Single Woman's Guide To Playing The Field by Alexandra Fox
Have you been out of the dating game for years, or even DECADES... and you'd like to start meeting great new guys again... but don't know how? This brand-new ebook by Alexandra Fox will help you prepare yourself for your sizzling hot “re-entry” into the dating game!
Written by
: Alexandra Fox
: 233 pages
: 2014
: Unforgettable Woman Publishing
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I'm about to teach you a POWERFUL LOVE APPROACH that less than 4% of all women use to “Get Your Groove Back” and Play the Dating Game Again
No Matter How Long You’ve Been Single, You’re About to Enjoy More Fun, Love, and Happiness in the Dating Game Than You've Ever Had in Your Life!
Hi Ladies,

If you're a single mom, or recently divorced/widowed, or simply haven't had a decent boyfriend for YEARS... and you're beginning to feel sad and lonely, wishing you had a good guy to cuddle with on the sofa at night... then I've got something SPECIAL for you today!

First, let me tell you the story of “Mely,” one of our readers here in the Unforgettable Woman community. She's a wonderful woman in her 50s, full of life!

Like you and me, she's had her share of heartbreak in her life.

Picture this:

She got widowed once.

She got divorced once.

And in between, she had so many bad relationships that she lost count.

By her age, most women might have given up. Most women would have shut themselves in and lived the rest of their lives alone, filling the emptiness with a pet or two.

But Mely did something different. She actually kept dating.

She kept going out there. She kept making new friends. She kept meeting good men.

And something wonderful happened...

Today, she's dating a dance instructor who's also in his 50's... and they're having the time of their lives together.

They're dancing together, traveling together, taking vacations together, you name it.

And just recently, Mely wrote me to say they're about to tie the knot!

I had to ask her about her secret to finding true love and happiness, even though she's been through more heartache and pain than most women go through in their lives.

And she gave me a short, sweet answer:

“Life's too short to play scared!”

Here she is enjoying more fun, more romance, and more happiness than most women half her age... all because she wasn't scared to play the dating game!
Now, if you've been through the same pain Mely has... or worse, if you're going through that pain RIGHT NOW... then I got something SPECIAL for you.

I'm about to teach you a POWERFUL LOVE APPROACH that less than 4% of all women use... and as a result, less than 4% ever enjoy the kind of strength, happiness, and success that “Mely” has.

In fact, this approach is so MASSIVELY POWERFUL that it will change your life in mere weeks or months.

Picture this: If you're still single and lonely, and you followed this love approach around Halloween... then you'd be enjoying cuddles, candy, and hot chocolate with your fantastic new boyfriend around Christmas.

Or if you followed this love approach around Christmas... then you'll have someone VERY special in your life by the time Valentine's Day rolls around.

It's THAT powerful.

And it won't even matter if you've been single and “out of touch” with the dating game for years, or even DECADES. Just a few weeks of following this love approach, and you'll be enjoying more confidence and success with men than you've ever had in your life.

So what is this powerful love approach?

We call it “Playing the Field.”

Here's what “playing the field” means:

  • It means testing the waters.
  • It means looking at all the choices you have.
  • It's about exploring life and love.
  • It's about seeking the best life situation for yourself.
  • It means taking the time to see as many men as you practically can, until you find your ONE TRUE LOVE, your PERFECT MATCH, your MR. RIGHT!

Playing the field means going out there, fearlessly meeting new guys, having fun dating them in rotation... and continuing to date around until you find the best possible guy for you out there.

Playing the field means setting aside the dating “rules” you've been brought up to follow without question... and instead set your own rules, and shape your dating life the way YOU want it.

In other words, playing the field is about EMPOWERMENT – giving you complete control over how you want your future to pan out, instead of depending on the men you meet (and putting yourself in danger in the process!).

Now, some women cringe and say: “But Alex, I don't WANT to be a player!”

Excuse me. That's NOT what our definition of “playing the field” is, thank you very much!

The common misconception about “playing” is that it's all about manipulation, or fooling, or bamboozling someone into doing something they don't want.

