Long Distance Relationships by Alexandra Fox

This eBook has my best techniques and tips on making a long-distance relationship work.

Written by
: Alexandra Fox
: 234 pages
: 2014 (2nd Edition)
: Unforgettable Woman Publishing
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Long-distance relationships do work! Learn how to survive and thrive, while keeping the romance alive in an LDR today.

You're about to learn the biggest secrets, ones very few women know about, on how to make a long-distance relationship work, while keeping the romance alive!

Dear Friend,

We all know what they say about long-distance relationships:

“Long-distance relationships don't work.”

“You need to find someone local.”

“What if he cheats?”

Now here's MY question to the skeptics:

If all that is true, then why do many long-distance relationships actually work out, and very beautifully, too?

I hear women complain about the FWB problem all the time, while they desperately look for ways to break the cycle. They come from all walks of life:

Long-Distance Relationships DO Work Out

Ladies, don't listen to the skeptics. Don't entertain the doubters. Don't believe the pessimists.

Long-distance relationships CAN work out!

And there are thousands, if not millions, of other success stories out there, happening while you're reading this.

Whether your boyfriend lives next door or on the other side of the world has nothing to do with your chances of settling down together, getting married and living happily ever after.

Now, I know what you're thinking

If long-distance relationships can work, then why are long-distance relationships so difficult to navigate?

The answer is simple.

We're taking the WRONG approach!

The main reason why so many long-distance relationships fail is because we take the rules for regular, geographically-close relationships, and then APPLY them to our long-distance relationships.

Ladies, we need a different set of rules. We need a different approach to our long-distance relationships.

And that's where I come in!

Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work With
Alexandra Fox's New eBook Collection

Friends, what I'm about to teach you about long-distance relationships may SHOCK you.

I'm about to expose all the wrong ideas people have about long-distance relationships, and then show you why, and how, we've been sabotaging our own efforts all this time.

What's more, I'll also teach you the success secrets that many of my clients and readers -- and millions of women around the world -- use to make even the most impossible-seeming long-distance relationships work.

This new eBook collection, “Long-Distance Relationships,” is the most comprehensive guide to long-distance relationships you can find anywhere, whether on the Internet or in your local bookstores.

And it's not just hearsay and recycled advice: This eBook collection is the product of months of research.
The Amazing Things You'll Learn in the
"Long Distance Relationships" EBook

Let me show you the things you will learn in this powerful eBook, which will help you achieve your goals and transform your love life forever:

