Sassy Texting by Alexandra Fox

In this eBook, you'll learn the inside scoop about how to use text to communicate a man's love language. Find out how to use a man's most preferred communication method of today to target his heart.

Written by
: Alexandra Fox
: 284 pages
: 2014
: Unforgettable Woman Publishing
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It's no surprise that men LOVE texting. This book will show you how your text messages can keep YOU on his mind and make him fall in love.

Texting is hard for women, because we struggle to keep it short! Learn how to write powerful, sexy, and intriguing texts that would make him excited to hear from you EVERY time his phone chimes.

Dear Friends,

Is you man's preferred method of communication texting?

Are you struggling to keep the romance and relationship alive texting him?

Is it hard for you to say something in just a short message?

Do you struggle to express that you want to see him and talk to him on the phone, rather than only just texting?

The communication that gets his attention

I'm Alexandra Fox and I am going to show you exactly how to use that little piece of technology of yours to make him wake up to the real you (on his OWN) and start thinking of ways to spend more time with you and - ultimately - be his and ONLY his.

I'm going to show you things like what to talk about to get him thinking about you more, pretty much intriguing the parts of his brain that makes him realize you're the one.

Perhaps you are in a situation with a man right now where you feel you're already drifting apart. It is NEVER too late to employ your phone and target his heart!

In my new eBook "Sassy Texting," I give plenty examples in different stages of relationships to help you cope with the things you find most frustrating with modern technology and the way your man choose to communicate.

What my book will teach you is to WORK with what you have.  There is so much power wrapped up in your phone, BUT it is your job is to figure out how to use it.

Doesn't it just frustrate you when you feel like you're really into a man and you just want to hear from him all the time, but instead, you find yourself often checking if you didn't perhaps leave your phone off, or if you've perhaps missed a message from him?

You miss the beginning of the relationship when your phone chimed at least once an hour with little messages from him that made your heart burst. Now you perhaps feel lucky if you hear from him once a week.

And deep down, you just wish you knew what to do because you're not sure you're helping the situation by texting him again. It feels like you're chasing him, right? You ask yourself questions like: I wonder if he got the text...?

Whatever the situation is that you are currently dealing with, which I'm sure is unique from any other woman and her issues, this much I know: this book will help you solve YOUR unique problem.

How can I be so sure?

Because REGARDLESS of what the problem in your relationship is, there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it, unless you know how to COMMUNICATE with your man about the problem in a way that he can relate to and want to communicate back with you. 

What is it about texting for guys?

Have you ever wondered exactly why texting is the IDEAL form of communication for a man?

Let's look at that for a second: Do men talk a lot? No. Do they like to solve problems? Yes. Do they like to avoid emotional issues with women? Absolutely.

So if you look at texting - it is super-short. A man's IDEAL world!

You: How was your day honey?
Him: It sucked.


You: [Launch into a long explanation via text about something that happened with one of your friends that upset you a little bit.]
Him: Lol

Do I need to list more examples? Of course not. I can bet one of your current frustrations is that you have no idea what he means with those one-word responses. It is driving you nuts, isn't it?

As far as problem solving goes, let's take this last conversation I mentioned above. When a man gets such a long text, he's not all that concerned about the details. His gut just tells him: She's upset, how do I fix it? Solution: make light of the situation: Lol.

And as far as the 3rd thing goes, texting is IDEAL for a man to avoid emotional issues. If you call a man on the phone and you are upset with him about something, he's going to deal with it, because you're right there in his ear. He likely won't hang up on you because he is smart enough to know that it would just escalate the problem. So if you are emotional in person or on the phone, he's kinda stuck and HAS to deal with you.

HOWEVER, when he gets an emotionally charged text, yes, you guess it, he can simply ignore it. It feels more acceptable to a man than hanging up on someone, or storming off. And besides, he can later just say he was busy, or he never received it.
When it comes to texting: Men love it.
And if you want to be able to communicate with him in a language that he can not only understand, but make him feel a strong connection with you as well, you will need to learn how to do it properly.

Make peace with it: Texting is here to stay and you most likely already know that in your gut. So you can either just see your relationship sink because the communication part of it is failing, or you can learn how to embrace your man's preferred way of communication.

When it comes to texting, it is not only about what YOU text, but also about how (and how quickly or slowly) you react to anything he texts you.

Communication problems stemming from being unsure how to handle texting, spans the entire length of a modern relationship. Whether you just met him or whether he is your husband

When you start dating, texting quickly becomes a main form (if not THE main form) of communication. As a woman, this offers a challenge to you, because unlike men, we struggle to keep things short.

