"How to Be Simply IRRESISTIBLE to Men"


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Dear Reader,


Ever had the experience that no matter how nice you looked, all the other women in the crowd seemed to be having more success (and fun) with the guys?


Pretty depressing and embarrassing, don't you think?


Nope, it's not all about your looks. Sure, looking good can "break the ice" when meeting a new guy. But to REALLY get through to him, you'll need something more.


Here are a few tips, straight from my 77 Secrets of Love e-book series, that'll make your interactions with new men a lot more successful -- and a lot more fun, too!


#1 - Don't CHASE after men.


Some of my newer readers have asked me: "Alex, why are you telling us to CHASE after men?"


They point to my more common pieces of advice, such as "backleading" and not hesitating to make the first move when meeting a new guy.


Some of you might think that because I empower my readers to take control of their lives, I'm encouraging them to CHASE after men so that they'll have more success in love and relationships.


Nope, it's not like that at all!

I encourage my readers to improve and enhance their lives so that they NATURALLY ATTRACT men. Not so that they can get better at chasing men!


It's silly to chase after men.


Think about it -- the really good men out there have likely met many, many women already.


And they know what it's like to have a woman CHASE after them.


Have you ever been hounded by a guy who was desperately in love with you, but you didn't feel a single bit of attraction to?


Ewww, right?


In much the same way, the real men out there don't really like being chased by women. And it's VERY important that you don't leave that kind of impression on them!


#2 - Don't be afraid to be yourself.


Wendy, I'd like you to take a few moments to answer a couple of questions.


Question number one -- What are the things that you like to do?


And question number two -- What are the things you're good at?


Go ahead and take a few minutes to write down your answers on a sheet of paper. I'll just go get us some iced tea, because I'm DEFINITELY feeling the weather getting warmer!










Okay, are you done? Great!


Now I'd like you to take a look at the things you've written down. Now ask yourself: "How often do I talk about these things with the men I meet?"


Here's the thing -- I believe EVERY woman in the world is special, interesting, and irresistible.


It's just that modern media, conservative upbringings, and so-called rules of "social etiquette" have hidden our TRUE selves.


So when we meet a new guy, instead of talking to them about our interests, beliefs, and dreams, we tend to "play it safe" by talking about our jobs, our pets, the weather, etc.


Guess what? Most women talk like this.


And men have probably met more than their share of women who talk about the weather!


So here's the tip: DON'T talk about the things that everybody talks about.


That just makes you boring.


And no one likes a boring partner!


So get rid of the fear, uncertainty, and worry that goes with being yourself. Don't be scared to be YOU. It's the best way to attract the most suitable men into your life!


Keep the list of things you just wrote down. Read it everyday, preferably after you wake up. I guarantee that by June, you'll be a better, more attractive, more irresistible woman!


#3 - Risk being more fun.


My gosh, I've seen SO many women "play it safe" with the men they meet. They feel that as long as they act pleasant and socially-acceptable, men will like them more.


Sure, men will like you. But since you're acting socially-acceptable -- like every single one of their friends -- he'll see you JUST as a friend.


That's the danger of playing it safe!


There's a saying that goes: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."


It's basically a fancy way of saying, "No pain, no gain," "No hustle, no muscle," or "You give nothing, you get nothing."


Don't play it safe. Be a little more spontaneous! Be a little more fun!


Let's face it -- would it kill you to do something cute like saying, "I hate you," with a smile and a wink?


Silly little gestures like this are easy to do, but they have an irresistible impact on men. It drives them crazy, but in a REALLY good way. You'll be leaving them wondering when they're going to see you again.


I'm telling you, Wendy -- THAT'S the impression you want to leave!


No One Is Born Irresistible -- It's A Skill To Be Learned!


It's May again, the threshold between spring and summer, and definitely one of the best times of the year to go out and meet new men. There's so much to do in May -- would you really want the opportunities to meet a great guy pass you by?


I sure hope not!


In this article, I just gave you three simple tips on how to instantly raise your "irresistible" factor with men.


But to really rise above "other women" and attract the best men in the bunch, you'll need quite a bit more.


Of course, I have great news for you!


In my e-book series, 77 Secrets of Love, I present years of dating knowledge and wisdom into a single, readable, enjoyable format. It's helped thousands of my readers become SO irresistible that many have written back to ask me how to manage all the men coming into their lives!

You can join my 43,000 readers by clicking the link below!

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Feel free to take a peek. I'm sure you'll LOVE it -- and I'm sure HE'S going to love you for it, too!

To the happiness you deserve,


~Alexandra Fox

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