Date Like A Man by Devon Bradway
In this eBook you will learn why men have more fun (and success!) in dating. Learn why they always get what they want by playing by learning and then playing by their rules. Changing your mindset in dating and relationships will make your love life more exciting and much more fulfilling!
Written by
: Devon Bradway
: 303 pages
: 2014
: Unforgettable Woman Publishing
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"Men have a lot more fun with dating than women. Do you ever wonder why? I'll show you why and teach you how to approach dating with the same mindset."
Start "dating like a man" to have more fun AND improve your chances of finding the perfect man for you FAST!
Hi Ladies,

Have you ever wished you could date like a man? Don't you think men have it SO good?

Do you ever wonder why this is? Let me ask you:

Do you sometimes think about the way men approach dating and wish you could have the same approach, success, and, ultimately, just enjoy it as much as guys do?

Do you think men are more in control in dating? Like we have the upper hand? Do you think a woman can gain that kind of control in dating?

Do you agree that women over-analyze things and that men are much more relaxed when it comes to dating?

How do you think you will do in dating if you can learn how NOT to let your emotions control what you do and - ultimately - the outcome?

Do you often get ahead of yourself in a relationship? Do you think men take things slower and pace themselves better in dating AND Relationships?

How Men Approach Dating
Ladies, as a man, I can tell you that we don't have the same hang-ups in dating as women do. We are naturally programmed to keep our emotions in check. We don't feel the same moral obligations that women do in dating. In short: when we date we have a GOAL in mind.

And what is that GOAL? To find a woman who rocks our world.


Until we find her, we are going to have ALL THE FUN we can get out of dating that we can, with as many women as we can, and take EVERYTHING they give us (sex included) without feeling guilty about it and keeping our emotions OUT OF IT UNTIL we find that one girl that mesmerizes us and captures our hearts.

Where women go wrong...
Let's examine a typical first date scenario for a woman.

You finally find a great guy and your heart is fluttering.

The date goes great, he seems to be having as good a time as you are. After the date he kisses you good night. You swoon...

Let's say you're smart enough not to jump in bed with him, but he did say he wants to see you again...

Over there on the coffee table is your cell phone because you're sure he's going to text you something sweet before he falls asleep.

He doesn't.

You can't fall asleep for another hour because you are still hoping he would text or even call to say good night.

While you lay awake, waiting, you start analyzing the evening. Perhaps you misread things and he didn't have as much fun as you did. You can feel yourself getting disappointed.

Eventually you fall asleep and wake up the next morning. You jump at your phone.


Midmorning you still haven't heard back from him and now you decide you probably won't. You wonder how silly or overeager you looked during that date - questioning everything...

Let me stop here and ask you if anything here sounds familiar to you yet?

Of course it does.

When it comes to dating, Ladies, we are our own worst enemies.

You do silly things like jumping the gun and texting him first, calling him first, overanalyzing things and generally just coming across as either a bit crazy or downright needy.

Because, and let's be honest here...when he does finally text you two days later, you are so relieved, you are all over him.


Men don't do this
As a guy and can guarantee you men don't handle it the same. Men don't jump into relationships immediately. We hardly ever fall in love on the first date (for us it is a process) and our emotions are where they belong - checked until further notice.

In my new eBook "Date Like A Man" I am going to teach you exactly what you need to know so that you can have the same control in dating as men do. And, as a result, you will also have the same success and "the upper hand" if you will, that men do.

What The Guy Likely Did After The Date...
Let's take the same "after the date" scenario from the man's point of view.

He probably got home (if it was a good date, he'd be in a good mood). But by the time he hit home, he probably went to bed right away with a smile on his face.

Although he may have thought about the date on his way home, he most certainly didn't start pacing around his cell phone when he got home and wondered why you haven't texted him yet.

Since the food was great, your company was great, and he already thanked you after that swooning kiss for a lovely evening, it may cross his mind to text you later and say it again.

Or it may not.

All he knows is this: I had fun. She was pretty. I am tired.


Men don't dissect every moment of the evening like women do.

For us the goal was to have fun with the date (most of the time we will do what we can to make it lead to sex) but all-in-all, if we had fun, and it looked like she did too: Mission accomplished.

I realized quite a while ago that by teaching women the basics of why it feels to you like guys have it so good in dating, is because it is true. I can save women a lot of heartache by getting into this topic and dispel some of the myths that women seem to drive themselves nuts over when it comes to dating.

If you can study these seemingly common sense issues and approach dating with a mindset similar to that of a man, you will not only be more successful in your dating endeavors, but like men YOU WILL HAVE FUN WITH IT !