I have often heard men say they shy away in new relationships from women who send essays. Think about it: most successful guys don't have time to read an entire book (much less respond to with equal length to every text message) some women send them. It's quite a turnoff for some of them. It makes them feel smothered.

But on the other hand, if you don't know how often it is okay to text him, you may run the risk to go off the other side - texting him so infrequently that he thinks you are not interested.

Have you ever dated a guy who often ignored your texts, but otherwise treats you really well? It's confusing. It makes you wonder if he's really into you. And it makes you sometimes send another text, and another one, just to make sure he knows you're still interested.

Many women, just like you, struggle with this exact same problem, because mother nature has also wired us a certain way. We have some hurdles to overcome in this form of communication. But the really good news is, it is doable.

Once you get a hang of it and find your way with texting, you might not only love it and embrace it as YOUR preferred method of communication, but you can also use it as such a wonderful building block, fertilizer, and longevity boost for an entire relationship.

From the dating stage, all the way to keeping the romance alive in a long relationship, don't let your phone drive you crazy anymore
Make texting work for YOU
Learn how to master this communication technique and see your relationship fly to the next level.

Even if the relationship has deteriorated to a point where the only way you two still communicate is an occasional text, you have to embrace the fact that this is now the only means you have to get him back. Embrace it.

* Instead of getting anxious when you're not sure why he is pulling away...

* Instead of bombarding him with texts just because you haven't heard from him in a while...

* Instead of rereading your conversations over and over to try and see if maybe you misunderstood him, when he is acting distant...

* Instead of feeling all that fear and frustration...isn't it better to learn how to effectively embrace this technology by deciding to learn it and use it to your advantage?

Of course it is. Embrace it.

Aside from struggling to keep it short, a frequent complaint is that the man ONLY texts her. He doesn't call, doesn't ask her out, and often she thinks he only texts her if he's bored. This book addresses these problems specifically with ample examples like "Call to action" texts. Learn how to make him realize he misses you. Learn how to make him think about you.

Wouldn't you like to know how to make HIM be the one that is staring at the phone, hoping to hear from YOU, instead of the other way around?

Find out what to text so that you don't bore him and instead keep him intrigued. You can absolutely be that girl that inspires him to assign a special text tone for you (just like you have for him) to distinguish you from the rest. You can absolutely find the way into his heart.

Let me tell you, men often get a bad rap about being completely unemotional and not being able to love us the way we want to be loved. Ladies...ladies...ladies... Don't buy into that nonsense.

Every normal guy out there also just wants that girt that makes his heart jump when he hears that text chime from her. What I need to teach you, however, is exactly how to do that.

So, if you haven't heard from your new guy in a while, or if you're in a relationship and he's always too busy, it is time that you stop being so down on yourself and do something about it.

Don't let it just slip away. What you communicate with him can either make it, or let the relationship die forever.

If he is that man that you imagined you could spend the rest of your life with, learn what to say to him to make him think of you as the one he wants to be with too.

It breaks my heart to know that too many people very often meet and date for a few months - in every sense of the words PERFECT for each other - but just because the woman either texted too much or too little, or too long or too whatever, the guy started pulling away because he couldn't CONNECT to her with their communication. Often they end up in a physical relationship with only sexting keeping it going and all the wonderful things you were looking for in a relationship gets lost in this viscous mix.
It doesn't have to be this way
I am a firm believer that not only can YOU learn how to connect with him completely, but you can also teach HIM that although this may be his preferred form of communication, you need to get your communication needs met as well.

And the beauty is, it will be his idea. He will call you because he'll want to hear your voice too. He will want to hang out with you because he will know he misses you too.

You'll have the tools to show him that you can connect this way, but there are other fun ways to communicate as well. And you can make him WANT to connect that way when you start finding your way to his heart. From that point forward, the rest is easy. Trust me.

If you can figure out his communication style and use it to communicate with him in a way that he can actually HEAR you, you have the keys to happily ever after.

I can almost guarantee you that whatever issue you are struggling with in your relationship right now, it is linked to a lack somewhere in your communication, and the thing is, it is so easy to fix! No relationship can stand the test if communication is lacking or nonexistent.

Very often, by just fixing this one vital component of a relationship, the other problems clear up virtually immediately as well.

Stop being frustrated. Stop wondering why you are not hearing from him. Make him WANT to stay in touch with you.

How do you get started right now? Download my latest eBook "Sassy Texting" today and join the many other women that found a way to connect properly with her man in a way that was absolutely fulfilling to both of them.
Think about it...
Think about how wonderfully surprised he would be when he realizes he's excited to get a message from you.

Think about how nice it is if you can send him a tantalizing message in the middle of a meeting that is guaranteed to make him smile and think about you.

