"How to Tell If He's the REAL Deal"

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Dear Wendy,

Hello again! Before we tackle today's article, I'd like to make an announcement -- due to popular demand, I'm coming out with a program solely dedicated to GETTING A COMMITMENT!

This comes off the heels of your enthusiastic reception of my most recent program (77 Ways To Save Your Relationship). Now we'll be focusing on another facet of love and relationships -- getting a commitment from the man you love!

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Thanks so much for letting me help you take control of your love life!


Now let's move on to today's topic -- how to tell if he's the "REAL DEAL!"


I think it was last week when I wrote about "Dara," a personal friend who went through three years of torture with a REALLY bad boyfriend. Do you remember that?


For some reason, she keeps coming to mind whenever I write an article about bad boyfriends. I know there are much worse stories out there, but I guess it hurts more when it happens to one of your own girlfriends!


If you missed the article, then here's a very quick recap:


Three years ago, Dara fell in love and got into a relationship with a guy who called himself "Dan the Duke." The guy turned out to be more like "Dan the Douche."


Over the next three years, he tortured Dara by being abusive, immature, and downright evil. Could you believe he even invited OTHER women to his dates with Dara, even giving crappy excuses such as "They're like little sisters to me"?


But to my shock and disappointment, Dara still put in her hours to make him stay in the relationship. Even if it was the guy who was being a jerk, it was Dara who was doing all the sacrificing, pleading, and anguishing.


Dara actually found the strength to break up with the Douche a few times. But every single time, she always crawled back to him, ACTUALLY SAYING SORRY FOR LEAVING, and begged him to stay.


But you know what the really sad part was? All the tears, all the heartache, and all the frustration -- it was all for NOTHING.


It turned out that for the three years that Dara tried so hard to make the relationship work, the Douche had another girlfriend all along. Of course, when Dara found out, she immediately broke the relationship off and fell into a deep depression.


Dara has been trying to get over the Douche for over two months now, and is recovering well. (And why not? She has the one and only Alexandra Fox in her circle of friends!)


I'm not too worried about Dara -- she has great friends around her who can help her get back on her feet. But I'm pretty worried about all the other women out there, still languishing in what I like to call the "bad boyfriend trap."


Wendy, I've seen so many horror stories like Dara's in the past. But no matter how often it happens, so many women still tend to fall for bad, abusive, unfaithful boyfriends.


And they even try so hard, at the expense of their own happiness and sanity, to make the relationship work out!


Why We Sometimes Fall Into The "Bad Boyfriend Trap"


Sure, there ARE a lot of bad boyfriends out there.


And I believe they shouldn't have any business getting into relationships with ANY woman. But there's nothing even I can do about that.


Besides, I have a WORSE question on my hands:


Why do we STILL fall in love with these bad little boys?


That's an even more baffling question! You'd think that if we all KNOW the signs of a bad boyfriend, then we KNOW that we should avoid them at all costs!


But how come we still fall into the "bad boyfriend trap?"


Over several years of studying men and relationships, I've come to realize that when a woman falls into the "bad boyfriend trap," it's not really the guy's fault. I've learned that women who tend to fall into this trap have a few bad qualities of their own.


One reason why so many women like "bad boys" more than "nice guys" is because they're a lot more exciting. (No one really likes nice, but boring, guys!)


I'd say "bad boys" are a lot like junk food.


You know they're bad for you, but they're so yummy and easy to get. No wonder they're so addicting!

We even give silly excuses to eat more junk food:


"But it's low-fat!"


"But it uses organic sugar!"


"But it's baked, not fried!"


Likewise, we give silly excuses to keep our addiction to bad boys going...


"I'm sure my natural charm will change him eventually."


"I just need to lower my expectations."


"I'm sure it's not his fault the relationship isn't working out."


Fact remains: No matter how many witty excuses you make for your addiction, IT'S STILL BAD FOR YOU.


And it's wrong to go thinking you can change a bad boyfriend for the better, either.


I've learned that most -- if not ALL -- bad boyfriends are actually emotionally-unavailable little boys. If he doesn't care enough to help make the relationship work, then he's very likely not in it for the long haul.


And trying to change him will only make the situation worse.


Read my lips -- you CAN'T change a bad boyfriend by trying to fix his problems.


A man doesn't need a "mother," a "teacher," or a "shrink" figure to be happy.


He needs a LOVER.


Do you really want to be a mother, teacher, or shrink to him for the rest of the relationship?


I sure hope not!

Some Good News


Ah, but there's some GOOD NEWS in all of this!


Like I said, it's IMPOSSIBLE to change a man by trying to fix his problems.


But no one said you couldn't INSPIRE him to fix his problems!


Ever since I launched my e-book sets, I've been receiving "thank-you" e-mails and success stories from my readers every single day. Many of the stories involve boyfriends who were once so hopelessly unavailable -- but are now ACTIVELY and PASSIONATELY doing their part to make the relationship work!


And, yes, I've seen and read stories about bad boyfriends taking a turn for the better.


And it's not because my e-books tell my readers WHAT TO DO about bad boyfriends...


My e-books tell my readers HOW TO ACT, THINK, and FEEL in such a way that it makes men FALL IN LOVE with them -- to the point of manning up and actually taking responsibility of the relationship.


From "What a jerk!" to "What a MAN!", as one of my readers told me!

Judging from the response my e-books have received, I'm pretty sure it's going to help YOU, too! If you, or one of your girlfriends, is currently experiencing trouble with bad boyfriends, then let me help you with my 77 Secrets of Love.

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Go ahead and take a peek! And remember that while you can't change him directly, you can ENCOURAGE him -- very quietly and very secretly. It can be a challenging skill to learn, but I'm pretty sure it's a small price to pay to avoid the torture of years, maybe even DECADES, of bad relationships!


To the happiness you deserve,


~Alexandra Fox

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