Men Will Not Trust You Unless You Do This...

Are you a good woman with lots of good traits... but for some reason, you're just not lucky in love? Do guys tend to see you as more “friend-material” than “wife-material?” Or do you have that one man in your life that seems to keep his distance from you?  

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What Guys Crave From You

Let me tell you a funny story about how a CROCODILE – those big, scaly, very scary reptiles – taught me a lesson in dating... 

“Sally,” a personal friend of mine in Australia, works in a theme park and zoo as an animal caretaker. A few years ago, she took me to her workplace so I could see how she fed a saltwater crocodile, the largest crocodile species in the world.

That day, Sally led me into the pen of one of their largest male crocodiles in the zoo. “This is Joe,” she introduced me. “He's about 20 feet long. Hungry. And we're feeding him today.”

“He's huge,” I said, my voice quivering. “Maybe I should stay outside the pen and watch?”

“Oh no,” Sally laughed. “Where's the fun in that?” 

Joe the crocodile lay motionless in a pool of water at one end of the pen, watching Sally as she tried to coax it out with a dead chicken in her hand. When the huge crocodile finally moved its head an inch, I jumped back about 10 feet, swearing and screaming like a little girl. 

“Hey, don't do that,” Sally scolded me. “He'll think you're prey.”

With growing amazement, I watched as Sally fearlessly continued to coax Joe out of the pool. Slowly, he inched towards the chicken in her hand, and – to my amazement – took it in his jaws slowly, gingerly, and very respectfully.

As Sally walked backwards away from Joe, I could swear the crocodile was smiling up at Sally with little crocodile eyes of thanks, chewing and retreating back into his pool.

Later, at the zoo's cafe, I asked Sally: “How did you learn to be so fearless, in charge, and in control of a 20-foot long killer?”

She explained: “People, like you, who have never fed a crocodile before, tend to do two things: You panic, and you overcompensate by using ten-foot poles to do the job. But that only makes the croc see you as prey, and doesn't really build trust.”

I laughed, embarrassed. “But I can't help it.”

Sally nodded. “Yes, but that's because you don't understand how a croc's mind works. So your brain is going a million miles an hour, thinking, 'What should I do? What should I do?'

“But when you know how a crocodile's mind works, then things get so much simpler. You'll know the right way to approach them, the right way to engage them, and the right way to build trust with them. Then everything else becomes effortless.

Wow. Could you believe that? Feeding a crocodile... effortless?

That was an unforgettable day for me. And, as you might already be guessing, it helped form the foundation of one of our most important “core values” in the Unforgettable Woman community...

About Crocodiles, Men, And Other Scaly Creatures

(By the way, I DO NOT recommend you try hand-feeding crocodiles anytime soon. Sally had decades of training behind her!)

My experience with Sally and Joe the Croc showed me there are parallels between the care and feeding of saltwater crocodiles... and the “care and feeding” of boyfriends/husbands.

Do you know the right way to approach a man, the right way to engage a man, and the right way to build trust with him?

When it comes to meeting and dating men, you tend to encounter a lot more rejection, a lot more pain, and a lot more disappointment when you don't understand how their minds work, what they crave, and what makes them tick...

You're always thinking, “What should I do? What should I do?”

So you panic, you overcompensate, and you end up becoming needy and over-emotional.

And as a result, men don't really see you as “lover material.” They find it hard to trust you... and when they can't trust you, they can't love you.

Am I right or am I right? ;)

Think for a moment about the man in your life and how there seems to be an invisible distance between you, that you can overcome.

Your goal should be to slow down, take a deep breath, and start understanding the male mind.

Your goal should be to understand the intricacies, tendencies, quirks, fascinations, habits, values, beliefs, and motivations of the male mind... particularly when it comes to love, dating, and relationships. Because men are hard-wired a specific way. And although all personalities are different, the underlying psychology is the same.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking: “That sounds really hard, Alexandra!”

Well, it can be challenging, that's for sure. Sally spent years studying and understanding the mind of the saltwater crocodile... but as a result, the crocs look to her not as prey, but as their “boss.”

Likewise, if you tried to figure men out all on your own, it could take years before you could understand them completely. His own personality traits may trip you up and disguise the underlying hardwiring

But thankfully, I'm about to show you how to totally, completely, absolutely understand the male mind in love... in just ONE WEEKEND.

Picture This...t

When you meet a great new guy and you'll start dating, you'll be completely free of those annoying “what if” questions swimming in your head. Imagine the freedom when you start seeing him responding lovingly to you actually “getting” him.

You'll know exactly what to expect and what to do in your new dating relationship with him, in order to keep him interested, grow the relationship, and make him love you more and more. 

And even if the men you meet have different personalities, beliefs, values, and habits, you'll still have an effortless time relating to them... simply because you know and understand the deepest, most basic, and most important traits of men in love and life.

In other words, you'll be fearless, in charge, and in control of your relationships with men from now on!

Here are a few of the crucial lessons I'm about to teach you:

  • The essential “roles” that bring out the REAL MAN in him and when you do this, he will associate that great feeling with YOU.
  • Communication that makes him want to engage with you, even if he has been distant before.
  • How to easily tell if a man is telling the truth or not. Men lie about silly stuff, but you will be able to read him better and create a safe environment for him where lies become unnecessary.
  • How to intensify any man's attraction towards you. This literally happens in front of your eyes.
  • How to instantly make guys see you as “girlfriend material.” If you just “get” him, he’ll brag with his buddies about the great catch you are
  • Techniques to actually make him want to date you more. Make him crave you.
  • How to make him think he'd be crazy to leave you. Much easier than you think.
  • And many other ways to READ and then INFLUENCE the male mind!

Men are not half as complicated as you think…

I'll teach you all this and more in my eBook, Unmask The Male Mind. It's my complete guide on understanding male psychology quickly and completely, especially when it comes to meeting, dating, and loving great new guys.

Take a free peek at the first few chapters by visiting the website below, and see how this eBook collection has turned hundreds of my readers into fearless, knowledgeable, skillful lovers:

Understand him totally and completely!  

Understanding men isn't very different from understanding crocodiles.

Once you know how their minds work, everything else will be EFFORTLESS. You can love him completely and fearlessly, and he'll reward you with love, attention, respect, fun, affection, devotion and loyalty for the rest of your lives together.

...Or you could just stay outside the pen and watch. Your choice! ;)

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