If You Don't Do This, He'll Choose Another Woman

Here's how to make a man choose you for his life partner,even if there are other women involved...

How do you make a man commit to you if he's still attached to his ex? If you are dating a little later in life, you are almost guaranteed to have to deal with an ex. And unless you show him that he'll be much better off with you than with her, you have your work cut out for you to get him to move to the next level and commit to you. The good news? It is very doable. Learn exactly what to do in my special eBook collection, click below for a peek. 

Make Him Choose YOU Instead of her!

I'd like to tell you the sad story of "Penny"...

Penny was dating a man named "Joe," who loved her very much. In fact, Joe and Penny shared the kind of chemistry that would sweep them onto the marriage aisle within months (or even weeks) of dating!

There was just one problem that kept the wedding from happening - Joe was still attached to his ex-wife.

Despite going through a bad separation with his ex, Joe still had feelings for her

And to make matters worse, there were kids involved... and Joe was still attached to them, too, as he should be. But it meant he had frequent contact with the ex... 

Sadly, even after several months of dating Penny exclusively, Joe never got over his ex. Before long, Penny got impatient, frustrated, and angry... and the arguments started.

The fights got worse and worse until Penny gave up and told Joe: "It's either her or me!"

And to her disbelief, Joe chose his ex. He chose to continue a hot-and-cold relationship with his ex-wife... and Penny was left alone. Single, heartbroken, and sad.

The biggest secret that would have helped Penny was she had to acknowledge that she was up against a history here, and by acknowledging it and working with it in mind, it could have saved her relationship. 

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Have you ever dated a man who was still attached to a woman in his past?

Are you dating such a guy RIGHT NOW?

Why Dating A Guy Who's Attached To His Ex Has A 90% Chance Of Failure

There's no doubt about it - dating a man who still attached to his past is VERY complicated. But thankfully you're reading this and you can be one of the 10% who knows how to handle this correctly. 

It seems that no matter what you do, something's always holding him back and keeping him from committing to you 

And 9 out of 10 times, your relationship will not work out, because...

#1 - You struggle to have 100% of his attention. And that's what a man needs to commit to you.

#2 - He always has an "escape route." He's basically holding the cards in your relationship, because if the relationship fails, he's NOT the one with everything to lose... because he still has his ex.

s#3 - As your relationship drags on, you get sadder and more desperate. And as these negative emotions continue to poison your relationship, the chances of it failing shoot straight up, because you come across as sad and desperate.

What you need right now is to take a special, little-known, but highly-effective approach...

How To Make A Guy Love You So Much That He'd Feel Crazy Not To Choose You

This special strategy has been proven to make him realize that you're the better woman... that you'd make a wonderful, fantastic life partner... and that he'd be absolutely CRAZY not to choose you over his ex.

So how does this "special approach" work? 

Basically, you'll do a complete 180-degree turn from what you'd NORMALLY do in this situation... and all that starts by NOT challenging the other woman. And in the process you will also not look sad and desperate either, which is a great thing for how he views you. 

I know - it doesn't make sense when you hear it for the first time! But here's why it works so well for women in this situation...

First of all, you won't be busy "convincing" him that you're the better woman.

Why? Because you can't "convince" a man to love you. "Convincing" him means you're trying to win his mind with logic

Unfortunately, a man doesn't decide to love a woman using logic. He uses his emotions.

He doesn't use his mind. He uses his heart.

So stop trying to convince him you're better than his ex... because all that will do is convince him of the exact OPPOSITE. (Oops!)

So what's the RIGHT thing to do?

Simple - instead of TELLING him you're the best woman for him, SHOW him.

Show him you're happier. Show him you're more mature. Show him you're more successful.

Show him you're the best possible companion he could ever hope for... so that he'll make the decision, all by himself, to choose you

And the great thing is that when you use this approach, he's going to feel so in love with you that he doesn't actually "decide" to choose you... he just does it.

He can't help himself. He'll love you so much that he'll know in his heart that he'd be NUTS to let you go.

THAT'S how you win a man's heart... AND his mind... at the same time!

This is the special approach, and it's what I teach my readers to do in my eBook collection, the 77 Secrets Of Commitment. This eBook is your complete guide to making a man choose YOU over anyone else... no matter how bad or hopeless the situation might seem. 

Some of the secrets are so obvious that you wouldn't be able to believe you've missed them until now. But there are some in there that will make you ecstatic with excitement and you wouldn't be able to contain yourself until you tried them! 

And with "commitment" I mean moving him from casual to exclusive; moving him from exclusive to engaged; move him from engaged to yours forever. Many women make the mistake to think commitment is something that only happens at the end of a relationship. No...! Commitment is something you inspire in him from the very beginning. 

Here are some of the ways my 77 Secrets Of Commitment has helped hundreds of my readers win the hearts and minds of the men in their lives:

  • Learn how to effortlessly make him more and more excited to commit to you as time goes by
  • How to use even a bad situation to make him realize you're the best possible partner he could ever have in his life
  • Discreetly making a man more and more interested in raising a happy family with you
  • Learn how to have "the perfect commitment talk" with him
  • How to handle the various problems and challenges that come your way, from the first date to beyond the wedding day

  • Learn these powerful strategies - and many, many more - in my 77 Secrets Of Commitment eBook collection. Click below to get started!

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