You Can Do It!
Good news, Ladies - it is doable. But you will have to do your due diligence by learning what men have known for ages about dating. And I'm going to help you with that.

I am willing to bet you already know a woman who enjoys dating and you've seen her out with hot guys and (unlike you, perhaps) she is enjoying it. She is confident, she has a lot of male friends - all of whom would DIE to date her - she embraces her sexuality in a way that makes you and all her other girlfriends jealous, and she seems to have an unbelievable knowledge about men that she always seems to swing to her own advantage.

Secretly you wish you were her, or at least find out how she does it.

These are not difficult concepts. In fact, you'd be amazed how much of it you probably already know, but never thought to just put into action!

For example: I am 100% sure you already know that nice women fall flat with men. (I go into detail into this one in Secret 10 of my new eBook). Maybe YOU have experienced this phenomenon yourself. You meet a guy, you treat him really good and the next thing you know, he's gone.

Sorry ladies. I will apologize for myself and all my fellow men out there because I know we are notorious for doing this. But I explain why this happens in the eBook and what you can do differently.

I believe the reason why the entire concept of "Dating like a man" is so hard for most women is that it goes against the grain of your female nature. Most of the things you do in dating, is because you FEEL they are the right thing to do. But the effect of what YOU do with us is not always what WE want to feel .
Men Approach Commitment Differently
Now let me ask you something else... Do you think guys FEEL bad about the things we do in dating? Let's take dating more than one woman at the same time. Do you think we FEEL bad about it?


For me as a man, it is the NATURAL thing to do. More than that, it is the SMART thing to do.

If one of my friends come to me and tell me he's is dating a girl exclusively that he met last Friday, I'd probably smack him sideways up the head with a "What the hell is WRONG with you, dude!" thrown in there for good measure.

For me as a man, dating only one woman whom I barely know, while I'm DEFINITELY still looking, where there is NO talk about commitment or exclusivity yet, is probably the most stupid thing I have ever heard.

In fact, We don't THINK about it, let alone feel bad or lose sleep about it. It is what we do.

So if you date more than one man at the same time, let me ask you this:

1) Should YOU FEEL bad?

2) Do you think the guy you had ONE date with knows you're still looking around?

3) Will he think there is something wrong with you?

(NOTE: I am NOT saying you should SLEEP with more than one guy at the same time. I am talking about casually dating, seeing, or hanging out with different guys).

The answer is NO.

If anything, it would make him come after you harder because he will quickly figure out he is not the only one competing for your attention. You have OPTIONS. And he may stop being one of your options unless he properly courts you.

Men KNOW this.

Besides, we love a challenge. We love to compete for things. And man...a girl that gives us reason to chase...we want THAT one.

Believe me, if I date a girl that I think has future potential, and I realize she's still shopping around, I'll go after her like a bat out of hell and make her MINE. No doubt about it.

In "Date Like a Man" I AM NOT going to tell you how to turn into a man. But I WILL tell you how to apply the rules of dating the same way men do and you will suddenly find something wonderful happening:

First and foremost - especially if you ditch those unnecessary guilt feelings - you will HAVE FUN.

It won't matter if Mr. Right doesn't appear immediately, because you will enjoy living your life, making new friends, and probably not taking yourself so seriously.

You will be more successful with men overnight, because let me tell you, a woman with this kind of control and composure is a SEXY little thing!

The attention your new outlook will bring you might be quite a handful in the beginning, until you get used to this new you.

In 77 juicy secrets I will give you the male perspective on why men love dating so much. Have you ever wondered why it takes us so long to commit? Why it takes so long to ask you to be our girlfriend?

Dating is fun, man! Some women treat dating like a job. As if it is work you have to do for some later end result.

Date Like A Man and ENJOY THE JOURNEY!
And if, while you are having all this fun, you happen to bump into that one guy you were always dreaming of - what is wrong with that, right?

You really have nothing to lose here, everything to gain, but like I said before, it is not going to happen with you just sitting there staring at the screen.

Do SOMETHING about it. Download "Date Like A Man" right now and become that "It" girl that makes men do a double take - EVERY time.