Let me clear it up once and for all: “Playing” is NOT a bad thing, and “playing the field” does NOT mean you're a player.

And for goodness' sake, it's NOT about fooling guys into doing something they don't want.

Here's how “playing the field” really works. When you're buying a new dress, or a new phone, or a new car, you don't buy the first one you see. Right?

You take the time to study your choices. To see the alternatives. To test what's available. To see what's the best fit for the lifestyle you have, and the lifestyle you want to lead.

If we give that kind of attention to our dresses, phones, and cars, shouldn't we give the same kind of attention to the men we choose to let into our lives?

Exactly. You want only the best. And I WANT you to have only the best.

Do YOU want the best? ;)

Why Every Single Woman

ABSOLUTELY MUST Learn How To Play The Field

Now, you might be thinking: “Why should I start playing the field? Wouldn't it be better if I just dated one guy at a time until I found 'the one'?”

My answer: Sure, you can date one guy at a time. But why would you want to?

In fact, before you read this, you probably dated one guy at a time, too. And unfortunately, it didn't work out so well. Right?

Dating one guy at a time may seem like the “right” thing to do. But if you look at the effects, all it really does is increase the chances of loneliness, breakups, and disappointments in your life.

On the other hand, when you play the field, many WONDERFUL CHANGES happen in your life...

  • Instead of feeling “obligated” to the guy you're currently dating, you keep your options open... and you're much more likely to find guys you actually DO like, and who like you, too
  • When you play the field, you're at least three times more likely to get what you want out of the dating game... and three times faster, as well.
  • Your dating life will become at least three times more enjoyable... and the guys you date will have just as much fun with you, too.
  • You'll be safe from the all-too-familiar trap of committing to a guy too quickly, only to realize later on he has too many glaring flaws to be a good boyfriend.
  • You'll also be safe from settling for a lousy boyfriend “because there's no one else” (which is a crazy reason to begin with!)
  • You'll save TONS of time, money, and stress... while getting TONS more fun and happiness
from your dating life!

But perhaps most importantly, playing the field will give you a sense of complete control over your love life – free of guilt, shame, and the sense of being “tied down.” You'll live by your rules, and men will respect it!

But here's the catch:

You Got To Play The Field RIGHT

Like everything else, there's a right and wrong way of playing the field.

The WRONG way is what most people think “playing” means – by tricking, manipulating, and fooling men into doing what you want... and then dumping them afterwards.

That's NOT how “playing the field” goes!

Instead, playing the field is an ART and a SCIENCE that comes in 4 parts:

Part 1: “Training Day”

  • Learning how to get noticed (and approached) by the best single guys out there, even if you've been out of the game for years (or even decades)
  • Learning the rules, do's & don'ts, dating techniques, and best strategies in the dating game
  • Developing a winning “game plan” for your new dating approach, taking your lifestyle, capacity, and personal goals into consideration

Part 2: “Game Time”

  • Knowing where to meet the “good” guys... and where to avoid the bad boys and players
  • The art of “rotation dating” – dating more than one guy at a time, in rotation
  • Techniques on how to turn the game around, and make guys CHASE you instead of having to chase after guys

Part 3: “Crunch Time”

  • The rules and boundaries you have to set regarding sex, depending on what you want to achieve out of the dating game
  • Knowing who you CAN have sex with... and who you should NEVER go to bed with
  • The crucial skills on managing feelings (yours and his) after sex
Part 4: “Win or Go Home”

  • Spotting the signs of “the one” – and how to form that unbreakable bond with him
  • Turning a man's lust into love
  • The skills you need to start the best, most romantic relationship of your life

Now, ANYONE can learn how to play the field via trial-and-error... but it's going to take a LOT of time, a LOT of errors, and a LOT of failed attempts.

But that's why I wrote my newest book: So you can learn and master all 4 parts of Playing the Field in just one weekend.

My newest book is called The Single Woman's Guide To Playing The Field, and it has the most powerful, most effective techniques in getting your groove back and playing the dating game again... no matter how long you've been single!

