Men's Deepest Secrets Revealed

Until recently, there were some things about men I couldn't figure out. Certain aspects - such as why men could go hot-and-cold with even the best single women out there - used to drive me crazy. 

Good thing I met Devon Bradway, our "male voice of reason" here in the Unforgettable Woman community. He's not shy about giving away the deepest, darkest secrets of the male species, simply because he knows it's going to help you... and it's going to help thousands of women soon. 

Read Devon's "confessions" about why men go hot-and-cold in today's Newsletter - or get the full story by reading his eBook below. Trust me - it's a real eye-opener!

Men's Deepest Secrets Revealed

Hey, Girl! Devon Bradway here. 

Women ask me questions about men all the time. One of the most common questions happens to be: "Why do some men commit right away, while others NEVER commit?" 

The answer is simple: Even before playing the dating game, men already know deep inside whether or not they'll commit to a woman.

It's like we've already decided - either "I want a girlfriend," or "I just want to have fun." And our decision pretty much dictates how well or how badly our next relationship goes. 

But sometimes, it's not that simple. Some women ask me: "Devon, why do some men say they DON'T want to commit, but later on get into a relationship with a woman... only to break up with her... and then later, come back to her again?" 

Whew! THAT one needs a longer explanation... 

Why Some Men Go Hot-And-Cold

Here's the thing - while most men are pretty much fixed with their decision to commit or to stay single from the beginning... sometimes, it just takes one special woman to change our minds.

One common situation is when a hopeless player meets a FANTASTIC woman, and he's swept off his feet. He's so blown away by how wonderful this woman is... that he eventually swears off the player lifestyle, stops seeing other women, and commits to her. 

(And in case you're curious, these kinds of women are confident, independent, smart, flirty, attractive, has good fashion sense, holds high standards for herself and the men she dates... all that good stuff!)

But here's the funny thing... it can also work the other way around.

Sometimes, a commitment-ready guy starts dating a bad, abusive, confusing, or overly-emotional woman... and gets so traumatized and disillusioned that after the relationship is over, he swears NEVER to fall in love again... and becomes a player.

Crazy, huh? But trust me, I know guys who've been through one transformation or the other.

In other words, if a man keeps bouncing back and forth between being a keeper and being a player, my best guess is that the woman he's dating has something to do with it.

After all, she IS half the equation. As Alexandra always says, "It takes two people to make a relationship work!"

Now, let's move on to the obvious question: "How do I make a man stop being hot-and-cold... and finally commit to me?"

The 2 Best Ways To Make A Man Commit

Take it from a guy: The two best ways to make a man commit are:

(1) Be a fantastic woman - I already gave you a clue on how to be one... and 

(2) Understand how a man acts, reacts, thinks, and feels when he's in love.

Of the two, I think the second is the more important.

Why? Well... think of understanding men as something like understanding the stock market.

There was a time when I had absolutely no idea how the stock market worked. ("What the heck does 'down by 12.89 points' mean, anyway?!").

But when I studied the stock market, and developed a BASIC understanding of it, then I was able to invest in it... and today I'm making a little extra money every year because of it.

Now what if I had a COMPLETE understanding of the stock market? I'd be like those Wall Street suits, making millions of dollars every single year.

Understanding men is like that. When you have absolutely no idea how we "work," then it's not likely you'll have much success with a man.

When you have a BASIC understanding of men, you might be able to hold a mediocre relationship together.

But when you have a COMPLETE understanding of men... ahh, now that's when you can finally have a relationship worth a million dollars!

 Never Get Confused By Men Again! 

I can teach you all our secrets when it comes to love and dating - and it's all in my eBook,Mixed Signals. It's your complete guide to understanding the quirky world of the male mind... told straight to you by a real man.

Remember, how well you understand men will determine how good your relationship will be. Don't settle for an "average" relationship - understand him COMPLETELY, and enjoy the best relationship you've ever had... and if you're lucky, the best relationship you'll EVER have.

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