The Amazing Things You'll Learn in the
"Date Like A Man" EBook
Start enjoying your love life more! From widening your options so you can find the perfect man for you, through having more fulfillment in your relationships, this eBook uncovers the true mindset of an unforgettable woman. Find out right now how to become the woman you were meant to be.
  • Discover how an unforgettable woman has men calling her back and not the other way around. Learn what sets an unforgettable woman apart from other women and inspires a man to take action.…(Part I)
  • The unforgettable woman is a mystery creature, being fully female and yet so remarkable men are drawn to her. Guess who her closest friends happen to be... Find out in Secret 2.
  • What sets an unforgettable woman apart? While she may have had some burns in her past, she’s learned how to get over them by studying men. You can get started with that right away. (Secret 3)
  • Too intimidated to go out by yourself? Uncover the confidence boosters that teach you how to brave the night on your own without a posse of friends or a man at your side. Every unforgettable woman should know this! (Secret 4)
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  • What’s the one thing men hate when it comes to dating women with a past? Find out how handle (and make the most of!) this one thing so that it doesn't trip you up, but propel you instead. (Secret 8)
  • What’s wrong with planning out your future with the new hottie you just met two weeks ago? Find out how (and why) unforgettable women avoid this terrible habit to win in love. (Secret 9)
  • Discover how the unforgettable woman has tapped into the sexy part of the feminine wile and tossed the other garbage (which men don’t understand anyway) out. Learn the secrets of dating like a man, while never compromising your femininity. (Chapter 10)
  • Find out why some of your hobbies can bore your man. Learn the difference between the type of passion that makes men flock to you, and the type of passion that falls flat on its face with men. (Secret 10)
  • Ever wonder why your guy seems more interested in another woman? Discover why looks aren’t enough. Uncover the secret skills of an unforgettable woman so that you are the one that draws men to you like moths to a flame. (Secret 13)
  • Wondering whether or not you’re perceived as an unforgettable woman, flirt-master, or just the right amount of available, without desperation? Discover where you "rank" in the dating game. (Chapter 4)
  • How is an unforgettable woman able to suffer the injustices of the world and still hold her head up high? Learn how to keep your insecurities from holding you up, and start moving forward. (Secret 18)
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  • Learn how to use a man’s weaknesses against him—in a good way! This eBook contains the secrets that opens him up emotionally and be vulnerable so that he'll melt when you do this one little thing. (Secret 31)
  • But you are still a woman, right? So how do you master the skills to start thinking and dating like a man? Find out with this one pivotal piece of information (Secret 34)
  • Men are VISUAL. Discover why that doesn’t mean you need to wear less! Learn what guys are really after in their visual cortex! (Secret 35)
  • Avoid a common but lethal social mistake! Men will be able to tell right away if you’re this type of woman—make sure this isn’t you! (Secret 36)
  • Just how do you get a man to be impressed with you? Hint: It’s not with your moves in the bedroom! Learn the specific things men look for (or run away from) in every woman they meet. (Secret 38)
  • It's good to start with knowing what type of man you are looking for. (Smart? Sexy? Successful? Tall?) But do you know how to attract your ideal kind of man? An unforgettable woman does. Find out how to create the magical glue of relationship - attraction! (Chapter 10)
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  • Learn at what point men draw the line with banter. Once you cross this point, men are likely to lose interest quickly! Don’t make this mistake, discover what it is. (Secret 55)
  • When is it okay for a man to come back to your place? Or what about meeting a man in a bar or going to his place over yours? You'll discover and interesting thing about location and what it means when he chooses a specific place. (Chapter 15)
  • There are 3 very specific ways men categorize women. An unforgettable woman knows this and how to end up on a man’s “Call Back” list. Learn how to make it there too and stay off the “Sex and Split” list - yes, men have one! (Chapter 16)
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  • Have you ever really thought about how men approach dating and meeting new women? Unforgettable women study and apply certain skills that not only work for men, but are also the reason men enjoy dating so much. If dating feels like work to you, you HAVE to read Secret 64.
  • Learn what men really think about sex and the woman who gives it up too easily. Learn when and how you should let a man touch you, and when it’s okay to connect with him intimately. (Chapter 18)
  • Unforgettable women are not quiet women. They have personalities and are not afraid to speak up and call a man on his BS! Find out why men love a woman who isn’t a doormat and can stand up for herself while still being respectful. Hint: if you think you have to be "bitchy" you're wrong! (Chapter 19)
  • Find out what men really think of your convictions. How do you convey what you want and expect out of our man and life, without scaring him off. Find out why men think of certain women as having a certain (bad) personality type, based on a very specific behavior. (Secret 73)
  • Many women are taught that men “will be boys” and that they shouldn’t levy ”expectations” in the relationship. Did you know the unforgettable woman doesn’t follow this type of advice? Discover why with Secret 74.
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Date Like A Man: In this eBook you will learn why men have more fun (and success!) in dating. Learn why they always get what they want by playing by learning and then playing by their rules. Changing your mindset in dating and relationships will make your love life more exciting and much more fulfilling!
Bonus Report 1: Profile of a Siren - In this bonus eBook, Devon focuses on the specific things men look for in women's online dating profiles. There is a lot of competition in online dating - learn how to make your profile stand out.
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