Let me show you the things you will learn in this powerful book that will help you achieve your dating goals and transform your love life forever:

    Here are just some of the things you'll learn in the Single Woman's Guide To Playing The Field:
  • How to know if he's flirting with you... or just being friendly (Page #24)
  • How to “play the field” without being seen as a player (Page #95)
  • What to expect over the first few months of playing the field (Page #13)
  • How guys play the game (Chapter #1)
  • The only two reasons why guys wouldn't approach you (Page #22)
  • The 4 tell-tale signs he's flirting with you (Page #26)
  • Why men get bored rather quickly... and how you can effortlessly keep them interested (Page #27)
  • What to do when you meet that one great guy who sweeps you off your feet... but you're still having too much fun playing the field (Page #33)
  • 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to instantly make guys feel INTELLECTUALLY attracted to you... (Page #37)
  • How to turn the game around, and make players chase you (Page #97)
  • 2 simple, powerful ways to strike up a conversation with a cute guy anywhere, anytime... even if he never met you before (Page #42)
  • About triggering “love at first sight” in a guy... and an adjustment that might save you a LOT of pain over the next several years (Page #43)
  • How to get your groove back after divorce, separation, or being widowed (Chapter #5)
  • How to use dating websites without falling for cheaters or scam artists (Page #47)
  • Is it ever a good idea to date an ex? The final verdict is on Page #49.
  • The fastest, easiest, most effective way of making an ex come back to you (Page #51)
  • How to date more than one guy in rotation... without feeling guilty about it (Page #53)
  • What to do when the guy you're dating gets upset when he realizes you're dating other guys... (Page #54)
  • How to keep a guy from running away after you “accidentally” confess your attraction to him (Page #55)
  • What to do when your family, friends, community, etc. thinks you're being trashy by dating around (Chapter #8)
  • The best places to find good guys (Chapter #9)
  • 4 signs a guy is available... and the 4 signs he's NOT available (Page #68)
  • The “rules to follow” when the guy you're dating is also dating other women at the same time (Page #69)
  • Why you absolutely MUST date more than one guy at once... (Chapter #10)
  • The two most important rules of rotation dating (Page #73)
  • How to keep your options open without bypassing someone who might be your perfect match (Page #76)
  • The right and wrong things to say when guys ask why you broke up with your last boyfriend (Page #78)
  • What to do when your Guy #1 catches you with your Guy #2 (Page #82)
  • The 2 biggest, no-denying-it signs of a player (Page #92)
  • How to make guys chase you (Chapter #13)
  • How to move from “playing” to “getting serious” (Chapter #15)
  • The 3 “traps” to avoid in the field – once you're clear of these, your chances of getting into a bad relationship go down to almost zero (Chapter #16)
  • The best and worst times to have sex with a guy you like (Chapter #17)
  • How to say “no” when a guy wants sex... AND make him respect your boundaries (Page #120)
  • The types of guys you can have sex with... and the types you should NEVER even try (Page #123)
  • How to deal with critics, skeptics, and haters while playing the game (Page #127)
  • 3 easy, effective ways to minimize (if not eliminate entirely) the amount of criticism you'll get from friends, family, and other women (Page #128)
  • How to sleep with him AND keep him interested in a serious relationship at the same time (Page #131)
  • How to strike that delicate balance between finding lasting love and happiness AND your need to have satisfying sex (Page #135)
  • How to turn a fling into a serious relationship (Page #141)
  • What to do when you fall in love with a guy you DIDN'T plan on loving (Page #142)
  • How to turn a man's lust into love (Chapter #23)
  • How to make a “friend with benefits” fall in love with you (Page #148)
  • The only time you should EVER confess your feelings to a guy (Page #162)
  • What should you do when you get so good... and the men you meet fall in love with you too soon? (Page #163)
  • The 5 top reasons why guys lose interest in relationships... and how to keep them from sabotaging your own relationship (Page #164)
  • The Do's and Don'ts of dating more than one guy in rotation (Bonus Report #1)
  • How to choose the three guys in your life to start rotation dating with (Page #191)
  • How to choose the three guys in your life to start rotation dating with(Page #191)
  • How to play the field as a single mom (Bonus Report #2)
  • 3 steps to get back into the dating game after a breakup, divorce, or separation (Page #198)
  • The 5 principles that can make any single mom a superstar in the dating game (Page #204)
  • What to do when playing the field eats away at your self-esteem (Bonus Report #3)
  • The 4 most desirable female traits (according to the real men out there)... and how to easily develop them in your own life (Page #217)
  • And much, much more!

