Curious Case: Why Guys Fall In Love With Female Psychiatrists

NOTE: Why do men fall in love with psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors? Learn their secrets - and other powerful ways to make a man open up and fall hopelessly in love with you - by reading my book below!

Get The Key To His Heart 

Do you know the difference between female psychologists and ordinary women? 

Men talk to both of them. Right? 

But for some reason, men fall in love with female psychologists... but they friend-zone other women.

Have you ever noticed that? 

I'm no psychiatrist, but I have a friend who is, and she confessed to me that she can't count how many of her male patients have asked her out... sometimes DESPERATELY so! 

So what's her secret?

What do psychologists and psychiatrists have that ordinary women don't?

How do they make men fall desperately in love with them without even trying?

Here's The Big Difference...

When a guy talks to ordinary women like you and me, he tends to keep things civil.

He talks about the weather, their work, the news, and so on. Typical "blah blah" topics.

But when he talks to a psychiatrist or psychologist, he doesn't talk about any of that. Instead, he talks about REALLY DEEP stuff.

He talks about his fears. His wishes. His deepest needs and darkest secrets.


In other words, psychologists know how to bypass his logical defenses.

When he talks to an ordinary woman, he speaks his mind. He trusts her as a friend.

But when he talks to a psychologist, he speaks his HEART. He trusts her with his life.

Ladies, THAT is what makes a man fall in love HARD AND FAST with you. He has to trust you with his life!

When he trusts you with his life, he'll tell you everything you need to know, and he'll do ANYTHING for you. (Even things he may not have wanted to do before, like committing and settling down with you!)

So how do psychologists and psychiatrists do it?

What are their secrets?

And how can ordinary women like you and me use their secrets to make men love us more?

T3 Reasons Why Female Psychologists Are Also The World's Best Seductresses

Thankfully, there's no need to go back to college to learn how psychologists do it. Here are the three steps to break through a man's logical defenses and connect directly to his heart:

Step #1: Disarm him. 

Psychologists are experts at disarming men and their mental defenses, and making them say what's REALLY on their mind... without any fear of being judged or ridiculed.

You can do that, too. For starters, you need to:

  • Listen to him 80% of the time;
  • Spend the remaining 20% of the time asking the right questions; and
  • Show just the right amount of interest in him - not too much that you'll seem attracted to him, and not too little that he'll think you're bored.

Step #2: Identify his deepest need.

Eventually - and it might take a few deep conversations with him before you reach this point - he'll start revealing his true self.

He'll tell you about his fears, needs, doubts, expectations, desires, secrets, and so on.

But among the things he'll tell you, the most important ones are about his needs and desires.

Why? Because when he tells you his deepest needs and desires, that's when he's most vulnerable to fall in love.

And that's where the third step comes in:

Step #3: Decide What You Want To Do.

At this point, you have two choices:

You can adjust to his needs, and attempt to MEET those needs... and have a fun, wildly enjoyable short-term fling with him.


If you can meet his needs without having to adjust too much, then congratulations - the two of you have the foundation of a fun, wildly-enjoyable LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP!

Basically, it's your choice what to do at this point. What matters is that you're in control of the situation!

He trusts you with his life, and he can fall madly in love with you at any moment.

What's your call? ;)

  • Get an ex-lover back
  • Turn a friend into a lover
  • Make a hopeless player commit to you
  • Make a timid guy "man up" and love you
  • Make a long-distance lover move closer to you

I write about this three-step process in much more detail in my book, 77 Secrets Of Seduction. In addition, I also write about:

  • The art of persuasion
  • The concept of "female domination"
  • "Mood-based" seduction
  • Discovering a man's ultimate fantasy
  • How to read a man's mind
  • And much more!

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