"Signs of a Failing Relationship"

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Dear Reader,


Tell me if you've experienced this before:


Let's say you met a great new guy, and you took a liking to each other immediately.


Within a few dates, you're already in constant communication with each other.


You text every morning.


You call every few days.


You try to see each other at least once a week.


And then, one very special date, when you feel like it's time to take the relationship to the next level, you ask him if he's ready to go steady. And after a few embarrassed moments, he says YES!

What follows is a great first few days of the relationship. You're ready to scream the fact to the entire world -- you're officially a couple, and you're well on your way to happily ever after!


...Or so you thought.


Soon after the relationship started, you noticed that he's not staying in touch as often.


He's not texting unless you text first.


He doesn't call as often.


He doesn't seem as interested in intimacy before.


He isn't asking you out for as many dates as before -- and when you ask him about it, he tells you he's been busy, or that he's tired, or other such reasons.


And it seems the harder you try to find out why your relationship is turning sour, the farther and more unreachable he seems to become.


The uncertainty builds up and you ultimately break into an argument -- which only leaves things worse than before.


The cycle goes on and on and on, until ultimately the once-great relationship with a once-great man falls apart.


And you're left there heartbroken, alone, and endlessly wondering what went wrong.


If something like this has happened to you before, then pay close attention to this e-mail!


Why Relationships That Start Out Great Turn Sour Soon After


There are many reasons why relationships fail.


And it could be caused by you, by him, or by external factors.


Now if you've been on my mailing list for a while, then you probably already know that there are very few issues about him or external factors that you can actually control.


But you have complete power over YOUR OWN issues.


And if you think you don't have any issues, then try to see if any of the following scenarios apply to you.


#1 - Do you tend to judge a man too easily?

Now this is pretty common, even among smart women.


We may think men are easy to figure out.


For instance, since men are visual creatures, it's easy to think that good looks and great body language is the most powerful way to a man's heart.


So you try to look as good as you can, expecting a man to love you and commit to you.


Unfortunately, men aren't that simple.


Men are very complicated creatures!


And if you tend to simplify your judgments about men, you also tend to keep your connection with men at a shallow, skin-deep level.


And, yes, such shallow relationships never last.


#2 - Do you expect your relationships to make you happy?


I'll admit -- we all want our relationships to make us happy.


And we often go great lengths to assure he does his part to make the relationship work


But unfortunately, this can actually SCARE men off!


Here's the thing -- if you want the relationship to make you happy, then it's very likely he wants the relationship to make him happy too.


It goes both ways.


But if you don't realize that he has other ideas regarding a "happy relationship" too, then you might end up telling him about YOUR hopes, YOUR dreams, and YOUR ideas too much.


And that can be suffocating to a man -- to the point that he'll start looking for ways out of the relationship.


Sad but true!

But it gets worse...


Even if he DOES stick around and tries to satisfy your requirements for a happy relationship, you'll still be on the losing side.


Aside from the fact that you may never be satisfied, you'll also be left with a man who's weak, subservient, and ultimately unable to be that "strong male presence" in the relationship that every woman looks for in the first place.


Do you expect your relationships to make you happy?


#3 - Do you try to convince him to love you?


Now THIS is a big mistake that WAY too many women make.


I say again -- you CANNOT convince a man to love you.


You CAN'T. No matter what you do.


No amount of begging, pleading, flowers, candy, dinners, or even free sex will make him love you.


Here's a free tip: For a man to love you, he has to feel that strong, gut-feel, emotional attraction to you in the first place.


Without it, it's hopeless.


Think about it -- if a man you weren't particularly attracted to began trying to win your affections with gifts, dinners, and other favors? Would it make you more attracted to him?


No, right?


(Besides, if you do, then prepare for a relationship filled with heartache and pain.)


#4 - Do you NOT know what he wants?


Many of us go into a relationship with a clear view of what we want.


We want to be happy.


We want to NOT worry about money.


We want to have fun.


You may have your own expectations for your relationships as well. And that's a good thing -- a long-term plan will up the chances of a successful, fulfilling, long-term relationship with a man.


But did you know what can drastically pull down those chances?


Exactly -- not knowing what HE wants!

Men are people too, and they have their own expectations for their relationships.


Now it may be easy to get a picture of what he wants in the relationship.


You can talk about it. You can ask him what he expects. You can compare notes and establish an "emotional gray area" that you can work on. That's all fine.


But as you probably already know, there are many things that men can't tell you -- even if they tried.


How can you tell what he really wants in a relationship?


And what can you do to make those expectations WORK towards a happier, more fulfilling, long-term relationship with him?


Friends, I'd love to tell you. In fact, I already have in my ebook, 77 Secrets of Love. In 77 Secrets, I'll be giving you deep, eye-opening insights into the male psychology that will help you get a better idea of how a man thinks.


But even better...


I'll be giving you some cutting-edge techniques in dating and relationships that will drastically increase your chances of attracting the best possible men into your life -- and enter great, lasting, ever-growing relationship with him.


(And I'm pretty sure the free e-books that come with it will help you along, too!)


If you're interested in checking out the 77 Secrets of Love, click on the link below. I guarantee it's going to be the single best investment you'll ever make for your love and happiness.


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Until then, pay attention to the signs -- and make sure your relationship isn't going the wrong way!


~Alexandra Fox

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