But as you already know... reading about playing the field is one thing. Actually playing the field is another thing.

And that's the tough part of love and dating advice – it's always the application that's hard. Right?

Well, we thought of that too. That's why our newest book, The Single Woman's Guide To Playing The Field, is also our very first WORKBOOK.

That means it's not just a narrative. It has WORKSHEETS that actually help you get back into the dating scene as quickly and easily as possible.

The book's worksheets will help you:

- Uncover your deepest wishes for your love life

- Set goals and a solid plan to achieve those wishes

- Uncover your weaknesses, and turn those weaknesses into strengths

- Set the right standards for the men you date (VERY important!)

- Find easy ways to establish “common ground” with every guy you meet

- Set boundaries for your sex life

- Make sure the guys you meet respect those boundaries

- Find the single guys in your existing circle who are most ready and available

- And more!
How Much is the Man of Your Dreams Worth to You?
What's the value of having the power to make men chase you, adore you, and feel powerless to resist you?

What's the value of saving YEARS of dating the wrong men and staying in the wrong relationships?

What's the value of avoiding heartbreaks and starting to enjoy the happiness that love is supposed to deliver?

What's the value of having the power to direct where you want the relationship to go and influence how your man feels about you?

How much is it worth to achieve success in one of the most important relationships in your life?

Thousands of dollars? Hundreds of thousands of dollars?

My Individual Consultation costs $500 only for one hour. And it usually takes at least five sessions for my clients to process the material. That's $2500 right there!

What if I tell you that you can get all the benefits and all the knowledge that my private clients get for not even half the price, not even a tenth of the price, or a twentieth of the price. The cost of attracting and keep the man of your dreams is only $59.97 $39 ($20 Discount Applied).

And, as always, you'll get three special bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE with your very own copy of The Single Woman's Guide to Playing the Field:

If You're a Decisive, Action Taker, You'll Also Receive 3 AMAZING Bonuses!

In this eBook you will learn male psychology on a deep level. These secrets will transform you from an average girl into an unforgettable woman who every man sees as a "catch."

I'm so confident that my methods will work that I'll give you 30 days to put my system to the test. After reading every page, studying all the principles, strategies, tips, and putting them to the test, if you haven't realized how powerful my system is, or how life-changing it is, or you're not 100% satisfied, I'll refund every penny of your entire purchase. The only requirement is that you give it a try and see first hand how amazing it really is.
The Book that Will End it All
The majority of dating books on the shelf are either outdated or give you facts without teaching you how to apply them. What's the use of reading how men differ from us without learning how to use male psychology to your greatest advantage? The things I teach are simple, practical tools that any woman can use to IMMEDIATELY achieve MASSIVE success.

Once you've learned these secrets, men will do anything to please you and make you happy. Your wishes will be their commands! They won't be able to resist you, say NO to you, or ever look at another woman again. They'll want to spend every minute with you because they simply can't leave! You'll become a man magnet!