  • When is the right time frame to move in with your long-distance boyfriend? (Concept 34)
  • Tips on how to control your temper and keep it from ruining your relationship, as well as ways to channel your energy into better, more constructive activities for your long-distance relationship. (Concept 30)
  • A simple change that will drastically improve your long-distance relationship's chances of success. (Concept 41)
  • A dangerous mistake that many women make without knowing, and why it has ruined many long-distance relationships. (Concept 56)
  • The fine line between being “submissive” and being “dependent:” Two very different things, one of which can strengthen the relationship, and the other which can destroy it. (Concept 41)
  • A collection of stories about what to do and what NOT to do when your geographically close relationships suddenly becomes long-distance. (Chapter 10)
  • The one thing so many long-distance couples lack that make their relationships unnecessarily harder. (Concept 19)
  • The single-most important requirement in any long-distance relationship. (Concept 42)
  • Where I draw the line when it comes to honesty and white lies in a long-distance relationship. (Concept 37)
  • How to get ready for the special challenges of a long-distance relationship. (Concept 28)
  • How much of the work HE should be doing, and how to make sure you're not doing too much, or too little, for the LDR. (Concept 24)
  • What it means when your long-distance boyfriend doesn't give you his number. (Concept 31)
  • The #1 sign that your long-distance relationship won't work out: Discover how to know when it's 100% necessary to break up with him. (Concept 39)
  • Two basic solutions to any long-distance relationship problem, especially in the delicate early months of the relationship. (Concept 7)
  • How to find out his unique emotional needs, and then how to make sure they won't trap you into a toxic relationship. (Concept 14)
  • How to deal with his physical needs, especially if sex is always on his agenda. (Concept 15)
  • How long should you wait for a long-distance relationship to work before you move on? (Concept 38)
  • How to find out your unique “attachment style,” and what it means for your chances of success in your long-distance relationship. (Concept 4)
  • What it means when he wants to be friends, but still flirts with you: Learn how to deal with a confusing long-distance boyfriend. (Concept 33)
  • The million-dollar question: Where should the two of you settle down eventually? (Concept 43)
  • How to deal with your emotional needs, particularly when the distance starts to make you lonely. (Concept 13)
  • How to end up stronger, happier and wiser, no matter what happens to your long-distance relationship. (Concept 3)
  • What to do with long-distance boyfriends who don't seem to be on the same page as you. (Concept 10)
  • What's the right way to handle a break-up in a long-distance relationship? (Concept 44)
  • Everything you need to know about men in a long-distance relationship: Discover whether they're madly in love with you, or simply in it for the fun. (Chapter 3)
  • How to see if you're prepared and ready to handle a long-distance boyfriend, as well as what to do if you're not. (Chapter 2)
  • Did you know that closing the distance can actually cause the break-up? Read here about a surprising, and little-known, risk in living close after LDR. (Concept 18)
  • Why it's NOT a good idea to profess your love too early. (Concept 32)
  • How to tell if your long-distance boyfriend is prone to cheating. (Concept 9)
  • Five questions to determine your unique emotional needs in a romantic relationship. (Concept 12)
  • Discover a little-known secret about men and their desire to be macho. (Concept 45
  • What can you do when you're feeling insecure about your long-distance relationship? (Concept 22)
  • How to tell if you're “attachment-anxious,” which is a one-way ticket to bitterness and misery. (Concept 5)
  • An in-depth look about the pros and cons of sex during the first meeting in a long-distance relationship (Concept 35)
  • There is a surprising advantage to long-distance relationships over standard, geographically close relationships. (Concept 16)
  • You need to memorize these five, crucial questions to ask when judging his attachment level towards you. (Concept 8)
  • What to do when your long-distance boyfriend asks you for money: Discover when it's okay, and when it's NOT okay, to send financial support. (Concept 29)
  • What are your long-distance relationship's chances of success? Learn how to tell whether you have a good chance of working out together, or if you're in trouble. (Concept 1)
  • The four biggest factors that affect a long-distance relationship's chances of working out: (Concept 2)
  • Learn the main reason why most long-distance relationships don't work, and how yours can. (Chapter 1)
  • Discover all about the dangers of cheating, jealousy and insecurity in long-distance relationships, and how you can use these three “relationship poisons” to your own advantage. (Chapter 6)
  • Will you hurt your chances when you talk to him about your future? Discover the fine line between planning your future and being a little too needy. (Concept 26)
  • How the distance actually helps you create a better relationship for the future, by using the time and distance to your relationship's benefit. (Chapter 5)
  • Some types of men are bad for long-distance relationships: Does your own long-distance boyfriend fall into one of these categories? (Concept 23)
  • Find out how to deal with the feelings of jealousy when they arise in your relationship. (Concept 21)
  • Discover how your independence can help -- or hurt -- your long-distance relationship. (Concept 17)
  • The best ways to close the distance between you: Since every long-distance relationship has to close the distance to work out, keep these crucial secrets in mind (Chapter 9)
  • Learn how to maintain the passion throughout a long, challenging long-distance relationship, while keeping the fire burning through the years and across the miles. (Chapter 7)
  • What can you expect after you marry your long-distance boyfriend? Married life has significantly different challenges and requirements from a long-distance relationship, so it is best to be prepared for them with these lessons. (Concept 40)
  • Discover how to tell if he's cheating, or  “really busy.” (Concept 20)
  • How to maintain communication in a long-distance relationship: Contained within this chapter are the best practices, as used by successful long-distance lovers, in keeping communication lines open. (Chapter 8)
  • How often should you see each other physically? How can you tell whether you're not meeting enough to make the relationship work? (Concept 27)
  • isted in this section are the right ways to get ready for settling down together. These lessons are from some of my most successful readers and clients, who managed to close the distance with their long-distance boyfriends and live happily ever after (Concept 36)
  • Bonus Report 1: How to Keep The Romance Alive
  • Bonus Report 2: 7 Keys to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship
  • Bonus Report 3: 10 Fun Activities to Do While Living Apart
  • And so much more!
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Long Distance Relationships: This eBook has my best techniques and tips on making a long-distance relationship work.
Bonus Report 1: How to Keep The Romance Alive. You'll know exactly how to keep the romance alive over distance.
Bonus Report 2: 7 Keys to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship. Crucial information on how to survive a LDR. 

Bonus Report 3: 10 Fun Activities to Do While Living Apart. In this eBook, you'll learn 10 fun activities you can do with your man to keep his passion.

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