Think about how good it feels to get a message from him that clearly shows you he misses you.

Think about how great it would be when your name on his phone changes from "Your Name Here" to "My Wife!"

Girl, turn on that phone, and start using its (and YOUR) power to turn him on and fall hopelessly in love with you.

When other people look at him, and see him look up from his phone with a huge smile on his face, let the reason for that smile be YOU. Not some other girl that may have learned these techniques before you could...

Stop typing things out and then deleting it before you send it because you're not sure if it would be the right thing to say.

This book makes it easy with plenty of examples covering different scenarios and topics you face every day with your man. It is not difficult to implement. You will learn exactly what to do to get and keep his attention.

It has worked for many other women, just like you, so isn't it time you join the fun too?

I think you're smart enough to know that if you are struggling with texting your man, it will ultimately dictate the outcome of the relationship. Especially if it is the only consistent contact he makes with you. So let's make sure you learn how to talk to your man in a way he can understand you, hear you and fall in love with you all over again, every single day!


Just Click the Download Your Copy right now and let's get started with giving you the keys to his heart.

The Amazing Things You'll Learn in the
"Sassy Texting" EBook

Never be at a loss of words while texting a man again. Find out right now how to communicate to him and find your way to his heart. Here are some of the things you'll learn:

  • What makes him want to respond, find out with (Secret #3)

  • The fun way to learn more about your man... (Secret #6)

  • Texting behaviors that drive him up the wall... (Chapter 2)

  • Why he might not respond… (Secret #10)

  • How men handle texts they’re unsure about… (Secret #12)

  • Why less in a text is more... (Secret #13)

  • How not replying to EVERY text can benefit you… (Secret #16)

  • Keep him texting YOU, not the other way around... (Secret #17)

  • Make him cherish your texts, maybe even save them... (Chapter 3)

  • Are you making this texting MISTAKE? Find out... (Secret #19)

  • How does a man think and text? (Read Chapter 4)
  • Your texts can make HIM miss YOU, find out how... (Secret #21)
  • Use your texts to make him WANT the details of your day... (Secret #24)
  • The best way to text to a man’s heart... (Secret #26) .
  • What texts REALLY attract men... (Secret #28)
  • What texts really give him a RISE... (Chapter 5)
  • Excite him through the world of TASTE… (Secret #33)

  • Make HIM press YOU for more information… (Secret #34)
  • Bring the BEST from your past to the future for GOOD... (Secret #35)

  • Why you need to double check your texts before you hit SEND... (Chapter 7)

  • Emoticons best practices with MEN... (Secret #37)

  • Handle a “no response” like a lady... (Secret #39)

  • The biggest limitations of texting… (Secret #41)

  • Biggest texting relationship KILLERS... (Chapter 9)

  • Text sexy, not annoying... (Secret #43)

  • Learn how to make the BOLD first move… (Chapter 10)

  • Set your texts up to leave NO room for confusion... (Secret #44)

  • The BEST way to text a man... (Secret #46)

  • Don’t understand what his texts really mean? (Read Chapter 11)

  • Pick out the BOOTY CALL text... (Secret #48)

  • How to tell if he’s texting other women besides you... (Secret #49)

  • Men send the one work response because... (Secret #50)

  • How to protect yourself against being a BACKUP or rebound... (Secret #51)

  • Men can use texts to abuse, find out how... (Secret #53)

  • Learn how to stage a relationship initiated through texts... (Chapter 13)

  • Break the TEXT-ONLY zone... (Secret #58)

  • Made a texting mistake you need to put behind you? (Read Chapter 14)

  • What to do with an inappropriate text... (Secret #60)

  • Tired of playing guessing games with texts? (Read Chapter 15)

  • The ladylike way to call out the BS... (Secret #64)

  • The UGLY truth... (Chapter 16)

  • Why some men PREFER to text/sext only (Secret #66)

  • Tired of your man’s excuses for taking days to respond? (Read Secret #67)

  • Learn how to initiate first with CONFIDENCE... (Secret #68)

  • Want to know what will really make your texts stand out? (Read Secret #71)

  • What he thinks you DON’T know... (Secret #72)

  • How texts can make you CLOSER... (Chapter 19)
  • Find out the best way to follow up when given a number in Bonus Report #1

  • Is your passion lacking? Turn it up with these 3 easy steps in Bonus Report #2

  • Find out how to tap into YOU and make it work in Bonus Report #3
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Sassy Texting: In this eBook, you'll learn the inside scoop about how to use text to communicate a man's love language. Find out how to use a man's most preferred communication method of today to target his heart.
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