Don't Decide Now ...
Try "Single Woman's Guide to Playing the Field"
Risk FREE for 30 Days
"Yes, Alexandra, I'm so ready to get my hands on these secrets to transform my love life and make any man adore me, chase me, love me, and commit to me!
Single Woman's Guide to Playing the Field: Learn how to "super-charge" your love life all over again, even if you haven't had a date in YEARS. The best approaches in dating multiple guys in rotation, the best ways to choose "the one," and how to have LOTS OF GOOD, CLEAN FUN every step of the way... it's all in here, especially for you!
Bonus Report 1: Rotation Dating: The Do's & Don'ts of Seeing More Than One Guy Master the rules and techniques necessary for SUCCESSFULLY playing the field.
Bonus Report 2:  Hot Mama! Playing the Field as a Single Mom Find some good, old-fashioned male companionship AND keep the kids happy, too!
Bonus Report 3: What to Do When Playing the Field Eats Away at Your Self-Esteem Get rid of guilt and shame, your two biggest enemies, from your life forever!
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30-day Money-Back Guarantee

In My New Ebook, Learn How To :

  • How to play the dating game again after being away from it for so long
  • How to safely and correctly date more than one man at a time
  • How to find satisfying, reliable male companionship FAST

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In my brand-new eBook, you'll learn:

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"Best Investment I've Ever Made"
"Your Ebook is truly empowering! It was the best investment I've ever made. It showed me a new way to look at the world and dating. After taking it, I have started to realize my increased confidence and ease with men. And the best part is that I've attracted the attention of a man that I would have never dreamed of dating before. Thank you so much!"
- Susan from Boston
"Absolutely Loved Your Book"
"I absolutely loved your book! I especially enjoyed the chapter on "Understanding Male Instincts." It showed me how to truly understand men. I have recommended your book to my girlfriends. I think they will definitely benefit from it just like I did."
- Lisa, Orlando, FL
"Opened My Eyes to the Truth"
"I am a single mother of two. The father of my children left us a few years ago. After that, I had very little luck finding a good man. After reading the chapter on the types of men who are not boyfriend material, I realized it was really me that was the problem. I have always been attracted to the wrong type of man. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the truth! I am very confident now about finding the right type of man for myself."
- Nancy from Los Angeles
"A Big Difference in My Relationships with Men Now"
"I am a successful career woman. I get what I want when I want it. It works like a charm for my career. But it never worked with guys. I used to chase men and try to get them to commit. It never worked. After reading your book, I realized that men are wired to be the pursuer and don't respond well when a woman does the pursuing. I have already noticed a big difference in my relationships with men, two weeks after reading your book. I feel they are more drawn to me when I am not chasing them. I have never felt so sexy and desirable in my life. Many thanks!" - Melissa from New York
"Powerful Advice ... So Glad I Bought It"
"What an empowering book! I am so glad that I bought it. Not only do you show women how to attract the right man, you also teach women how to understand and manage their own emotions. That is such powerful advice! I now realize that after gaining control of my emotions, I have full control over my life and my happiness. I hope more women will read your book and realize the power behind your advice."
- K.H.
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"I have never read your book. But I want to thank you! I have been amazed by the enormous transformation my girlfriend went through after reading it. She has become more reasonable, calmer, and more understanding. Now, our time together is always fun and pleasant!"
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"Being A Nice Girl Doesn't Work"
"You have shown me why being a nice girl doesn't work! Thanks :)"
- Tiffany, Vancouver
"The Concepts are Refreshing and Enlightening"
"A month after reading your ebook, I started to see how powerful it really is. The concept for a woman to develop her emotional intelligence is so refreshing and enlightening. I can see now that taking control of my inner self has a tremendous effect on how people perceive me on the outside. I have met quite a few "catches" after reading your book who said there was something intriguing about me, but they couldn't really put their fingers on it. You have no idea how flattered I was! Thank you!"
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"I have learned more about men from a few weeks of reading your book than from my thirty-four years of dating men. Everything seems so much clearer now!"
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"I bought almost every dating advice book there is. I was that desperate! I must say that your book is the best. Your approach on managing one's own emotions, understanding men, and assessing a man's potential truly works. My days of reading advice books alone on Friday nights are over. Thank you!"
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"Right to the Point"
"The book was right to the point and explained things clearly, with examples."
- R.P., Romania
"The Advice is Fantastic"
"I just started a new relationship and since I have a history of scaring the crap out of most men, I thought it was worth some extra help. I love the honesty in your book. The advice is fantastic!"
- Kali, Antioch, CA