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The Secret To Making A Past Lover Feel The Hots For You Again

Is he calling less? Or has he stopped
calling you completely? Here's how to
get him back before it's too late!


NOTE: You may not know it, but your mobile phone is a
POWERFUL tool in love and dating... but use it properly,
or it will actually SCARE men away! Use your phone to find
true love and happiness with the man of your dreams - read
my breakthrough eBook below!

Make guys call you more!

We've all been there before, haven't we?

You meet a great new guy. You totally "click" with each other, and you go out on one great date after another... and you feel you're getting closer and closer to becoming a REAL couple. The excitement is unbearable!

Then, suddenly, he loses interest. He calls less often, and the dates drop off. And when you do call him up to ask what's going on, he gives some vague answers like:

  • "I've just been really busy."
  • "I've just been really tired."
  • "I can't talk right now, I'll call you tomorrow." (Ofcourse, he never does.)

The bad news? It's a clear sign that he's losing interest, and it's only a matter of time before you lose him completely.

The good news? If you know what he REALLY needs, then you can get him back again - guaranteed!

The Only Thing You Need To Make A Guy Feel Interested Again

Think of your "favorite fling," or "favorite ex," or "favorite date..." any great single guy you still have feelings for today, even after you've stopped calling and seeing each other.

Imagine for a few seconds... what if you could make him feel interested in you - and in the beautiful relationship you once shared - all over again?

He'd start calling you up again, asking: "Hey, Babe, how have you been?" And you'd chat like how you used to - for hours at a time

But it won't stop with just the calls, of course. He'll start asking you out again. And two or three times a week, you'll be spending a few hours together - just talking, jamming, laughing, and loving.

And your great dates will open the doors to bigger and more enjoyable things - hobbies, family events, vacations, and so on. It just doesn't stop getting better.

The kicker? All you need is your phone... and a few little-known "phone skills" you never had before.

The Secret To Making A Guy Call... And Keep Calling

If you talk to any dating guru, relationship expert, or marriage therapist, they'll tell you the same thingIf aguy likes you, he'll call you.

He really will. And nothing will stop him from calling you.

Not embarrassment. Not the jeers of his friends. Not long work hours. Not fatigue.

If he likes you, he'll call you. Period!

In one of my more special eBooks, I teach you how to make a guy like you enough to start calling you... and then call you more and more... without even meeting him.

All you need is a phone!

Here's how it changed the lives of some of my readers:

"I thought I was going to lose him after we made love too early in our relationship... but thanks to your guide, I was able to get him to start calling me again! Best of all, he even apologized for pushing for sex too much, and asked if we could start over. I happily agreed, and we've been going strong ever since!" "Odette," Florida, USA

"My husband and I have been separated for over a year when I read your book out of curiosity. After I followed your tips, he started getting in touch again... and to my surprise, we started meeting up again. Eventually he asked if I'd like to try again! I wish I read your book earlier... I could have saved on almost 18 months of therapy!" "Lorna," Texas, USA

"I've been in a long-distance relationship for almost two years, but he's always had hesitations in moving closer to me. I read your eBook out of desperation - and after a few months of following your strategies, he's now SO MUCH MORE INTERESTED in moving to my country! He'll be coming to visit me this Christmas. Wish me luck!" "Elle," France

My eBook is called Get Him To Call You More, and it's your guide to turning a man from a scared, tepid, non-committing little thing... into an eager, excited lover who's willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to be with you.

Why did I write this eBook in the first place? Simple... because I was disappointed.

On bookstores and on the Internet, there were books, programs, and thousand-dollar therapy sessions on how to make a man love you, all filled with good advice... but there was just one problem:

99% of all that advice will NOT work if you and your man are NOT communicating!

If you're not meeting up... if you're not talking about your relationship... or most basically of all, if you're not even talking on the phone... then those thousand-dollar therapy programs won't work, full stop.

That's why I wrote Get Him To Call You More, to bring back that all-important pillar of COMMUNICATION into your love life, and make ALL your strategies to get him back a HUNDRED TIMES more effective.

Best of all? You don't even need to meet up with him - if you have a mobile phone, that's all you'll need!

A Special Gift From Me To You

I have a special offer for all Unforgettable Woman members like you...

If you get your copy of Get Him To Call You More,, you'll also get ALL the members-only perks that come with it:

  • $20 off the usual price
  • Top priority for any questions you send me
  • Bonus Guide: 20 Ridiculous Reasons He Won't Call
  • Bonus Guide: How To Stop The Urge To Call Him
  • Bonus Guide: 7 Tips To Win The Calling Game
  • Try it out for 30 days, risk-free
  • ore bonuses to come!

Read my eBook today, and let your mobile phone reward you with the love of a man who truly, completely, absolutely wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Otherwise, your phone will reward you with nothing but a bill!

Click below for your copy:

Make him love you more!

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