOES IT MATTER?"


Yup, you shouldn't care!

You shouldn't worry about whether your insecurities will scare him away or whether he's really in it for the long haul.


You shouldn't worry about your weaknesses.


Here's my advice: Learn to accept your own weaknesses. Accept them as a part of you! But take things one step further and honestly, positively try to fix those weaknesses.




Simply because the way you look at your own weaknesses will also be the way HE will look at them.


If you worry about your insecurities, so will he.


If you hate your weaknesses, so will he.


But if you see your quirks as a happy part of you, so will he! (And believe me, THAT'S the stuff good relationships are made of.)


Mistake #3 - Giving Him What He Wants Too Easily


Here's yet another anonymous e-mail I received a while back:



"Is it too late to turn around a relationship that has not yet matured, but already casually intimate?"



Whew, I get this question ALL the time!


So many of us give in to a new guy's wishes too easily. When he says his back hurts, we flip him over and give him a massage. When he says he's hungry, we treat him to a heavy dinner. And when it's just the two of you in the house on a Saturday night... well, you know what happens.


For the record, the RIGHT way for a relationship to go is from FALLING MADY IN LOVE first, then maturing to BECOMING CASUALLY INTIMATE.


Not the other way around!


But nope, it's not too late to turn things around, even when you've already taken things to the bedroom a bit too early in the relationship.


It's VERY possible to turn things around.


But I won't kid you -- it's going to be pretty tough, and the odds will be against you the whole time.


Then again, that's understandable! It's going to be a great accomplishment, and great accomplishments never come easy.

Except, of course, you have someone like Alexandra Fox behind you all the way!


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Now I'm pretty sure you have a bunch of comments for this article, as well as for the anonymous readers who wrote the e-mail questions in it. Feel free to send me your questions and comments! As always, I love hearing what you guys think.


To the happiness you deserve,


~Alexandra Fox

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