"How to Make Him More OPEN to Commitment"


>> NOTE: Is it possible to make a man commit? The answer is YES -- but you'll need to learn special communication skills in order to "get through to him" and ultimately win his heart. If you want to learn how to "speak his language," click on the link below to learn the 77 Secrets of Love .

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Meeting new, single men should be easy enough. It's just a matter of going to the cafe, the bar, the beach, or even chatting it up with the cute guy in the supermarket aisle.


The trick is finding single men who are actually OPEN to commitment. And as we all know, there are very few of them out there.


Sometimes, when I'm at the beach or the lake, I look out over the water and think of the saying: "There's a lot of fish in the sea."


You've heard of it before, haven't you? It's probably what your girlfriends told you when your relationship with a particularly great guy didn't work out because "he wanted to stay single."


And it's true. There ARE a lot of fish in the sea.


Problem is, out of the maybe 30,000 species of fish in the world, only a handful are edible!


Likewise, in the ocean of the dating game, only very few of the single men out there are actually open to commitment. They're the few rare gems that are actually mature enough to handle a serious relationship.


I guess that's why they're called "good catches," eh? Haha!


The Anatomy Of A Guy Who "Doesn't Want A Relationship"


I'm going to go a bit deeper with my "fishy" analogies. (For some reason, it's easier to compare men to fish than any other animal... maybe it's the smell. But anyway.)


My next analogy concerns the typical "guy who doesn't want a relationship." If you've been reading my articles for a while, you might know I like to call them "emotionally-unavailable."


They're the guys who "would rather stay single," or "would like to keep partying a little longer," or "would like to get rich first." The silly reasons go on and on.


Fact remains -- they don't take too well to the idea of commitment. And if you talk to them about anything remotely connected to commitment, a more serious relationship, or marriage, they immediately change the subject -- or turn all crabby.


So my next analogy is just that -- an emotionally-unavailable guy is like a CRAB!


Ooh, I'm so MEAN sometimes! But hear me out!


Crabs, by themselves, aren't edible. With their claws and shells, you can bet they won't go down without a fight.


But after boiling them in water for a while, the shells get softer and the meat gets more tender. Then, with an easy squeeze of your fingers, the shell opens up to the meat -- and before you know it, you're enjoying the special taste of boiled crab!


(If you're allergic to crabs, I hope you still get the analogy!)


Emotionally-unavailable men are somehow built the same way. They'd much rather stay in the dating game, meeting multiple women for the fun of it. It's truly fun for them, and they'd choose this over the responsibility of commitment anytime.


But with a few special skills, you can gradually break down their defenses and encourage them to mature emotionally. And yes, you CAN ultimately make them more open to commitment!


How To Soften His Shell


Okay, I'll stop talking about seafood for a while. Let's now talk about emotionally-unavailable men who become more mature and prepared for commitment after spending some time with a special woman.


I'm sure you've seen it happen in the past.


You may have had a guy friend who told you once, "I'm not really looking for a relationship. I'd like to stay single for a while longer."


But a few weeks later, you found the same guy friend madly in love with his new girlfriend!


What in the world happened? How did he turn from an emotionally-unavailable crab into a man who was actually looking forward to spending the rest of his life with a woman?


Easy. I'd wager his girlfriend had the "special skills" I was talking about earlier in this article.


And these special skills revolve around one thing: COMMUNICATION.


Believe me, I can't stress to you enough how IMPORTANT communication is in a relationship!


Communication is the bridge that connects your heart to his own.


And used correctly, communication can open up an emotionally-unavailable man to the possibilities of a more serious relationship with you!


But let's define "communication" a bit more closely.


"Communication" isn't just the ability to TALK to him. That's just one half of the equation -- after all, communication is a two-way street!


For me, "communication" is the ability to speak the man IN HIS OWN LANGUAGE. Ever noticed how it's much easier to like a guy who has the same personality quirks as you? It's like that!


Here's a silly example. If you buy him a shirt YOU like, he'll thank you for it.


But if you buy him a shirt that HE likes, he'll LOVE you for it!


Another silly example -- when you meet a new single guy, and he asks for your number after talking, what do you do?


Do you write down your number, give it to him, and say with a smile, "Call anytime!"


It's okay if you do, by the way. It's a safe, "neutral" answer to give him.


But if you REALLY want him to drive him crazy (in a good way, of course), you can take a little risk. Write down your number, give it to him, and say with a wink:


"Do your worst!"


Believe me, you're going to leave him thinking about you for a long, long time after you say goodbye. And you can bet he's going to jump on the first opportunity to call you up, asking where and when you could see each other again!


The beauty of these little gestures is that you don't have to limit them to only one guy, either. The point is to be so naturally playful, smart, and adventurous that you'll drive EVERY man you meet crazy.


And yes, I can teach you EXACTLY HOW!

In fact, I've been teaching my readers my "tricks" for a while now. Ever since I launched my 77 Secrets of Love e-book series, I've been receiving e-mails from my readers everyday, telling me just how much more enjoyable their dealings with men suddenly became!


If you'd like to learn the tricks yourself, I invite you to get your own copy of 77 Secrets of Love -- as well as the free "Love Tips" e-books that go with it!


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To the happiness you deserve,


~Alexandra Fox

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